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Since when did easy mode become too hard to win on.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by David Aitken, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Dont get me wrong, I dont mind a little challenge now and again but Im not a hardcore F1 fan, I just enjoy pretending to be world champion and enjoy the atmosphere and feel and sound of the game, always have...going way back to Geoff Crammonds original Grand Prix game.

    I started the first season on Easy mode, kept fuel and tyre sim on for extra realism as can get better times when I control the fuel usage etc. All was going great, getting pole in Quali's and first in races, just the odd second and third, but as soon as I get to Spa, using same setup and racing tachnique I couldnt qualify any higher than 15th and ended up 19th in race, same in Monza, managed to get 7th in Quali and struggling to keep the aggressive AI at bay to achieve my target of 4th....hardly easy mode.

    Any idea why the AI has suddenly become so aggressive in easy mode when in fact I should be getting really good qualis and finishes, its so bloomin frustrating. If this is what easy mode is like Id hate to try Pro or Elite or whatever they call it.

    Never had problems in 2010, always got good wins, this has just become a joke.
  2. Are you sure your difficulty settings is still set as you want it to? Maybe you changed it at some point by accident.
  3. Dont know if youre aware but theres a glitch with the AI if you speed up time in qualy. If you go out and set a fast lap and go to the garage and speed up time the AI wont respond with their best. Did you spend more time on track at spa in qualy than the previous races?
  4. Sounds familiar. Started off on easy mode too as I'm a complete novice to F1 gaming and still wanted some enjoyment considering the steep learning curve. Currently playing as d'Ambrosio in a Virgin (being Belgian and a big fan of the lad, that was an obvious choice ^^) and indeed, some races I just own everyone and during others I struggle like hell (Spa and Istanbul being the main worries). Just finished Monza and won, but that was to an extent sheer luck as RBR opted for a two stop strategy in a 20% race (sic) and because of aggressive defending against Ferarri and McLaren.

    Easy mode is indeed not always that easy, but tbh, I don't really mind. After all, the Virgin is a crap car. It's quite ok on twisty circuits, but there is a serious lack of top speed on the faster circuits. Sometimes you loose, sometimes you win and you get to fight some 'epîc' battles with top drivers.
    By now, you should also be getting some contract offers and you might even take up the place of a rival at a top team at the end of the season. I guess that's when all the fun will really start for the likes of us :p
  5. Yeah after Spa and Monza hell my game went back to a relatively easy win again and now at Suzuka where Im struggling again but keeping 2nd place on his toes, but not running away with a 5 second lead as I normally get.

    I dont use advanced time unless I know Im a good second or two in the lead in qualifying with only a few minutes left so not sure what it can be. But like you say the Virgin car is bad on the fast starights but handles well for me on curved tracks.

    Im still in first place with only a few races eft in the season and have offers from Williams, Lotus and HRT. Ive got until Korea to make a decision so maybe another team will make some more offers.

    @Igor, no my settings are the same as when I started, checked them though just to see if it slipped up to Pro :)
  6. Your car is running where it should. You will improve with upgrades. You'll escalate as your get back into it.