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Tracks SEMETIN (Czech Republic) 0.9

SIM TRAXX, rally track, free roam, road trip, Assetto Corsa

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  1. To use track map please delete file map.png in folder simtraxx_semetin_0.9/semetin_l1
    only once before driving. the old file is... well just the old file, and when deleted the new proper map file will be created once loading the track. sorry for inconvenience
  2. Wow, what a stage. Still not signed up to become a beta tester... Shame on me.

    Superb work guys.
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  3. One of the best Simtrax yet! the Escort is a dream on this baby. Thanks!
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  4. Hi, I put this mod into Tracks folder. After selection car and track, click start, some loading and come back to screen selection...

    Some help? :)
  5. This track can only be run in PRACTICE mode for now. Also please try repacking once again and check if You are running the correct version. Please reply if You managed to make it work.