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Featured SimBin: 'Don't worry about bankruptcy rumours'

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Howard, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Engineer at Manor Racing Premium Member

    Various websites have posted news regarding potential bankruptcy of SimBin Studios AB, here's a little substantiated clarification.

    RaceDepartment understands that the current SimBin Studios AB company is undergoing a large restructuring. Current projects, such as R3E, are expected to be continued under the new banner of the new studio.

    It is understood that there have been a handful of job losses at SimBin, however the majority of the development team is expected to remain at the 'new' studio. We'd like to wish those who have lost their jobs all the best in finding a new position.

    We're confident that the information we're providing to you is up-to-date and correct, and is not based on speculation from social media.

    SimBin's own @Jay Ekkel said, on RaceDepartment's forums:

    There's nothing to worry about in regards to support of current games, or the release of future games. Content that has already been purchased will still function as normal.
    Image: SimBin Studios AB
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2014
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  2. SimBin people are the best! They will keep up the good work! A new structure can help.
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  3. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Premium Member

    I feel sorry for any that have lost their jobs and hope them all the successes in the future in finding work.
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  4. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    I very much appreciate this post @RaceDepartment. Good way to keep things organised in here!
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  5. Please don't bankrupt. I just started liking R3E! :)
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  6. Keith_G

    Premium Member

    Thanks for the update and the "straight" information. Still really like the game and best of luck to all of you at SimBin. Changing owners can be difficult but also inject new life, so hang in there and I know I look forward to any new products and updates! My best to those affected in a negative way and may they find a place to land soon!!
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  7. Sad to read this, I hope the people at Simbin Studios can find a new job in the near future, they are talented people, I always liked their work.
  8. Sorry to hear this but also sorry to hear that business appears to be continuing as normal, unfortunately as far as I'm concerned that means it will happen again and sooner or later SimBin will not survive, the F2P (in reality the Pay2Play) model will fail, SimBin have taken far too long bringing a game with anything other than hotlapping to market and MP is still barely in Alpha!.

    DTM:E is awesome BUT is also flawed due to not having MP (it is now in Alpha of course) and basics like Tyre Selection and Temps and of course Pit stops and Weather are still missing.

    SimBin need to take this opportunity to get back to doing what they have always done best, they should scrap the Pay2Play model and release a proper stand-alone, reasonably priced GTR, WTCC or DTM game. People aren't stupid they can see they will be paying for the same content several times over with the SimBin Pay2Play model.

    DTM:E 2014 is due out in a few Months and it is to be hoped that delivers.
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  9. To be honest, this sounds like trying to put a positive spin on a really bad situation. And I don't have anything against R3E, but even if it was a great game, how are they ever going to make money off of it? iRacing is the undisputed market leader, and while they're obviously doing OK, I don't think there are room for many competitors...
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  10. Spot on.
    freemium nonsense only works with something with broad appeal. Sim racing is far too niche.
    Imagine the excitement that would be generated over a GTR3 announcement.
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  11. ajokay

    Real-ish Racer

    Agreed here too. Release a game with a host of tracks and cars for the price of a game and we will buy said game. But the cherry picking here and there of cars and tracks. It just doesn't work.

    All the best to everyone at SimBin. I hope you come out of the other side of this storm healthy and raring to go!
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  12. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Things must have gotten very financially/contractually sticky to walk away from such an established company name/brand so synonymous with sim racing.
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  13. iRacing are the market leader for on-line racing, and proof that the principle of paying for individual cars and tracks can certainly work, but the main market for simracing is offline (5 to 10 times bigger) and iRacing are not in that market. But offline simracers want AI and of course R3E didn't offer this combined with graphics that were not as next gen as AC or pCARs.

    But this year there were plenty of signs Simbin were getting back on track (sorry for the pun) so really hope the new company is a success. Still it is sad that the name Simbin will be no more.
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  14. siranodb

    Make love not war!

    Stay with us we need you desperately! I wish you luck, it's so sad that there is so unethical competition in our days .
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  15. Season DTM2014 version should be MP Alpha for a few months DTM2015 season starts, we play DTM2013 :(
  16. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    If you want realism in terms of tracks, cars, liveries and drivers its very logical. You can't release a '14 season without that season happening first.

    Same with the F1 and FIFA series. Makes total sense.
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  17. If that is true and MP is still Alpha when DTM:E 2014 is released in Q4 that is bad news as they sold DTM:E 2013 Season pass to include DTM:E 2014 with Multiplayer NOT Multiplayer Alpha or Beta, so once again they would appear to be selling it as a FULL RETAIL product when it is in fact likely to be a BETA product but I will reserve my judgment until release.
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  18. I won't type much as I think that there's only one solution to this, and it has been said a thousand times...

    GTR3 is the solution to all your problems SimBin.
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  19. I think R3E is fine, just needs a bit more polish and it should be ready for the big time. I'm a big fan of GTR2 also but I'm not going to say that GTR3 is Simbin's only way to move forward.
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  20. F2P games with ingame content to buy aren't the right way to follow I think, at least in this industry (mmofps and mmorpg games are another story). I don't know what made them to change their minds, because they had website and everything planned for GTR3, and lets be honest, everybody was waiting for that beast to release and return to GTR2 times.

    Yes, R3E is fine and I also agree with that, I play it sometimes in the hotlap mode that they only have available currently to try out content and see how it feels and such, but I don't know... it is going to be just casual / small league racing when it releases, don't know why but it's what I think.

    GTR2 was a masterpiece in terms of realism, immersion and physics for that time. I want that back, please.
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