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SLI - no difference to FPS

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by dsuspense, May 7, 2015.

  1. I enabled SLI in my nVidia control panel and enabled the SLI Visual indicator.
    I had to use SLI rendering mode 2 in order to see the SLI enabled, however, no increase in framerate.
    I can only get about 45-60 FPS will low settings, with both single and SLI setup for a nVidia GeForce GT 650M setup...
    I am using the 344.48 nVidia drivers since they are the last ones that allowed overclocking...
    Is SLI supported and working properly for pCars?
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  2. My RF2, AC and GSCE all perform well with SLI, frames about 50-75% more...using SLI rendering mode 2 seems to do the trick, but its almost like it does not work for pCars...no frame rate increase at all.
    I am guessing might be pCars issue or drivers...hopefully it gets fixed, cause then I should be able to run at constant 60fps at med/low settings...which would make me happy...
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  3. it is because there is no sli profile for pCARS in the drivers you are using... update to latest.
  4. What driver version are you using that supports SLI and has a pCars SLI profile?
  5. Updated to 347.88 drivers and now I am getting almost double FPS increase..SLI profile definitely enabled now!
    Thanks...plus I also get overclocking re-enabled in this driver...
    Getting about 80fps now...need to tweak some more...
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  6. Hi mate,

    I have SLI too, I think I have it activated on my Asetto Corsa, GSCE and Project cars, I run SLI GTX580 but not sure if I have it set up correctly in nvidia inspector, i presume thats what you use to setup.
    (My driver version is 350.12 GTAV Game Ready and SLI) Should I downgrade back to 347.88??

    Could you explain what you mean by mode two and if you can please explain how to setup or screenshot your profile options please.

    Hope you can help

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  7. I use 347.88 since I am using a Lenovo y500 notebook which has SLI setup nVidia GeForce GT 650M GPUs.
    For pCars I use the nVidia recommended SLI mode, no need to use the alternate mode 1 or 2 SLI frame rendering...

    Attached is my nVidia Control Panel settings for pCar, and the SLI rendering mode dropdown showing the selections I am talking about.
    I am now running pCars at constant 60fps with vSync (about 80fps w/o vSync) for dry conditions, and about 55-60fps (about 55-60fps w/o vSync) in wet conditions.
    In AC I normally get constant 60fps with vSync (about 80-120 fps w/o vSync), and that is running at the Nordschlief.
    I am CPU limited I believe, running an Intel i73630 QM CPU @ 2.40Ghz

    Either way, this system is performing good for me, since it is about 3 years old...

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  8. 350.12 is fine for Project CARS. I'm using that driver and SLI works fine. If you are running the latest Nvidia driver you don't have to do anything to enable SLI in game as long as you have SLI enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel under the Configure SLI, Surround, PhysX menu.
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  9. Thanks, I will give 350.12 a try, I do see they updated the pCARS SLI profie!
    347.88 allows me to overclock my cards, so hopefully this does as well.
    I run nvidiaInspector settings below:

    nvidiaInspector.exe -setGpuClock:0,2,1050 -setMemoryClock:0,2,2250 -forcepstate:0,0
    nvidiaInspector.exe -setGpuClock:1,2,1050 -setMemoryClock:1,2,2250 -forcepstate:1,0
  10. Thanks guys, great help
  11. 2-5 fps less with 350.12 compared to 347.88, however my SLI Visual Indicator shows about 90% GPU usage now vs about 80% before.
    I do notice smoother gameplay too, for example at Brands Hatch, turn 2, turning into the sun I would get a little micrstutter on 347.88, and now with 350.12, I get none.
    So I am guessing the SLI Profile update has helped...
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  12. Interesting finding, in AC I use SLI rendering mode of "alternate frame rending 2" and get great results, about 20fps more than with "NVIDIA recommended".

    However with pCARS "NVIDIA recommended" SLI rendering mode works best...
  13. Thanks for all the research. Will try all this tomorrow. Do you use nvidia inspector?
  14. Only for overclocking my cards.
    Do not use it for tweaking graphics settings, just use NVIDIA Control Panel for that.
    I know people have used nvidiaInspector to tweak the graphics settings even more...
  15. Yeah, when I get a game i always look for nvidia inspector settings and spend time to set it up as it has made big differences on my games. I believe it overides all including control panel settings (not sure though). It can be setup to overide game settings too.My question doesnt matter then.

    Thanks dude.
  16. Latest testing with 350.12 drivers and SLI.
    Brands Hatch GP and BAC Mono.
    Clear - 75-85 fps
    Rain - 55-65 fps

    Seems rain drains about 20 fps, and I have raindrops disabled.
    Wish they would optimize it a bit more for the bad weather...