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Slightly off topic, but has a car mentioned

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Chris Marshall, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Hey

    I did post in the off topic area, but nobody knows me there so i thought it would be better here, besides this car will be taking me to a few F1 races this year, Silverstone, Hungary,Spa,Monaco.......work permitiing but most of my contacts have been informed that my visits will be at the same time so meeting will be held in the Verve Clique lounge, anyway tell me what you think.

    In March i will be relocating my wife and Pooch from Australia to the UK, i have been thumbing pages of car mags for the best car for the conditions over there. I tend to have to drive alot and i will be driving into Europe via, ferry or the Immigrant Hole ( channel Tunnel i think its probaly called ), so lots of driving and i have to drive to places a normal car wont go, forests, sides of hills ect ect.

    so I chosen the below and your thoughts please, i currenty run a Toyota Landcruiser, bit ugly i know.

    Anyway here is my new ride..

    Land Rover has announced the release of the new Discovery 4 'Landmark' Limited Editions in January 2011 featuring Black and White colour themes.
    The Landmark is available in Santorini Black or Fuji White colour schemes. A high-specification Taurus interior leather comes in either Ebony or Ivory. Offsetting the Grand Ivory veneer with a contrasting top stitch creates a two-tone look.

    The exterior features a Santorini Black finish grille vanes, gloss black 20" 5-spoke diamond-turned alloy wheels, privacy glass, and Satin Black extended roof rails that create a unique side silhouette.

    Powering the new Discovery 4 'Landmark' Limited Edition is a 3.0-litre SDV6 twin turbo diesel engine that produces 180kW and 600Nm of torque.

    2011-Land-Rover-Discovery-4-Landmark-Limited-Editions.jpg Land-Rover-Discovery-4-Landmark-special-editions-interior.jpg
  2. Are you a drug dealer? :D

    I was gonna suggest an Evo X, but looks like you need something a bit bigger.
  3. Meh, dont tell me people will call me a drug dealer if i have this all blacked out too.
  4. Black the windows, slot on some 24's and stick a KAHN badge on the boot for the dealer look :p

    Remember, in the UK there are laws on window tinting. 25% max on the front, 30% on the front sides and no restriction behind the B-pillars, so you cant exactly go for a full blackout.
  5. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Is land rover the drug dealers choice of vehicle in Austrailia? Chris how about a BMW X5?
  6. from Top Gear review JC's point of view, BMW X5 is rubbish :D
  7. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Much as i think Clarkson and boys awesome i have to disagree with their opinions at times. they are bias toward some vehicles. They will say something is Terrible just because they dont like that particular vehicle. I have a friend that works for BMW Canada, he gets a new vehicle every year. through him i've driven X5 (v6/v8) X6(v6/v8) as well as X5-M. far as im concerned they are great SAV's.