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Season 8 Race2 Silverston Race Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q back
    Race : 1st stint really fun great pressure with Kennet until first pit after this Im in front of him with a good space of time but at lap 32 a little contact with David T cost me a many seconds so all my advantage is lost
    go in pit at lap 35 with only 6sec.of advantage but a frezee around lap 40 ( for 1 sec i think nooo same A1Ring ) and blue flag in wrong place (for me) Kennet and Kurt are behind me and in second last lap I did second mistake lost car and so kennet and Kurt pass me lost 12th place last lap i push for gained one position but Kurt front me spin so for not hit him spin me too :) (we are friends).In true thinking bit more result for me in this track but this race was so.

    Congratulations PODIUM Sean Tim Jim

    Thanks for event PrestoGP
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  2. Argh. Don't know what happened. Pitted on lap 17, came out of the pits and my wheel locked up, then unlocked, then the screen went blank, then the screen came back and I was into the wall. Bugger..... more later
  3. hey guys...i just can noticed you right now...because i have a super busy day...i arrived just now at home...really sorry about that.
    And i lost very time with everything like...post office, health center...so ... no time to get home for the race :confused: just go eat right now...sorry again. :(
  4. Consistency.. Didn't do any major mistakes, couple of attention spins when things started to be too much "on the zone". Got couple of "tunnels" lasting several laps.One of those races that i can't really remember any fine details until i see the replay. Was the slowest but not much and didn't do much mistakes so wasn't last. Very nice threeway fight at the end laps, i had fresh tires that didn't get any mercy. I spun at the pitentry, i was not pitting, tried to do a long first stint and two short ones but i got the tires worn message right after the spin. Both pitstops were almost perfect, got 2,3m and 3,3m to the line so didn't miss a lot of time there. 52l on both stops. Soft tires.

    But i'll update after the replay, time to enjoy. The whole evening was perfect, now it's time to take some ibuprofen, wrists are done..

    Edit: oh yeah, that unplanned long middlestint with extra fuel was a handful at the end of laps... left 45% front.. Need to do a lot of different tactices ready, with medium that could've been all right. I did have extra wings 4 at the front and all together much more relaxed setup, i could only do 1:17 something with it. But surprisingly i gained a lot of speed in the straights, i did use lower gears and hi revs where normally i would've shortshifted. And Club had to be taken with different line, that one corner alone lowered tire temps by 8C... First corner with 6th riding the limiter so i could do it full throttle, car balanced with constant speed..

    So, did i get the Superlicense, lol ...
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  5. Congratulations Sean, Tim and was it Jim? Great racing,.

    Q 4th. Distinct lack of aliens on the track today; [joke] :)

    R 5th. Great early racing and then the coffee effect wore off. I messed up my pit strategy and fuel calcs. +15 secs extra in the last pit stop. Why did I plan for a 47 lap race? Doh! Small price to pay for a great race

    Steered my mobile chicane home on the lead lap with and extra 24 L! So cool. See you all at Nurburg.

    P.S. Well done Tim, Jim and Nico. Sorry for the other half of Team Sweden and anyone else who experienced the despair of Sim-Racing.
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  6. Dont want to talk much about this race, I didnt belong on the position where I started the race.
    Before the race I was very enthusiastic because of the good Q result, so I was a bit overmotivated and behaved like a total idiot when there was talking about a Q restart, so sorry for that behaviour and also sorry to Jim who had to avoid me after I spun and then spun himself.
    More luck next race

    Of course grats to all who finished and to the podium Tim Jim and Nico, well done!
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  7. It is good with a little passion and enthusiasm, much rather that than the opposite :) And i will always personally go for the limited mixup we sometimes get than do a new q, but I feel i have to present both options :)

    Edit 1: Results are availeble at PrestoGP.com
    Edit 2: Server replay availeble at MyDrive.ch
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  8. I think that was just stupid from me Nico, this is our hobby so it is about fun
    So if we have to rerun Quali so that another person can join the fun I think we should always do that.

    Thank you for the quick results
  9. Any change of race results.txt from the server? Mine doesn't record lap times, i was thinking of doind AutoSimAnalyzer results webpage.
  10. I cant remember who bumped into me but he waited so np
    I just uploaded this because I think it looks awesome :cool:
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  11. I'll add them in the same folder where you find the replay files :)

    Edit: The result files are now availeble.
  12. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations Sean Tim Jim Nicolai Peter Andy Vincenzo Nicolas Eliezer Gaetano Jonas Kennett Kurt Valerio.
    :)nice driving guys.

    Q 14 not far from my pb

    R Sorry Kurt. Only two laps and then a self inflicted DNF. I messed up in the pits when working in the pit-menu. I thought the pit area was a no-collission zone.

    The only positive I can think of is that DNF.s don't happen very frequently. The last before this was in Melbourne season 6 I think.

    Last but definitely not least. Thanks Nicolai for this superb gentleman league:cool:
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  13. elationship of race
    q solo7 very far from my pb, I made some mistakes while performing the qualifying lap.

    starting with 60ltr discreet and soft, strategy 17 17 17 laps topit stops, actually knowing through experience of change ofgrip during the race I decided to pit 15 15 21 tires with soft softmedium, the first corner I get hit by a car losing severalpositions and a little demoralized by the replay I realized that it was only my friend eli ^ ^ (elieze but combining?) in the racethese things can happen! gritting his teeth and trying to bring agood result at home I made a nice comeback with many battlesand overtaking until you come back around 3 jonas third sector are sorry for what happened, if you watch the replay I boastedto immediately check for overtaking me it seemed that I was a little difficulty in thinking in that corner you came along a littlemore closely I tried to keep me but I can change the trajectorytook the same I'm sorry if I ruined your race, but I had a greatbattle with you I hope will go better the next.!
    from here onwards and was a scramble uphill because I wasalready in the back of the pack as usual pit stop disappointing3 or 4 times I spun out of control car last rounds of battle withEliezer behind, ready to sorpasarmi at the first opportunityas it was after the passing of eli tried to stay close, I was about1 .5 ​​sec from him in ultimate 2 laps saw Tim get behind but only on the last lap approached and rightly so I was concentrated to resume elizere to push more I could see that was missing just one round apologize if I gave tim the road but I was aware you had a big margin on 3 pilot I hope I have not damaged your ride!

    See you in NURB thanks for that race event directory
    grats podium and sean!

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  14. Did you happen to watch in the replay what happened to "Stuntman Bob" as he entered the pitlane? A magic portal to the "Twilight Zone" opened up and swallowed him. :( Not a good race result for either of our Bob's this race.

    Good hunting to everyone for the next rounds.:)
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  15. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks everyone ! :) Grats Tim and Jim and al finishers !
    Q 1st.
    R 1st 63 62 62 softs.
    Great early racing with David T for near whole 1st stint sadly David made a mistake and this gave me a gap so i was able to relax a little. Later in the stint i lifted alot t1, i found this made softs last longer only getting 1 tire warning in stints. I noticed when practising even though the softs went red hot on left side after a few laps the car was still drivable and lasted just with 2 warnings with 15s fastest 16s mostly and 4 or 5 17s laps towards end of stints.
    Im also gutted for Reik and Helder (real life comes 1st) missed race but atleast we saved Tims in the dieing moments and he had much more exciting race than me, i know because i watched replay and ended up watching more of Tims, David t, Jims and Peters racing together :)

    Cyas next race ! thanks everyone, Nico and RD !

  16. Q 15 not bad for me :)

    R :(

    in lap 2 i go verv high in the sky at turn 1:confused:
    glad to have no one disturb,
    by my mistake.

    In lap 25 i was on P12! not bad with 1 Pit stop done for me
    in lap 33 i slide in the "Twilight Zone" at the pitlane ( it was a bermuda triangle magnet ? )
    Race over :(

    CU in germany!
  17. Congrats! Sean Tim and Jim :)

    Q: 6

    R: 7 , 75 52 52 Hard :confused: I think that was my mistake, I choice hard because on practice my tires was to hot using soft, inclusive with medium, maybe to low air pressure . Also my 7gear to short, not good setup..

    nice race with Andy :cool:

    see you all at Nurb
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  18. Always nice racing with Andy if we are quick enough to get there. :)
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  19. Grats Sean, Tim and Jim.

    Q: P 11 good enough for me.
    R: P 6 happy with that :)

    3 stints on med tyres, worked pretty good.
    Had a nice race with Vince always close by.
    You kept me sweating till the end mate.
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