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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. www.avidchronicracing.com/FSR/FSR_Malaysia.rfcmp

    Just minimal changes to ISI version:

    -Reduced grip of all road materials by 1%
    -New sponsor boards
    -New DRS zone + signs
    -DRS rules
    -50% RR profile
    -New file names so track won't conflict with ISI version
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  2. Hi, I had a problem, I installed the track, and my car disappeared from the team list, there's only the #24 JS Champs Racing (mine is #25) in the PRO list, must be the track cause I switch to Australia and my car is there. Also an Origin Front Row PRO is missing for what I checked. Could it be solved please? :(
    EDIT: Also some second cars in WC are missing. (ACR, Eventa, GhostSpeed, Twister, BBR...)
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2015
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  3. The grip over white lines is way too low, is it posible to increase it a bit?

    If you pass over them you spin very easily, if Im not wrong, last year was changed few times.

    Carlos Martín.
  4. is an rfmod problem, is a bug in rf2, if you are using your own rfmod, make another one, perhaps this time doesnt get bugged.
  5. Are you sure? I never spun yet, i see no problem
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  6. I think it's just the shape of the kerbs, if you touch them when on the limit, you instantly fly off. And the problem is multiplied by the enormous road bumps all over the place. It's like ISI forgot to put the final layer of asphalt on the track, the driveline is quite poorly made. When I watch F1 onboards of sepang and compare it to rF2 onboards, it's like racing on racetrack vs. offroad...
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  7. I really like this new track :)
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  8. I downloaded the rfmod from fsr official server and i have the same problem, my car is missing
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  9. This is happening to me in last corner, I had this twice in last years race and already twice in 50 laps testing.
  10. Yep, the modelling of this track is horrible. But it was done quite early, around 2007-8 or so, when they started to develop rF2. Their last tracks are a lot better in terms of accuracy.
  11. then, that rfmod is bugged :)
  12. you are driving 1 handed lol
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  13. So... as i don't understand too much about .rfmod, is it possible to fix it before the race? Would not like to race without my car... :cry:
    Thanks for the replies!!
  14. the race will have a different rfmod, and lets just hope it doesnt get bugged
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  15. yeah my FTS car in WC is also gone:(
  16. I was amazed to know that car pulls massive 8G in T7. Telemetry can be fascinating sometimes.
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  17. So happy our racing wheels can't simulate that, sounds extremely brutal.

    F1 drivers may be the luckiest guys in the world but god damn that's like threading a needle while skydiving...