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Skin edit question..

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by SCE_SR, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I would like to edit the front window (anti sun stripes) in some touring cars. The tracks are so beautiful and i dont see so many details because of this disturbing sun stripes.

    I would like to increase the transparency like this. The superV8 is a good example how it should look: (not the white letters)

    Or this, Stockcar V8, also good transparency in the letters and numbers, perfect:

    And these cars i would like to change the bad view area. Marcas, the red stripe:

    Mini, the white stripe:

    And a bit Mitsubishi Lancer RS, a bit more transparency would be better:

    But how do i do that ? I have tried it a few times, nothing works (gimp 2.8).
    *windows.dds is the correct file. Is it right ? Its the only file with these windows textures in there.

    Can some of the experts help me ? Is it easy to edit and possible with gimp ?
  2. ouvert


    just edit Alpha channel for windscreen DDS file... what is black is absolutely transparent, what is white is not transparent and on greyscale you set the transparency (dark grey very transparent, light grey little transparent, etc ... )
    So select area you wanna change transparency, while selection is active, go to alpha channel and fill that selection with fairly dark gray color ... if you wanna keep letters less transparent, make selection from those letters and in alpha fill it with brighter shade of gray
    you don`t need to do that in Window DDS file (how it looks from outside), just windscreen (look from inside)
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
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  3. Thx, but, as example: Marcas > Chevrolet_2 (original files). There is no windscreen file ? Which is it ?

  4. ouvert


    based on veh file it is still windshield

    .. and that is in templates as int_glass.psd .. if some of Extras are not pressent I think you are just looking through the exterior window (Window DDS), but I would have to look into it, not sure .. easiest would be to download template for interior window and set alpha on that red banner to dark gray .. save it as Cruze_40Windshield.dds and place it to directory with other Cruze_40 DDSs (or Cruze_83), if you adjust alpha on that extrernal window you will see transparent banner from outside too ...
  5. Ok, but the base, the saving (export to dds) procedure from gimp dont work correctly. In the game the number is biiiig over the window and no transparency. Im not a gimp expert. I dont know.

    Anyway. Thanks for your help. I hope reiza spend a transparency regulator in the next patches. Would be nice.
  6. xnorb


    A transparency slider is very unlikely to be introduced IMO.
    Just download a skin mod in which the front window has the right transparency and just copy the file over to your skin ;)
  7. Yes, i would do it. I'm looking for it. Thx.
  8. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    I am not using Gimp so I cannot help you precisely but from previous discussions, it seems that some people are able to export dds with transparency directly from Gimp: make sure you have the proper dds plug-in and use the right settings (must export to dx5 when you have an alpha channel).
    An alternative is to use a converter to dds: you paint with Gimp, save to a format that can handle transparency (tga?) and then convert to dds.
    But that seems the only way to achieve what you want: I agree with Xnorb, it seems unlikely to see an in game slider for this...
  9. I think I know what you should do,

    I use Gimp too, so lets go.

    First you have to open the the template: (name)_int_glass.psd file, then make a copy of the Alpha channel, the one that come with the tamplate, in Gimp.

    In this copy select the area of the banner, then delete the rest, and put the copy over the old alpha channel. Right click on it to edit the transparency of the channel. But it will alter all the banner including the name on it.

    You have to not delete the area of the name to make it work.
    Try it then tell me if it worked.
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  10. Ok I tried and doesn't work...
    It makes no difference to edit the transparency the alpha channel, or the opacity of the image.

    The alpha channel in the template does command the transparency in all levels.
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  11. :laugh: Yes, I've noticed that too. Oh man, things like this its not my business, thank god...

    Thank you anyway.

    I go sleep, enough for today. :sleep:
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