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Sketchup 6

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brad Dibble, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. I've lost my computer's hard drive and did not save a copy of sketchup 6, does any one know where I can download one?
    There used to be one here in the downloads section but it seems to be lost now.
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  2. ebrich


  3. Thanks edrich. Would you consider posting it in the downloads section so other people can find it in the future
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  4. ebrich


    tried uploading it twice - took for ever and didn't work. Wonder if there is a size limit. Zip file is 102 Mb.
    For the moment have put the mediafire url on it.
  5. i shold have been more specific, im looking for the free version of sketchup 6. i do not have a licence for the pro version.
  6. ebrich


    Me neither and I dont have a pro version installed either. I just tried the version that I have on cd, the one I downloaded to mediafire. There's nothing about Pro there.


    There's even an exe file so you can run it from a cd
  7. if you look under help, you will see an evaluation time limit for this version.
    The free version is limited but has no expiration date.
  8. ebrich


  9. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Using this one for over a year. Works great. Got an English version running, Also got a Dutch version.
  10. That is the right version, you can opt for Pro time trial but use as free for ever. It asks for an update but don't allow it to happen, it'll update it to SU8 where collada doesn't work anymore.
  11. Well, collada works in the later versions.....
    Jjust not with BTB XPacker program anymore as it's coded differently or something....