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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    right thread:D
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  2. Indeed...

    Had two mistakes in qualy so i was surprised that it still was my PB. Perhaps the first time ever. By my own estimate, it was 1:08.5 without those mistakes, so it was both good and bad.

    Race: Had a decent start, didn't try to challenge anyone but opportunity... It's a delecate delight so i ate it and didn't even mess it up.. I was up to 8th place but people were clearly faster and started to overtake me.. We had a long battle with (oh my god, can't remember.. how can i battle 6-7 laps and not remember.. sorry mate..), well Mr X. We were neck and neck several times in T1. Had a nice battle with Anthony Isak too in the beginning two laps.

    My setup was weird. I had tons of grip, just enormous amounts of it but by lap 8, it's just snapped off.. Every stint the same. Then it was regaining confidence until suddenly the grip felt good again. First stint was extremely hard, felt like it was wet but then again, i wanted to start tire management in lap 7 but those guys were just too close and i can't give up.. That part of the race was wonderful, thanks all for clean, nice racing, several times going side-by-side and bumber to bumber and no contacts (one minor on the first turn, i think it was with Jim, not even an incident, i lost the place fair and square.). Track was 25C in the beginning and 26C at the end..

    Neck was stiff and head a little sore due to it but adrenaline started pumping so hard that it was gone by half way.
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  3. Congratulations podium! More latter...

    EDIT: Congratulations Reik for yet another championship.:)

    I had much fun during the race. A pleasure Marko. :thumbsup:
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  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    bad quali 2sec off my pb:( are always too tense

    R: start from last place and to my amazement I'm glued to Band I have a good feeling with car and like say before Kennett a train of cars Kennett Anthony Valter Jim and me is on track very nice 1st stint Jim was behind me but in T1 a very nice braking point mate he pass me I tried a bit of time an attempt of overtaking but none chance so at last I'm behind Kennett I push for overtake him but in T9 Pinheirinho ( think) he spin with car I avoid him and easy pass for me behind me was Nicolas that pass me when I'm gone in pit,2nd stint not so nice many lonely laps in last stint a bit more of amusement especially in last laps with Peter behind I do a little mistake in T12 Juncao slip for one more meter so let for Peter a doorway for pass:D after this race is finished.
    Congratulations Champions Sean Reik David and all the Band :)

    Thanks PrestoGP and RD for event

    see you all at home Reik:D
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  5. Grats to Sean, David and Reik for securing the Championship! :thumbsup:

    Too few practice laps again, but this track seemed to suit me well from the start.

    Qualifying: 1:07.228 (3rd)
    A lap that only felt ok, actually was my PB and I was positively surprised to achieve 3rd spot :)

    Race: 4th
    1st stint: SS/S, 57L
    2nd stint: SS/S, 57L
    3rd stint: SS/S, 57L

    I took my worst start of the season, and dropped from 3rd to 5th before T1. Tim was comfortably in front of me, and Eliezer was putting pressure on me. After a couple of laps Eliezer vanished somewhere and Tim lost connection and was out of the game. I thought that the race was going to be a lonely ride to the chequered flag. How wrong can a man be? :) On lap 6, Nicolai was over 4 seconds behind, but managed to catch me by lap 16. Despite catching me pretty quick, he was not able to put up a decent overtaking maneuver. We pitted on the same lap, and I managed to overshoot my pit box, which meant that Nicolai got ahead of me. Some laps later he spun and I was in front of him again. Through laps 23-37 we fought of P4 with Peter. On lap 31 we had a collision, and Peter spun off. I let him pass me, and our cat & mouse -game continued. Now just Nicolai was also waiting for his chance behind of us like a vulture :) On lap 37, I made a move at second gear left-hander after long straight (T4). I managed to slip past and Peter slightly touched the back of my car, which started a chain reaction of multiple car crash... :(

    The rest of the race was just cruising home

    Conclusion: Nice pace at qualifying considering laps practiced. I had made a "nice" racing setup for myself, which was good for tyres, but awfully slow. I had some good time racing with Peter for many laps, and managed to take the maximum amount of points available for me today.

    Thanks to Presto GP, RaceDepartment, and all the competitors!

    See you at Hockenheim!
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  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 5th (tim slotted in taking my place after his lc, going by times i was 4th fastest in qualifying)

    race - 3rd

    started very well and managed to pull away from tim and past marko, side by side with reik i took a wider line and reik got the better of it, i set about trying to stay in touch with reik and sean and ahead of tim behind me, i managed this with ease although never manageing a passing oppertunity during the stint, reik made very little mistakes so it was all about the pits, first stop on lap 18 me and reik pit at the same time and leave with the same gap, for another full stint i chase reik but again cant pressure him enough, 2nd stop came and i went one lap earlier in the hope of doing something against reik, i messed enty up and hit the wall, while thinkin about suspension damage i missed my box :( i got out and put in a couple of decent laps but reik had managed to get a bigger gap now by having a better pit, i tried to push as hard as i could to catch back up but somewhere around lap 45 i spun and just settled for 3rd, i stayed behind jim's fight so as to avoid him getting blue flagged and me interupting their race, i was happy with 3rd at this point and had a 50 second gap to 4th so watching jim's fight was quite enjoyable the last few laps.

    grats sean for the win and big grats reik for yet another championship, its getting closer at the top though and its making for some excellent races.

    cya all at hockenheim :)
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  7. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q, 8th? bit slow:cautious:


    Initial start was good but Peter was slow away so I had to lift and go right, then a good few swept passed, slight touch with Vinny but got away with it, then for some reason I turned in too early at T10, got a bit too much curb and around I went:( exit plum last.

    I managed to catch and pass Vale and also Kennet but when I got to Valter he was too flippin fast to pass, we both picked up some places along the way for one reason or another, I spent the whole event racing Valter, he had a small "off" which alowed me past to have a go at chasing Vinny but I returned the favor by running a bit wide at Juncao and letting him slip through

    great driving Valter:) you were fast today, I had fun

    Grats to Sean and David, and especialy Reik for taking the title again

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  8. Q 12th
    Not far from my PB that I did half an hour before but that is not updated in the prestogp site

    R 10th
    I had a high wing settings (6/28), with H/H tires and 90l of fuel. So it was a one-stopper for me, and I hoped for the rain because my setup was perfect for it, but unfortunately it did not happened.
    Started decently but was careful in the Esses, and soon was under pressure of faster pilots behind me, and could not do much about that. After a few laps I had a small disconnection and made a mistake at Junçao braking and became last (I think).
    I was able to recover and tried to make good laps. A few laps before the 2-stoppers made their first stop I was fighting with Vale but couldn't pass him because of the speed difference. If only we had DRS...
    Before the end of my first stint I had to let faster pilots that I passed in the pits pass me, since I couldn't challenge them. I pitted then and exited in 5th or 6th position. I saw the other pilots closing behind me and really hoped for the rain then, because it would have been perfect for me, but it did not happened and I was passed at the Esses or Curva do Lago by most pilots, managing also being lapped then.
    Finished at the 10th spot.

    Congratulation to podium and Sean who was flying tonight. CU for the finale next week.
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  9. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q: 1st Quite a good lap though i was slight over line t4 with 3 wheels :redface:

    R: 1st used Reiks old setup and 4/26 wing 61 60 60 x softs

    I got a ok start even though its like i wheel spin for about 30 meters :rolleyes: and early fighting between David and Reik let me get small gap which i was able to keep pretty much in the same 1st stint. Through race i knew if i just concentrated on my own race and no mistakes and no surprise weather lol i could hold onto 1st. Pits and rest of the race went good and managed to keep steady pace, Reik was always about same 5/6 secs behind and David just behind that so close enough to know a mistake would have changed things but thankfully my biggest mistakes were just going to deep and losing some time t1 a few times and also thanks to people who i lapped sometimes they had to get really out of throttle to let me by :thumbsup: i wasnt fastest on straights.
    Unlucky for Tim with the lc in race i take it was something with network in your area? i did have a steam update after race to.

    Grats to Reik, David and finishers and another big Grats to Reik for another title :thumbsup:

    Thanks Nico n RD n Presto dudes :thumbsup: and cyas at the finale at Hockenheim
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  10. Q: 9th.

    R: 8th

    I used Reik old setup with wings 2/18 , softs , 63 litres for 3 stints , an excellent setup , i tried your new setup Reik but i found the old one a bit sharper and more responsive than the new one when turning but at the same time chewing more rubber , the front right was down to 50% after each stint , the new one was nice to drive but i found the rear suspension a bit loose and the rear was going sideways right at the exit of the last turn so i decided to stay on your old, thanks a lot for providing those setups. :thumbsup:

    At the start I lost a place to the orange car which was doing a zic zac pass:geek: then i fell back to P14 ( my fault) when i went wide at T1 after i turned in a bit early and touched Peters car , i did not realise that we became 3 cars there after Vince passed Peter on his left and Peter was sandwiched between me and Vince.

    i had a very exciting battle with Valter and Kennet during the first stint and second stint with Valter and Vince, great racing guys :thumbsup: .

    After my second stop i came out few second ahead of Nicolai , he starts closing the gap slowly and by lap 49 he was right behind me , i am guessing Nico was running very low wings as he was closing very fast on the straits, 2 laps later my tires gave up, when i heard the tire warning message i knew i was in trouble as i still have lots of fuel onboard and the driver behind me is well known for always running with low fuel and lots of rubber to the end so the final 5 laps were nerve breaking as i was under many attacks but i kept it together and crossed the line in 8 th. once again great racing Nico :thumbsup: .

    congrats to Sean, Reik for the title and to David.
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  11. So far only a video, but i had many good battles, so thanks to all those involved :thumbsup:

    I was running 2/16 I think it was :) And I didn't bring 1 more liter than I needed, as usual. Our battle was a pleasure Anthony :thumbsup:

    I felt like one to ;)
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  12. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations Sean, :thumbsup:Reik:thumbsup: and David! And well done all.

    Q 14. not my best lap

    R 6. one of my best races

    W 2/16. Soft / Soft, 65, 53, 53 liters and a soft rear suspension.
    My setup must have been amazing because I could keep nearly abreast with Jim, Vince and Anthony. Sean had trouble lapping me on the long straight, too much wing I guess.

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, RD and all involved
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  13. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    This video is not available ????
    only me?

    edit: is in charged :)
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  14. What's with the cars when they cross the finish line?
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  15. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    The AI takes control immediately and wants to drive back to its own racing line quickly. Due to the high speed and the qick steering it most likely results in a spin if you cross the finish line far besides the racing line ;)
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  16. And if you engage reverse gear 10m before the finishline, you'll get a nice pirouette :laugh: Just make sure it is the final lap, not the lap before. ... .. . ... ...:whistling:

    The train at the beginning was really one the highlights of the season. Just commendable driving from all around, multiple times per lap side by side and no contacts, it was unbelievable.
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  17. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Valter and Nicolai, thank you very much for your very nice vids! I always enjoy such stuff! ;) :thumbsup:
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