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Set min-max range on throttle axis

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Tim Claessens, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I already made a thread on the Steam forums but I figured I'd ask it here aswell seeing how they're the official support forums.

    Is there a way to manually set a (end)deadzone for the throttle pedal?
    I have Fanatec CSP V2 pedals which have the fantastic problem where the throttle will only go as far as 98% after using them for a couple of minutes. Changing sensor etc doesn't do a thing so in most sims I simply short calibrate the pedals ie when the sensor readout is only 98% it's actually 100% ingame.
    This is easy to do in iRacing, rF2 and AC but I don't really see an option for it in GSC?
    Can I edit this in a file manually or am I screwed?

    Thanks Tim
  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Go to Options > Controller then click on the Controller 3 Tab, where you can adjust the dead zone sliders. I don't know about setting an 'end' deadzone, this is the only thing I know to adjust. Sorry if it doesn't help you much.
  3. Thanks Nox but I do indeed need one at the end of travel and not at the start. :)
  4. Have you tried the DIView? I used it to calibrate my diy pedals and it works fine. You just need to calibrate them once.
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  5. THanks Anestis, that did indeed do the trick.
  6. What is the DIView? I also have the same problem with my V2 pedals
  7. It's a software that let you calibrate your axis inputs (pedals,joysticks etc) and you can set both lower and higher limits, set your deadzone and the saturation for each axis separately.
    This video might help you:
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  8. Thanks. I'll give this a try and see if it helps
  9. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    The video really helped me out, I use Bodnar cables for Logitech pedals. I've had the wrong setup for nearly 2 yrs ;)
  10. I finally did this and it has made a huge difference. I don't have to slam down on my pedals all the way to get the full range now. Thank you
  11. Thank you a lot! Had this problem for one year now with my fanatec csp v 2 with the last 4%. Yeehaa :)) finally solved!
  12. 2 quick questions, does this save to registry? I mean once set, are they saved even after a reboot, or do I have to keep running Diview every time I reboot, or every time before running a game? TIA.
  13. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    to registry:thumbsup:
  14. I see. Just wondering, why then for example when I set deadzone to 5% and exit Diview, then open it again, deadzone is back to 0%?
  15. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Are you clicking the "write settings" button
  16. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    What pedals do you have?
  17. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

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  18. Thanks. I used the Diview.exe file, and don't see any 'Write settings' button.

    Yes, I have a G27 and I downloaded this file now. It doesn't seem to see my wheel though. Is this different from DIview? Thought DIview was generic and works for any wheel.

    EDIT: Or is this only needed if you have the Leo Bodnar cable (w/c I don't have). Again, I thought DIView works for any input device.
  19. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Try running DI view as Admin?
  20. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    I think Calibration DFP - G25 exe, is Leo Bodnar's driver for his cables only.
    When in DIview make sure all devices are connected, from top window menu > edit > settings
    The next small window make sure all the controls boxes are ticked for them to show