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Season with rF1 or rF2?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Raino Rõõm, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. rfactor1

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  2. rfactor2

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm not some head guy in FSR, but i have thought that 2013 season should be with rF1. My view of season with rF2 is bad, because rF2 collision model is awful and rF2 is not so ready for full season in proffessional league. So imo season should be with rF1 (stock FSONE08 or MMG07 mod would be awesome). What you guys think about it?
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  2. if that will happen then my Sabbactical will be cancelled
  3. For me rF2 is not ready, I hate to put low graphic settings because I cannot get enough framerate to get some smoothness which ends getting an even poor graphics than rF1.

    The quality of the broadcast seems like a nintendo 64 game and there is a lot of problems with collision system. Also I do not think a lot of people will pay FSR License + rF2 Game because right now, in my opinion, the game is not worth it to do a full championship.

    So for me, rF1 is the right way to go. And if we can get someone to put some bumps (not tdf ones) arround the circuits would be awesome...
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  4. Like this?

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  5. This has become a hot topic lately and a lot of things discussed. I do not believe that people are trolling simply feeding back their experiences of driving whether that be in Winter Series, on other servers or offline.

    I tested quite extensively from round one of the Winter Series and I was out by turn one because I could not see any cars. With thanks to Mikko I found the issue was graphical. Not ideal but this is just one of the teething problems rF2 has. While pretty insignificant but it does exist.

    The racing across the Winter Series has been rather dull. Now the starts have been exciting but that intensity has not been there. While Scott and the other commentators have done well the actual broadcast quality of what you see on track is behind rF1 in my opinion it really does not look good on a stream. I am aware that is to be resolved soon though so that will help.

    The main issue comes with the damage model. I think everyone is agreed that it is just not up to standard or par and while Johannes has done an exceptional job in trying to ratify it fact remains that it is still there and appears to be an ISI issue. The damage model really does create an issue for most people and I think it is pretty significant when considering this.

    Finally we are running out of time. The season is drawing closer and it is getting the time when things need to be changed, modified and released. rF2 does have its positives in that the feel is good and general lapping is a lot of fun but it is not the complete package and does offer everything that is required.

    rF2 is coming on but the progress is to slow and for me FSR has run out of time and may as well stick with rF1 for this season. Put the development plan in place for rF2 in 2014 and consider using RFE and/or KERS to bring rF1 up to an rF1.5 level.

    I have no doubt that will be on rF2, I just think the time has come and gone for it in 2013.
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  6. Thats what i need to do in rf1 to get decent fps to drive with.

    I still think rf2 is better then rf even with its flaws, but i do understand why people dont want to use rf2. If and when we're using rf1 i hope to god the collision model is no where near as what it was last year.
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  7. I'm not a FSR member, but I have to say that rF2 is ready to be used, I think the lack of tracks is really the impediment, but not the physics engine or big bugs. Performance isn't bad now, I have a 550€ PC (nothing special, midrange computer usual these days), bought at the begining of 2012 and I can run all MAX (except shadow blur) and HDR on, at the begining of the beta, performance issues was a problem, but not now.

    Proof of this is the community in which I'm helping with organization. Three championships, and one more will be opened next week because rF2, is having an incredible acceptance, after previous championships we have organized without problems (with more than 20 drivers in all races, sometimes 26, except single events where we was 12-20 drivers).

    I think FSR need to test and know how rF2 works, because something is wrong with server, I don't know, but the issues I've seen over the Winter Series, I had not seen before, perhaps only in early versions of the game. And one more fact ... we have been working with up to 4 active servers, and running all perfectly normal.

    The proof here (This is the channel that I'm currently working), may seem that I'm doing spam, if so determined, somebody edit the post, or I edit by myself. Here you can see highlights with starts with more than 20 drivers, some accidents, overtakings, very close battles, and no lag issues or physics bugs. Also we have broadcastings of whole races (soon to be many more), but quality is somewhat lower because until now our cameraman didn't get correct settings. Despite of that boradcast are more credible than a montage, as they show the whole race without cuts or edits.

    PS: I would like to see races like these in FSR with rF2, and better, would be great! I plan to come to try my luck at some point, when I have some more free time to train to a decent level.
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  8. I had better fps in Long beach in RF2 than RF1 version... alone i had 90fps in RF1 ( maybe 2 cores limitation ) whereas alone i had 120fps in RF2. ( where my 4 cores are working )
    Sure a game from 2005 and a game from 2012 don't require the same hardware installation...
    It's the evolution of pc gaming.
    Switching to RF2 is planned since 2011, anybody should have anticipated that it will require more power...

    for the game itself. ATM this is the collision model the only thing to improve ( only in multiplayer mode. maybe wrong internet code ) when you hit somebody who is parked.

    I'm agree with Ondrej with RF1 F1 public mod. They are awful...

    For the price of RF2. It's the same of RF1 during the 2005/2010 period. ( or if you used illegal cracks... )

    I hope all FSR dev will fix this collision model soon... I'm not the only one who is tired of RF1...
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  9. rF2 performance sucks. There is not justification for the poor performance, with high gfx settings I have better fps in Crysis 2 than in rF2.

    And if we compare simracing games, I can run iRacing at >200fps with almost maxed out and 30 cars in front (and 300-400fps alone). And it doesn't look worse. If I want similar framerates in rF2 (which is simply impossible) I need to lower the gfx settings so much that it looks like a Nintendo 64 game as Edu said.
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  10. +1
    Those issues were in the early stage of the beta.
    I'm not driving in your server but some public ( FRX league, ~ISR~ servers, etc ) and i had no problem like this before as you mentioned. ( even Ghostspeed server doesn't have this problem... )
    Like the synchro issue. the lags came periodically; every 20s.
    I invite fsr members to test these server to see from their own eyes...
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  11. in BF3, i suck to have 50fps with my settings... ( poor cpu )
    in iracing i had ~120fps alone ( maxed out 1080p ) 60fps at suzuka or 35 cars nascar race...
    So when i see i can touch 120 fps in rf2 ( maxed out without environment mapping, hdr on AA level 5 1080p at long beach ) . i'm happy...

    What graphic card you have ?
    Maybe the drivers sucks also... with the new catalyst, fps has improved
  12. Many drivers dont have good PCs. Also with rF2 we never get same amount of drivers like we got with rF1. Drivers are ppl who keep league alive (also admins).
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  13. I dont know how i should rate rf1 performance then since im having around 10fps with all cars visible. I need to cap my visible cars to 10 to make it playable and the fps still drops under 100 when i see all the cars.

    Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz @ 2934MHz (ASUSTeK Computer INC. P7P55D-E EVO mainboard)
    (RAM) 6GB
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (1GB), 1680x1050x32, 120Hz (OS) Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  14. i2500k@4Ghz, amd 6950 2Gb, and I tried all the drivers during 2012 and 2013. I know what I'm doing :)
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  15. And what's your rF2 framerate with all cars? 0,5 fps?
  16. Sorry but with that logic no one should ever upgrade to new sim's ever. Its always gonna cost certain amount of people participating. Its not like rf2 requires 3k computer to run it.
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  17. 70 - 200, I have never experienced that the fps would have dropped to make it noticable.
  18. Don't worry lol :p
    i have a poor 965 phenom x4 ( version 1 ) @3.4ghz with a DDR2 mothercard... :sick:
    only the graphic card is good. hd6990 4gb
  19. look as RF2 Is described before the contact model in multiplayer is wank and it might not work on my current system as my graphics card is wank as well so can just decide on a game already and enough of this banter so for me its RF1 regardless of its feedback end of.
  20. I think with an i3 and a 100€ graphic card like GTX650 or equivalent (is that I have), you can run this game at full, or near full with stable and smooth 60fps (with vsync on).

    Sometimes you need to spend some minutes trying to understand and configure rF2, but when you get It, all you have to do is to race and compete.