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Season Progress So Far

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Just wondering how people are getting on with their career progress in the game so far?

    I'm in my third season of F1 now and i'm second driver with Ferrari and have to say as much as i like Ferrari cars in other racers it has not lived up to expectation but having a solid team mate to drive with does help my cause and gets me one step closer to the Constructors Title which has evaded me in the first two seasons.

    So if anyone else wants to post up what their current season is and what team they drive for.

    Cheers Guys
  2. Same as you, season 3 with Ferrari, have to practise with offline racing until now since Live does not work in Hungary yet so no online races...
    Just dont get why i could not stay with Red bull, no offer from them at the end of season 2 despite winning all races from pole and licking the a..s of the team at all interviews... :)
  3. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Same happened to me, no renewal from red bull, despite winning every race
  4. I was on season 2 with Ferrari before my save data got corrupt so now I'm with virgin and im at china after winning in Bahrain a 7th in Australia and 3rd in Malaysia with legen ai and no aids but automatic gearbox and corner racing lines
  5. I'm on my first season with Virgin playing on hard difficulty with no aids apart from TC.
    My best result so far was 12th in Australia after qualifying 11th but I am regularly beating the other teams as well as sometimes finishing ahead of the Saubers and Toro Rossos.
  6. I'm still on my first season with Virgin. 2 races to go. 8 points behind Webber in the championship. Just accepted Force India offer :D Love the Force India car :D
  7. ah yes force india good memories with them........... i might go back to them after my next season first team driver legend yeah that would be sweet anyway yeah good stuff guys keep it coming
  8. im driving for mclaren second season first save got currupted i was with ferrari then then restarted with virgin then got a seat as buttons teamate
  9. i finished the first season as champion and when i click for the next season with my new team tha game crashed...
  10. I recently started my 2nd season - took up a new contract with BMW Sauber as 2nd driver for start of this season.

    I haven't played much since, waiting on the patch (fear of save game corruption) before I do any more career I think - been hammering away on the New Guitar hero (Warriors of Rock) game in the meantime.
  11. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    +1 and also my time to game is very limited at the moment. Will continue after the patch with my 100% distance career.
  12. That game kicks ass might play a game of it with you some night what difficulty do you play on?
  13. I only play medium - my lil old fingers just can't cope with anything harder ATM.

    Just give me a shout any time you see me on-line for a session I usually play guitar but can sing if it's really needed (though you'd have to be pretty desperate - lol) - no drums ATM either ;(
  14. thats cool i can only muster to play on medium myself lol hard is too fast ha yeah i'll do that sometime then
  15. I'm at monaco in my 2nd season, driving for Force India. My progress came to a hault as my G27 seems to be faulty and doesnt calibrate properly, so i kinda lost the will to play, hopefully getting back on track when the new one arives.

    If all goes well i will be driving for Red Bull or Mclaren in my 3rd season :).
  16. nice mate i cant wait to get a shot of McClaren it will be hell on earth well virtual F1 earth but you know what i mean lol
  17. Lotus 1st Season of 7, Long Weekends,
    100% Race Lenght. (with the xbox 360 controller) ... and yes, my hands hurt like hell.

    Sakhir - P 11
    Melbourne - P 9
    Kuala Lumpur - P 13
    China - P 2 :D
    Spain - P 17
    Monaco - ??? i just hope to finish the race in one piece.
  18. Monaco i have nightmares about that track err lol
  19. Just starting 2nd year (out of 7) and I'm with Lotus, i won 15 races and the WDC in my first year. im playin on the xbox 360. I dont know if i want to build lotus around me into a schumacher/ferrari thing or try get to a better team. see how the offer go. im driver one with lotus this year on 6.5m last year i was driver 2 for 500k

    oh does anyone know how to change the R&D path? it says in the manual you have to be driver 1 and now i am but i still cant change anything? has anyone else this problem? i've just started practice one for Bahrain and i couldnt do anything
  20. yeah i qualified 17th and finished 12th or 10th, it was so damn hard