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SMAA Hack into Racer

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by QuadCoreMax, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    Just discovered this new hack, please check & test by yourself :


    The idea is to implement that hack into Racer & get finally results better that what GPUs can offer !
    I was thinking about that idea, so I'm happy to have found it !

    Please Ruud, source code is available & it just needs to be implemented into Racer SC.

    Just imagine how the whole look would change...
    I tested it on DX games, so I would be happy to see it here on a OpenGL game.

    I hope to see a lot of people getting some interest in this because after some testing here, I have better results than ingame AA activation...LooL

    Cheers !
    Enjoy Revelations ^^
  2. Looks impressive when you consider the cost in the rendering pipeline.

    CSAA is still a bit better in most cases but given it's four times slower then that is quite a lot of time you could be processing other things!

    I'm all for optimisations. If we can save just 5% FPS somewhere it lets us do 5% more somewhere else which all equals a better end result :D

  3. Talking about performance, I've set the injector.ini to LOW in FC2, without I get 37 FPS with LOW about 28 FPS & with ULTRA about 22 FPS all settings on & high ingame, AA Off.

    The result when I deactivate Injector & set ingame AA 8x On, I see less image quality improvement (AA) than with it.

    ATI CCC AA is set to "Use applications settings".

    There's some 30% FPS loss, still the image/game looks almost perfect...
  4. The performance costs still seem quite high for what you get in the end.

    Personally I never noticed jaggies in games like HL1 etc back in the day despite them being everywhere hehe.

    Truth is that if a game is half decent and has some kind of AA operating to begin with to try hide them then I'm happy.

    The end task of a game is to immerse, so we can often get far too obsessed with stills images and worry about how it looks when in the end how you remember it is all that matters :D

    I'm not sure I ever played a game and remember the jaggies at all :)

  5. You're so right, it's an obsession....

    Anyway, those algorithms can be used to fix the CSM shadows, Ruud needs to give a look at it, probably he needs then to change the racer.ini structure & then we would have something similar to set like low, middle, high or ultra, instead of the actual mess when trying to get accurate shadows.

    The code is quite straight forward to understand...:geek:
  6. I never use AA at all, I just crank up the resolution, looks fine.
    In the old days we had to run lousy resolution due to hardware limitations, but now it's not
    really a problem as far as I can tell.

    Alex Forbin