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Simxperience Black Friday Deals 2015

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Juris, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Juris


    Long time since I've been on RD (life is busy) but wanted to flag others to the Simxperience deals for Black Friday 2015. I couldn't see it posted elsewhere. I'm not affiliated with these guys but have been waiting for a deal on Simvibe to add it to my rig and they are running a 20% off deal making it $71.20 which is probably as good as I'm gonna get.


    Among the other deals if any of you nutters are looking for an Accuforce DIY they're knocking $500 off down from $1500 to $999. Enjoy.
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  2. Eric Rowland

    Eric Rowland

    I have the Accuforce wheel and it is an excellent product. I am very happy I purchased it. It takes a little time to set it up with each sim, but the feel and immersion are so much better than with the Fanatec I used to have...and I liked the Fanatec CSW V2. Also, and this is very important, the staff and fellow users are very responsive and helpful with any issues or questions in the forums. Go for it! :thumbsup: