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Severe flickering issue

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Rhys Gardiner, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. I've had this problem before, but it went away by itself. Now it's back on every track.

    I have the entire screen flickering, and there are skewed textures all over the place when I drive... I've attached a screenshot to show what's been happening. Is there any way I can fix this? I read somewhere else that it may be an overheating GPU but I'm not quite sure.


    My graphics card is an Nvidia 9800GT, and my motherboard is an Asus P5Q Turbo. My monitor's resolution is 1920x1080.
  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Have a play about with some various sets of drivers, as Nvidia drivers can be a pain if you update (or not) sometimes.

    Then look into downloading GPU-Z which can monitor GPU temps. Look up what temp your card should be running at and compare :)
  3. Ryan if you know were this thread is could you post a link to it here in case some one else has the same issue and finds this thread first? Some issues like this are rare and getting help can be hard because of it.
  4. Yep, it's solved. :)
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    For those with the same issue what did you do to solve it? Got rid of the dust?
  6. I think I have the same problem. But the links are dead. Anyways I have attached a screenie.

    What happens is that when I'm driving all is ok. But when I exit to replay monitor through the esc menu or click the replay window the graphics kind of "breaks". It is not a track or car bug as it seems to happen on at least 3 tracks I tried. It looks like the terrain or most of the visuals are just missing...

    I have win xp, e8500 and ati 6950 with newest drivers. Only change I've done recently is that I updated the sound driver becasue the previous driver had some sound issues with fraps recording but the new driver fixed those. I tried updating the graphics driver too but that did nothing. Edit: have tried couple different soundcard drivers with no effect. Annoying!

    Would love to know how did they fix their problems.
  7. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

  8. Thanks for the link! Unfortunately mine isn't an overheating or dust related problem. My card is just two months or so old.

    The strange issue is that I get that problem only when I try to watch a live replay. Like when you enter a race weekend and then go to the race monitor to see the ai cars driving around the track (or watching my own car sitting in the garage) and the picture looks like that.

    So far I've tried changing the graphics settings in rf, from high to med and turning various things off. It looks the problem is with rf as the same thing works just fine with rf2 for example...
  9. I think I fixed my problem by changing mods in rf from historix to some 1970 lemans mod and then back. Also dropped from dx8 to dx7. Not sure which one did the trick.