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Sharing a Track Directory between 2 Installs

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Dave R, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. I received a Steam Key this morning for SCE and thought I'd use it for a few mods. I have a huge track directory in my initial SCE Install, so I figured I'd share the track directory. I got that done by changing the config file, and most of the tracks show up in the steam install, but I have a weird issue. A few of the original tracks that come with the game are showing up (bologna historic, spielberg, etc). Can anyone offer any explanation as to why this is? Thanks for any help
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  2. Lazarou


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  3. I have things set up so that I only have 1 Locations folder and 1 Sounds folder (actually in a seperate hard drive) but these are accessible by my multiple installs of GSC. There are several software programmes available to do this but the one I use is available here - www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Junction-Link-Magic-Download-37515.html

    I have done the same with RFactor(over 1000 track folders in there) and GTR2. (rFactor doesn't need you to link the folders, you just edit the config.ini).

    Basically you create a folder somewhere on your hard drive eg X:/GSC/GameData/Locations.
    Put all your tracks in there along with the loose files eg commonmaps.mas, commonmaps3.mas, any TGA files etc etc
    IMPORTANT: delete everything from your install's locations folder. (If this all goes tits up you can always put them back).
    Use the linkmagic2 programme to link your new locations folder to your install's location folder.
    When done, your install's Location folder looks like it has all the tracks but this is just a mirror of the new folder.
    IMPORTANT: when installing a new track don't forget to put it in the new folder.

    You can do the same with Sounds.

    I'm not sure how this works with installers. I always extract to a spare folder and manually paste to the correct place

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  4. Thanks Kevin I'll give that a shot. I use pretty much the same thing for rFactor and GTR2 and didn't even think to try and find a Linking type software. I know for rFactor it's relatively easy and for GTR2 there's an actual track linking software. I'll try it and report back with my results. Thanks so much
  5. :D:p;)
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  6. I downloaded Link Magic and I have set my tracks folder but when I go over on the right and select the "locations" folder of the first SCE install, I am unable to click ok. It's greyed out. I've tried it for SCE Install 1 and 2 and the "ok" button cannot be clicked for either. Do you have any suggestions Kevin?
  7. Nevermind I figured it out. You are a genius Kevin. All tracks now showing up in both SCE installs. Thanks so much!!
  8. Good stuff, glad to help. :rolleyes:
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  9. Yep, just what Kevin said...been using it flawlessly for some time.

    Nice share Kevin :)
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  10. John Lock

    John Lock

    Great tip now got several GSCE installs all using 1 locations folder, thought it was going to be difficult having to use command line prompts, but LinkMagicsys 2 uses graphic windows Phew ! easy :), Reiza could have made it easier if they hadn't linked the default tracks, then we could have just used the config file as with Rfactor1.
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  11. Thanks! @Kevin Pheiffer , @John Lock, care to share what groups of install you have... how you grouped/separated the car categories? This might be a solution to my gripe of the long wait traversing through the car list with the right/left arrows. TIA.
  12. One of my drivers does all of the grouping etc. I will ask him and get back to you.
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  13. John Lock

    John Lock

    Yes the Rf system of selecting Car mods is much better you don't have to wait for each car mod to load before you can go onto the next, atm my SCE folders only have the Default cars in but I'm going to separate them into 1. The default Cars, 2, Gt cars, 3 Karts, 4 Open Wheel, 5 Touring Cars, 6 V8 Cars & 7 Endurance/Prototype cars.
  14. Sorry, but which folders you segregate, just Vehicles? If you have time, is it possible to show screenshots of your folders? No rush, thanks.
  15. John Lock

    John Lock

    First make a copy of your SCE folder & rename it (in this case mine will be named "GSCE2013 Kart", and edit that folder.

    The only Folder I am going to move is the Locations folder, to another drive once my SSd's arrive, all other folders will remain in the Sce folder.
    I will remove the Car folders I do not wish to be in that setup, along with the corresponding, sound & talent folders, the rfm & tga files that point to the removed Cars also need to be removed, opening the .tga will show which cars the rfm file points to, you can also delete the reiza22 files if you wish, unless you are going to install car mods that do not contain an associated rfm file, which will need to be edited to remove any of the cars not in that setups vehicle folder & include cars that do not have an rfm file you install. so your folders should look as follows. for Kart only set up before any other car installs.( as I will be running them as servers as well I will not be adding any without a rfm, as they are a pain to add to a server)

    Vehicle Folder

    Cars folder.jpg

    Talent Folder

    Talent Folder.jpg
    Sounds Folder

    Sounds folder.jpg
    RFM Folder
    rfm folder.jpg

    Reiza 22 file

    rfm file.jpg

    Hope this helps. (edit put the wrong folder in for RFM now ok)

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  16. John Lock

    John Lock

    You will need to leave the default cars in the vehicles folder, as it seems since the last update they are now linked to GSCE & will crash if any are removed, the rfm's you don't want to show can be removed, then those cars will only appear in the all cars & track menu.
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  17. Please I have installed Junction Link Magic, but I don't know how to fix Destination sector.
    "Create" is not active
  18. John Lock

    John Lock

    your locations folder in the SCE gamedata has to be empty, otherwise you cannot create the link, all the tracks should be in the folder you are trying to link to only.
    In the left panel when you select the locations folder you should see two green ticks below it & the drive must be formatted as NTFS. in the right panel select the folder you have stored your tracks in & you should get the link.
  19. Thanks1000 ! Now it's ok !
  20. John Lock

    John Lock

    I've found a serious problem using linkmagic with SCE locations, when attempting to load some tracks (not sure how many but well above 25) the game & servers will crash, the same tracks when used in a standard setup without links will run no problem, so the best way to save space & stop the game folders becoming bloated, would be to have your setup with just the standard Locations & adding & deleting Locations from a locations backup folder on another drive (if you have one) as & when you need them.:(