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SLM-1 Button Box - What do you think?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Alexander McKenzie, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone.

    My name is Alexander McKenzie. I would like to introduce you to my SLM-1 Button Box. A few months ago I was at a loose end and fancied starting a project to keep me occupied. I fancied a button box for my racing cockpit but didn't fancy paying £100+ for the privilege. I ended up making a button box very similar to the SLM-1. I enjoyed making it so much that I thought I could make some more for my friends. The design evolved into the SLM-1.

    The SLM-1 has 8 push buttons and three toggle switches giving a total of 14 programmable buttons. The face of the button box is covered with genuine 3M Di Noc carbon fiber effect vinyl. Photos don't really do this justice. I think it looks really nice.

    The SLM-1 is USB plug and play. No driver installation is necessary. It has two mounting holes on the back and comes with two bolts that screw into these mounting holes.

    Setting the SLM-1 up in games is extremely easy. The buttons are programmed in the same manner as any other game controller.

    I am selling the SLM-1 for £55. This includes delivery if you are in the UK (I'm based in Scotland). If your are in the EU the SLM-1 will cost £65 due to the extra postage costs.

    So what do you think? Does this look like an interesting product? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let me know.

    Thank you.

    Alexander McKenzie



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  2. Looks very neat and tidy mate. Plenty of room to add labels too which is a plus.

    Black buttons look nicer in my opinion, coloured ones tend to look toy-ish but I appreciate it helps spot the buttons more easily.

    What are the unit's dimensions?
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  3. The dimensions of the SLM-1 are 150mm x 100mm x 60mm. I tried to leave a little more space around the buttons for labels.

    One of the first button boxes I made had black buttons, but as you say, when it is dark they can be a little harder to see.

    I will try and upload some better photo's tomorrow. The ones above were taken in poor light.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  4. I've updated the first post with some better photos.
  5. Looks very nice, love the carbon style finish. Might be interested but it's a tad dearer than I'd like for the number of buttons, compared to others out there but it certainly looks a quality piece of kit.
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  6. Hi Eifion. Thank you for your compliments. I appreciate it.

    I wish I could offer the SLM-1 cheaper but my profit margin is quite slim as it is unfortunately. Are you based in the US? If you are I would recommend Derek Speare's button boxes as the cost of postage would probably make mine too expensive after shipping.
  7. Totally understand mate, I'm sure the assembly is tricky, meticulous work as well.

    I am in North Wales so not too far away, definitely interested so might pm you next week if funds allow. Are these available yet?
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  8. It can be a little fiddly!

    They are available yes. I have a few made, ready to be shipped.
  9. Deleted: No longer relevant.
  10. I made a wooden prototype of the SLM-1. The advantages of this are that it can be painted and it can also be made to any size required. I think it turned out quite nice:




  11. Deleted: No longer relevant.
  12. Here is my latest commision. Six 2 way toggle switches and 2 always on switches: