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settings for Thrustmaster F430? Help

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by ttheo1983, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. i would like to ask if someone could help me to adjust my racing wheel Thrustmaster F430..thanks in advance
  2. I'd like to see this too, the car just doesn't feel right. It feels much different to the demo in my opinion, the car doesn't seem to want to turn ^^
  3. I use 25% steering linearity and the other settings on 0, works well for me.

    FFB wise...
    Default windows config
    40% enviroment (think curbs and such things)
    100% force
    10% wheel wheight (i like the hydraulic steering feel :cool:)

    And don't forget to set device override to steering wheel.
  4. thanks leonardo..i will try these settings and i will tell u my opinion..i had steering linearity at 28% but i don't like it...i dont have the right feeling with my wheel..do u use the f-430 wheel?? i saw you suggest me to set the device override to steeing wheel,,what is the purpose of this option??
  5. Yeah, F-430 FFB for me too.

    As i said i have all the other adjustments at 0, higher linearity means less sensitive steering (you have to turn it more) lower means the opposite, it's just a matter of finding a setting that you are comfortable with.

    Because apparently if you leave the device override option on "off" the game will force upon you some kind of steering help built specifically to help gamepads.
    It gets in the way of your steering movement big time...

    It's located just below the FFB options.
  6. I don't know if it's really a problem, but on the straight I even have to touch my wheel (F430) and the car turns directly left or right (steering saturation 0%).
    I changed the saturation to 20% and it's getting better, but not good enough. I don'tunderstand why other people can drive with steering saturation at 0%.

    Does anyone other have this "problem", too?
    Can anybody help me?
  7. Try 36% saturation and 15% linuarity or the other way around, can never remember. If it helps my other settings are steering dead zone 0%, brake dead zone 1% sat 15%, accel dead zone 1% sat 15%.
  8. Can anyone give optimal settings for Thrustmaster Ferrari F430? Please!!!
  9. No such thing as optimal settings, it's all about you feeling comfortable driving the car.

    In my experience, raising linearity makes the car less nervous on straights and helps you transition smoothly between straight and cornering, very important in this game in which smoothness is everything (agressive corner entry is not at all rewarded), i'm up to 50% now (disregard my earlier post) and it feels a lot better.
    I know from other sims to stay away from deadzone, i don't like it at all and this apply's here, saturation seemed like some kind of "reverse deadzone" in early Codemasters titles so i don't mess with it.

    Regarding FFB 10% wheel wheight because i like a light steering that doesn't make me use my strength.

    Most importantly, set OVERRIDE INPUT DEVICE to STEERING WHEEL, otherwise the game assumes you are on a gamepad and forces some kind of steering help on you (which is not helpfull at all for wheels).

    But again this is all very personal, use it as a guideline