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SimSync Pro stopped working

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Every time I execute simsync happens this to me. How can i fix it?
  2. For me too, seems the server is down
  3. Yeah not working. It's opens up and freezes
  4. It is working again. Please update before the race.
  5. Some errors occurred during download. Fix it please
  6. Worked for me with the setting "Prefer main server"
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  7. Damn you SimSync. Works now. It's weird that I haven't had that checked. I'm sure I had it checked. Idk, thanks ;)
  8. Did anyone update simsynch over the last 48hrs?

    Johannes made a post saying "several team updates" but when I goto update
    simsynch it says I'm fully up to date, despite not updating in the last 48hrs

    I didn't have to click "OK" it just seemed like it went through and said
    everything was up todate? Unless you dont have that list come up for team
    updates and only for track updates, but I doubt it it should come up for any
    file that you download. The list where it shows you what you download and what
    folder it goes into and you click "OK"

    If anyone did get an update can you please tell me what the files are so I can check manually if I have them.

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  9. Same to me Blair
  10. Yes, my mistake. I uploaded the files to the simsync server but forgot to have simsync check the new files to add them to your games. I have done so now so you can sync again.

    But in any case it wont cause a mismatch if you don´t have the update as it´s only car texture updates
  11. Thankyou both