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Discussion in 'MotoGP 13' started by M1GHTY M4VS, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Anyone willing to share his Setups is welcomed to do so here :)
    I'd be interest to see on how you handle them on some of the twisty circuits such as Assen and Laguna Seca.
  2. I haven't experimented much with setup so far but maybe I should considering some of the godly times I see on the leaderboards.

    For short tracks like Sachsenring and Laguna Seca, just as a baseline I shortened the gearing to 1's all around since I hardly or don't even use 6th gear. Although I didn't use TCS in this race, I find that for my riding style I can set faster lap times using TCS low or medium especially with the more twitchy feel that shorter gearing can create.

  3. This sounds logical, I have difficulties getting a good speed sense for the braking point just before the corkscrew, however I could just flatten it out in low 6 gear stock on the main straight without much problem dispite the bike flying a bit :)
    Sachsenring on default seems really underperforming so that gear change is a must I think.
    Assen would be a bit lower in the 3rd and 4th I think so you can actually make use of the 5th and 6th atleast on the itchy turns.
    But I haven't found any track that required setting the gears longer, they just seem to be alright with any layout even in Mugello with the longest Straight I could still put on gas atleast with the top teams.
    Although it might be a bit unfair to go with 345 km/h against 315 km/h as for a backmarker but that be it.
    I'm not sure about dampers and springs and TCS I'm not sure even this makes out a lot, I use it in the rain but refuse it for most of my laps.
  4. Just had a go at some of the tracks, I'm not sure if the brakes are appropiate for some of them. TCS and Tyres are dependent on Weather Circumstances.

    Round 01 - QATAR
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Round 02 - AMERICAS

    Round 03 - SPAIN

    Round 04 - FRANCE

    Round 05 - ITALY
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  5. Round 06 - CATALUNYA

    Round 07 - NETHERLANDS
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Round 08 - GERMANY
    Round 09 - UNITED STATES
    Round 10 - INDIANAPOLIS
  6. Round 11 - CZECH REPUBLIC
    Round 12 - GREAT BRITAIN
    Round 13 - SAN MARINO
    Round 14 - ARAGON
    Round 15 - MALAYSIA
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  7. Round 16 - AUSTRALIA
    Round 17 - JAPAN

    Round 18 - VALENCIA
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  8. jimortality


    Has this game been updated recently? I haven't played it since the first patch, too many bugs.
  9. Not really, they're still working on refining it but there aren't many game braking issues to me anyway.
  10. Thanks for posting the setups. I have been looking for something like this. I will let you know how I get on.
  11. This game is difficult to play, the old version motogp 2 game easier to play

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