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Singapore Track Update HD

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by dejanibanez, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. Hey mate can you put all files in one pack when you are done?
  2. yes i will do that, and add some fixes and corrections
    the pack will contain all the tracks and some extra files, and fixed tarmac on all tracks on wet(too dark)... and some other fixed textures
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  3. I wait for the ultra mega multi pack :cool:
  4. Great news on the full pack with extras! Looking forward to it
  5. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Ill try singapur with light :D

    Is it possible to make the day to night much faster? Cause i never have senn Abu Dhabi in Night and i dont want a 100%race...

    So, big thanks to make a day2night at singapore, also possible to make just a day version?

    And (yes, another "question"), i dont know if its muchh too change or just one file to switch over...

    But can you do the same in Abu Dhabi and maybe night versions of othr races? (would be interesting... :D)
  6. where i found the red white stuff from track??

    it's running online seasion?
    yea can u do a night stuff for abu dhabi.
  7. how? i've been trying to do that, in f1 2011 you just edit skypresets and done, here you have tod.dat and i cannot open and edit that file, all we need to do is just move the time margin when the race ends and it should be easy , but can't edit file
  8. Please share on anther way,I don't use the mediafire. Thank you very very much!
  9. just wonderful news, I look forward to the full release addon!;):thumbsup:
  10. I say THX here, but i give you a big thx if you release all tracks in one pack:thumbsup:.
    Look forward for this!
  11. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium