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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Mikael Larsson, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Am I the only one having problem with this track?

    When I start offline, there is no grass. When I try to join a server I get Possible cheat :(
    And I use the NoGrip version...BritishGP
  2. Hm, I didn't encouter this problem when I testede the track and I tested it quite alot as I suggested it to the team as our hometrack. Weird.
  3. My teammates doesn't seem to have any problems, just me. I extracted the track as I normally do.
    When I run the track offline, there is only heaven instead of grass trackside. Really weird.
  4. Can you take a screenshot of it? Not sure that will help us much but could be interresting to see. Have you re-downloaded it?

    Maybe someone more technical then my can try to solve this one? I will probably only make it worse :D
  5. Delete the track from your locations folder, also delete any other versions of silverstone you have.

    Then reinstall it and try.
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Besides the problems its also an illegal track (rfactor conversion, and ISI havent approved any conversion of their tracks)
  7. Ruined the chance to race at Silverstone then i guess ^^^

    More time wasted then....
  8. I would say, this track maybe has its origin in GP4 ;)
  9. Please tell mr I haven't been wasting my time running laps here :(.
  10. It's converted from F1 challenge if the download link is from No Grip
  11. We will race at Silverstone don't worry.
  12. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    I will put myself in strike, this "legal - ilegal" track thing is weird, there is no place to know if a track is legal or not, there is no info about it...

    I think in the future I will assume a track is legal if it's hosted in a website for download and I have no official notification from the owner in the download site.

    I will assume No Grip has responsibility to verify their downloads and keep them legal as they are not a warez page, and if they are, companies should take measures against it and not throw users into the sea of speculations.

    No Grip HOSTS their downloadable content so is not a case like torrent pages where ilegal content is distributed by P2P, this are direct downloads from their server, it's two mins to build a case...

  13. I am so glad you said that - as I thought I was the only person that could not keep up with the legalities of tracks. The guys who can must have a degree in keeping track of them or perhaps subscribe to a newsletter :D.

    I too would assume the responsibility lies with the hosting site. If I can't trust No Grip I haven't a hope in hell of avoiding illegal tracks.
  14. Agree 100%
  15. By the way...I'm not listed in our team to drive at Silverstone. That is: I don't have to care about if it works here or not :)
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    It's extremely naieve to think that all the content on NoGrip is legal. They have a different way of determining if something is legal or not. But one thing is for sure, it's not the same as our policy.

    A no go:
    1) content ported from other games (codies->evo, gtr2->rfactor, rfactor-> gtr2 etc)
    2) Everything without written permission of the original creator is considered not legal

    In this case Silverstone is either a) scratchbuild b) ported from rfactor.

    I have contacted Gjon Camaj of ISI recently and they didnt gave permission to anybody to convert their work.

    I hope that legal degree remark was meant in a funny way, because it's just a matter of common sense to me. We all know what tracks are stock tracks in other games (rfactor, GTR2, Race Driver 2/3 etc) as most of us played it in the past.

    Ofcourse its the responsibility of NG to keep track of their uploads (but sometimes something slips through just as here at RD) but its also a moral responsibility of the downloader and the uploader of the content. The knife cuts on both sides in this matter.

    But you can imagine the frustration we have here in this community with regards to this. We have send four (4!!) emails to simbin about this matter the last four months and still havent had any answer from them with regards to their modding policy...

    Ramon has written emails to several other developers and they all keep their mouth shut, with exception of ISI who replied within 12 hours (respect!!).

    i fully agree that developers should take legal action against people that steal their copyrighted materials but all they do is complain about it in community letters but they are to scared to take actions against modders it seems. In holland we say: blaffende honden bijten niet (free: barking dogs dont bite)

    But when they have a double moral doesnt automatically means that we as customers/downloaders should have that as well imo.
  17. It's very late and I am very tired (been at work since stupid o'clock today and am about to flake out). So I am probably a little testy at the moment (I probably shouldn't post this until tomorrow.. but hey).

    I apologise ahead of time if I have presumed incorrectly and will stay out of this thread after this post. But if that question was directed my way I would suggest that my post is re-read:
    I don't recall mentioning a legal degree and was in fact making a self-deprecating comment about the fact 'I' can't keep track of what is and what is not legal. I also do not have a photographic memory about which tracks I have or have not driven in different sims - so common sense (which I have in abundance) is still not going to help me recognise an illegal track convert.

    And yes - I would expect No Grip to police the content on 'their' site because gamers like me (not the most technically minded) are relying on them to ensure the content I am downloading from 'their' site is legal.

    And yes - if the owners of the copyright are too damned lazy to pursue their interests they should stop sabre rattling. It isn't like they don't know where their content is being distributed and it isn't as if there aren't precedents for shutting down distributors of illegal content :silly:.

    Anyway. I have said enough and will probably delete this post tomorrow :).
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    not needed to delete it :) on the contrary i think we should open up a central topic on the main forum about these issues soon.

    It's time we get some more clarrification on this matter by developers that threat but never act.

    At the moment we are having a 24/7 workload checking all the mods in our database (link) with downloads and i hope that we can say we now have a 100% legal database of mods, tracks, and other files.

    I am just as sick and tired of this stuff as you guys are believe me.:wink2:
  19. Indeed it is good it was opened.

    In my case, as Mark, in the application of common sense I see next: If the owner/developer of the track does nothing about the matter, why should we as users care about it?

    And let me go a bit further, when as an example whoever made a version of the British GP I suposse he payed reproduction and trademark rights to do it, but, was it forever? Or where that rights for a period in time?

    It is a conflict between them. It is not possible to know where a track have been taken from, or if it was in other sim or not, or if it is legal or not.

    For a final user is not an easy way...
  20. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Yes we should. It's stealing copyrighted material. Pure theft and I don't wish to support that.
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