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Skins help

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by SpazZ, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. hi guys,

    Need some help. I download the skin, launch the 'thing' and it directs me to RBR folder. I accept, it does its thing and then says ok. I go to skins mngr in RSCENTER, choose car, press apply skin, it does its thing(lol) but THEN it says, zip file not found, cannot apply skin.

    but when i look in Cars folder in RBR, its there. I even redirected it to the SKINS folder instead.....same thing.

    tnx for any help
  2. I have to tell you I haven't used the skins manager in the rscenter. I just do it manually.

    I ALWAYS make a copy of the folder of the car I am about to change. They are in ...Richard Burns Rally\Cars\*whichever car*
    I open the zip or rar file with the skin in it I want to use and then extract the dds files into the textures folder of the car I want to change. Run game and ' voila '. Then if i don't like the skin I can always copy the original folder back and it's back to normal.

    Hope this helps

  3. ya know, before i had RS, i was doing it that way, even editing some skins and putting our local rally cars in the game.....guess i thought i'd found a way to be lazy LOLOLOL

    oh well, back to d ol drawing board. New fangle technology...foooey LOL
    tnx btw
  4. The RSCenter Skin manager works perfectly for me, and is very quick and easy.
    The part I have to be careful about, is to ensure that when I activate the first exe file (to copy the skin files to RBR) is to check where it is proposing to install it. My Skins Folder is located in a different spot to the one it points to, so I change where it gets installed.
    You also have to be careful that the downloaded skin is the one for the specific car that you want to skin.

    If you let me know which specific skin you are trying to add and to which car, maybe I can be more helpful.
  5. Maybe i'll try it again and be more careful lik you said Warren, thanks.

    on another note, do you guys get Xfire to work in RSRBR? Since i've installed 2010, i can;t seem to get it to work...........i suspect it has to do with the Game Path and the Detect Path in Xfire.....can anyone tell me howthere's is setup?

  6. Hi Warren
    Do you know of any easy way to understand how to apply skins to the car got a subaru 2000 wrc and got a copy of possum bournes valvoline car looks good
    any help
  7. ... I still cant see out of my black windows on my black car...:rolleyes:

    TF for bumber cam:D
  8. You need to change the alpha channel.

    You can always take the default C4 external_transparent.dds, and start from there. Don't paint over the visible bit :p
  9. yeah well, I kinda know all of that, but I use bumper cam anyway :roflmao: