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Skin contest - when does it start?

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Hugo Hekkenberg, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. I know that we all are on a limited time schedule but i worked my butt off for that skin to finish it before the 11th and i am curious what the community thinks of it. Setting up a poll with 10+ pictures won't take almost 3 weeks i think. In the last post of the thread is mentioned that the poll will be up the day after! Can you give us an idea when you think the poll will be online?
  2. Have you tried to post a poll in the latest times Hugo? Then you would have noticed polls have not worked since the last day I attepmpted to update current post or post a new one in a separated post (last thursday during the race). Now the navigator is fixed I will try again.

    ANYWAY, let me tell you that I do not work for any of you, and I do things when I have the time. I do not like the tone some of you ask for things to be done, honestly and saying that from frienship and with the best aim.
  3. No, i didn't try to post a poll lately. I also know that you don't work for any of us and its common sense that you do things when you have the time for it. The only thing i would really appreciate is that you, ore somebody else, can manage the expectations a little bit. I and the rest of our team(s) are pretty enthusiastic about the STC and the skinners are waiting for the poll that is announced. If there is a problem due to time or whatever, please do a little post in the forum and then the expectations are managed. I personally think that everybody will understand and respect any delay if its posted in the forum.

    I admit that the tone in my previous post is a bit to aggressive, sorry for that.

  4. I did not think about making a post explaining that, honestly.

    No problem, poll is open already.
Thread Status:
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