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Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by oppolo, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. mmm, how does it work?

    yesterday night, after a trip, I was very tired (in the game) and the navigator said me to find a place where to rest, anyway I could arrive to the end of the trip

    then I bought my first truck, in the garage there was still the message in navigator to find a place where to rest, I took 4 penalty of 150 eu for continuing drive, 2 even in my own garage

    this morning, I turn on my pc and i go in my garage and this situation is not changed, the navigator still tell me to find a place where to rest, but I am in my garage.

    so now I can't play the game, there is something I havent' grasp, maybe a button for sleeping?
  2. When you're in you garage.
    Stop before you hit the green marker, stop the engine with E and thema press enter and you'll sleep
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  3. You simply have to do what the game tells you to do: find a place to rest. ;) In order to sleep you have to park the truck near a bed icon which you can see on the map (blue icon with a picture on a bed on it). The window that tells you you need to sleep will then tell you to turn of the engines and after that it will tell you which button to press to go to sleep. Afaik you should be able to sleep in your garage btw but I never am in my garage so I am not certain.

    Finding a spot that triggers the sleep function can be a bit hard sometimes... Usually you have to park the truck into a parking spot, so look for those.
  4. AH!, so I can't sleep in my own garage :D. ok, my garage is in Kiel and there is a place for sleeping, I'll go there, surely I will take another penalty of 150 eu, maybe 2 :rolleyes:
  5. but where? if I press enter here it seems nothing happens