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Sell Simxperience 3dof motion rig - UK

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by museumsteve, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. I bought this on another forum a couple of months ago but have decided I want to concentrate on VR and room scale this year and this is too big for my room and I may take a break from racing anyway.
    I think I can transfer the sim commander licence easily enough (as the last owner did to me)
    Looking for around £2300 with no wheel/pedals. I am in Hampshire UK (Jct 4 M3) and this would need to be collected.
    I'm not desperate to sell..
    I also just bought 3 x 40" LEDs for triples and have a full Fanatec setup (CSW V1/CSP V2's/CSS Sq) so could do a deal for these if someone wanted a complete package but rig will have to sell first.

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    I am currently thinking about buying another Stage 1 with rear traction loss.
    I sold my GS4 and stage 1 a few months back but miss the S1.
    What is the breakdown of what you are selling please?
    Could you also pm where you are in Hampshire?

  3. Sent you a PM :)
  4. Still 4 sale?
  5. Sorry no, but cannot see a way to archive an advert