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Setup requests

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Larry Stovall, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. It said no setup requests in the actual setup forums. Is there a proper place for them, such as here, or even better, are there webpages devoted to nothing but?

    While I can do basic things like lower tire pressure and shorten or lengthen gears, anything beyond that rapidly begins to enter 'over Captain Vlad's head' territory, so I much prefer to download the hard work of someone who knows what the hell they're doing.:)
  2. Vlad, you could always try the online setups from ingame, then you can compare them to see how they affect the car, before you know it you'll be able to incorporate that knowledge into your own set ups.

    Set up's are also very user specific, so what works for one person, might not necessarily work for you, it really is a case of trial and error.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Vlad, why not post a setup yourself and we all help to work something out :) Sharing doesnt necesseraly mean the setup is from top quality :) More minds combined give better result :)
  4. I've never actually been able to get that to work. I bought my copy of GT Legends off Half.com...I don't know if the code that came with the game is already registered for online or what but I've never been able to get that feature to function on GTL or GTR2.

    And let the full scale of my incompetence out for public view? Hmmm.

    All right. Heheheh. Sounds like college, actually.

    If ya'll are willing to help, I'll start with a '65 Vette at Dijon and fiddle with it just a little bit.
  5. All right. All I did to this one is to radically increase the steering lock (to about 30), move the brake bias forwards a little, and let a little pressure out of the tires. Not sure the last was such a good idea, as I hear tire squeal occasionally, and I know that's bad...but it could be just my driving.

    Biggest problem for me at DP is the first turn. I can only hold to the line (and I by no means always do that) if I start braking before the billboard thing before you get to the turn...it seems like the AI cars at least all brake after that. I think I'm losing time there.

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  6. I have a pretty simplistic approach to GTL setups, but it seems to work for me. I have tried downloaded setups from others, but usually I find them not suited to my driving.

    I start with the default, alter the steering lock to suit my controller (usually around similar values but varies to suit the car and track a bit), find the best gear setting (usually needs a few laps to warm the tryes and get consistency in lap times but most cars only have about three options anyway), then balance the brake bias to make sure it doesn't spin under brakes ( for me this is usually bringing the balance forward a notch or two).
    After that drive about 10 or so laps to get some consistency and to learn the track, lines, and braking points. There is no point fiddling with setups until you have this settled.
    If the rear end keeps letting go, I may then adjust the balance of dampers and springs to keep it under more control (ie. soften the rears or increase the fronts). I may finally adjust the AR bars to get better turn into the corners but not too much in case it increases tyre wear.

    Dunno if that is useful, but I find that more practice learning the track and the car yields lots more performance improvement than spending too long with setups.
  7. Oh, no argument there. I can get respectable track times on Race 07 and GTR2 with just a lot of constant practice, but on GTL...there are times when I have trouble even making it 'round the track without doing something to the car. It seems like the defaults just aren't as 'Vlad friendly', especially if I actually care about how fast I'm going.

    How do you help your turn in with your ARB settings?
  8. If you soften them at the front/stiffen the rear then it works in the same kinda fashion as doing the same with your spring rates.

    Only do 1 click at a time as the jumps in stiffness are noticeable.

    We recently ran a GTC-65 class event @ Dijon and I was running the cobra.
    I found for the high power cars, you decrease the power % of the diff (I think I had the cobra at about 10%), make sure your gear ratios are right and do a few laps without spinning, to try and gauge what the car wants to do.
    If the car doesnt want to turn in, I dont straight away go to the springs, I've changed my thinking a bit lately and have started working on the toe settings. I increase the -ve toe on the front to .3 or so and try again.
    Then if it's still understeery (having adjusted both ARB and toe) I'll start to play around with the dampers.

    Hope that helps a bit... I dunno, maybe it's just my Aussie, backwards way of doing things lol
  9. For slower corners, I reduce the front ARB slightly first, and maybe then stiffen the rear slightly. For higher speed turns, I adjust the diff (power) first as per Glenn's advice (reduce to prevent oversteer). I also try increasing the negative toe in at the front but not by much.
    One thing to be careful about with the GTL cars (especially the higher powered ones), compared to GTRE or GTR2, these cars are older and don't grip as well as modern cars, so if you enter a turn too fast, they will not want to turn in. I find it even more important to brake a little earlier, stablise the car, then get the power on as early and controlled as possible. Most of the GTL cars have huge power out of turns, so maximise that power for the next straight, esp if it is a longer one. Going into the turn too fast kills these cars. Again, the driving technique is more important than the setup.
    Of course, I'm another Aussie, so maybe we drive upside down.
  10. It's the higher speed turns I'm having trouble with, at least at Dijon, actually, so some of this advice sounds great.

    If I could just brake a little bit later at that first corner, I'm pretty sure I'd notice a difference on my lap times. Maybe not much of one, but one the rare times I do what I consider a good lap, I'll luck out and hit it better and sure enough, I get a significantly better lap time.
  11. Are you running around Dijon GP or Dijon Short?

    What times are you getting??
  12. Dijon Short. 1:20's and 1:19s. Somehow, by the grace of God, I managed a 1:16 a few days back. If I could do that more than once a month, I'd be happy, as that's about how fast the AI qualifies at on Semi-Pro.

    I practice on professional. And yes, I know those times suck. I love the track, but it's not my best one.
  13. :)No I wasn't gonna say there was much wrong with those times.

    I tried your setup before and it seemed very understeery, and when I was braking for the first corner, the rear brakes constantly seemed to lock up and make the rear end get their first.

    I had a play and to be honest, I've no idea how Stuart and Gary managed 1:16's around here in their 'vettes, best I could manage was 1:17.2

    Here's my setup, maybe have a look at it, try it and see how the differences relate. I started off with your setup and changed it around a bit to suit my tastes. Hope it helps a little.

    For me, I prefer to setup these higher powered cars as neutral as possible (possibly a hint of understeer), but so that they'll slide when YOU want them too, not when they want to. So for example, coming through the first corner, you want it nice and even on turn in and through the turn, but when you wanna drive out you maybe want a little bit of a power slide happening.
    That's just me though, I'm if you asked 20 people how they set up their GTL cars, you'd probably get 18 different answers

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  14. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Vlad - I'm going to assume you use a wheel with 900 deg rotation.

    I was also up in the 28-30 degree lock for a while, but recently, I've been coming down because I felt like I was getting too much scrub on the tyres, and I've settled on a 20 degree lock, and I much prefer it.

    The only reason I mention that is you mention tyre noise, so it's something to try out.
  15. Heh. I may feel a little self conscious after peering at people's hotlaps.

    Yeah, that was my problem. I've fiddled with it a little more since I posted that last night and it seems to handle the first turn a little better. Gonna give yours a whirl here in a few minutes and see what happens.

    Yep, got a G25 (thank you multiple sources of Christmas money). I haven't experimented with the lock settings much, so I'll also be giving this a try in a few minutes.

    Thanks for all the assistance guys, I really do appreciate it.
  16. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    For me, it was all about being able to attack the first and last corner without sacrificing too much grip and general feel during the middle bit.

    That came down to:- getting the application of power under control (lowering diff lock to 10%), stiffening slightly to allow it to drift a little without too much wallow (1 click + springs all round), and then softening the end I wanted some grip on to get the turn in feeling how I wanted it (1 click - on front ARB).

    None of which is rocket science, tbh. If it is, I'll get my CV into NASA.

    But the above let me be able to get in some slight turning drifts under pretty much full acceleration without breaking the rears free so much that it's spin time - exactly what you need in first and last corner at Dijon.

    Actually the weight of the 'vette was probably an advantage here as the inertia meant that little twitches never really become troublesome - in Glenn's Cobra, it's so light that you need to have lightning reflexes to catch it - Glenn really wrestled both Cobras round Dijon with pretty much never a twitch - really impressive.

    Anyway, in the 'vettes I was quicker than Gary in the first and last corner, he was quicker through the middle section as his setup (knowing him, it'll be the default) gripped better in the slower turns as it was generally 1 click softer.

    So even though the times were pretty much identical, there is still a huge difference between approach, compromise and how we feel in the cars. That's something you'll need to work out - how you like to drive.

    Glenn & I are polar opposites - he's never happier than when he's looking out of the side window, with the cars arse hanging out in a preposterous slide, I prefer smooth, slide free driving wherever possible.

    Once you work out how you are happiest driving, then you can see what sort of setups fit your preferred style best
  17. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    One more thing - don't look at the hotlap times for any more than an indication of what times can be achieved.

    For the most part, you'll need to add on about 1 to 1.5 sec for what people are averaging round a circuit, and that's the pace to think about.

    Honestly, getting online will drop your times quicker than hotlapping ever will. Hotlapping only on an empty track will never give you alternate lines that following a quick driver will.

    If you get into a bad habit lapping offline, there is no outside agency to make you realise that it actually is a bad habit - going online and following a quick driver can get you out of ruts like that inside 2 or 3 laps.
  18. I liked Glenn's setup. The car seemed far more controllable in the first and last turns. I adjusted the steering lock upward a bit, again, but with that configuration, I found it seemed a little too twitchy, especially in the 'middle parts' of the track, where 25 had been a tad...untwitchy. Gonna try setting it around 27 or and see how that works.

    Times? Not much change: 1:20's, mostly. No 1:19's this time. However, I'm getting the 1:20's on the first full-speed lap, so I sense I need a really long session or two and I may see improvement.

    Stuart: I would utterly love to race online, and have wanted to since I first purchased GTL/GTR2 last year. I am, unfortunately on a satellite connection. The speed's okay, but the latency is...like a second or so. This rules out most online games that aren't turn based, even MMORPGs (I so miss City of Heroes...)

    Hope beckons, though: two local ISPs are planning on moving their wireless service out to our area within a couple of months, which in their language means by the end of the year.

    Until then, though, the best references I got are replays and lap times. I'm pretty eager to get involved in some of RD's online stuff, it always seems like ya'll have a great deal of fun.
  19. Hey fellas, wanted to thank ya'll again for the help. I've been a bit braver with some of the setup options based on your advice, and while I've mostly been doing short-track stuff with an Alfa, I think I'm improving with my setup skills.

    It was very much appreciated.