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Season 8 Race 6 Sepang - Drivers meeting

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I watched Sky-sports broadcast of the F1 Sepang race, and Anthony Davidson repeated many times that he thought turn 14 (second last turn) was the hardest corner in the f1 calendar. I would like to say that I think I agree with him. This corner was the main (but not the only) reason why I could not keep up with you on Sunday Peter :)

    Is there anything with this track that should be addressed before the race? It is wide and spacious with run off areas almost at every corner, so it holds the potential to host a great race :) Will be interesting to see how the weather will affect the race :)
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  2. It is a hard corner for sure, there are very little cues of where to brake and it turns away really weirdly. I have to cut it a bit to make it, otherwise it just disappears.. I have mostly problems in the T11, it also has very little cues of where to brake, i'm losing almost a half a second there.. 5-6 is rewarding but easily missed too, luckily there is some cones in the left side of T6 to time the really agressive turn in.

    I can't think of anything else but the usual lap1 scuffles, T1-2 can cause problems if some one tries too hard, the line gets narrow on the T2 apex.. But without that T4 would be a problem, now the line is formed nicely on T3. It's a very fine design all together, one of Tilkes better days. There's not a single corner that i hate. Then when we get to China, we can see what happens when Tilke starts to copy himself, the T1-2 are just awful (it's a rubbish track anyway, modelled after a Chinese letter, that's just a recipe for disaster but i'm getting ahead of myself...)
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  3. Does the track look familiar? :) It's great to know that RBR is using gMotor2 in their simulator, they are using rFactor Pro and the same exact track ;) EDIT: Ok, it's not excactly the same track, they have updated some objects that are missing from our version. Close enough.

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  4. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Nice vid:) looks slow though, I guess our mod is a bit unrealistically fast :cool: or maybe we're just awesome?:D

    Should we be expecting a weather forecast soon?

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  5. No doubt that you will master that corner better than I have mate. I'll be there again this Sunday for your revenge :)
  6. Could it be that Daniel doesn't expect us to race on 4th of April because of the real 3 weeks break?
  7. I was thinking the same... I'll try to contact him :)
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  8. This quite nice new feature in F1.com: http://www.formula1.com/video/race_edits/ There's a red "Onboard in the upper right corner, click that... You can slow down the lap to x0.25 to really see what Schumi is doing in Sepang.. You need to login before you can use it, it's free..
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  9. Anyone having any problems with Sepang?? I just built a new system and downloaded everything from steam and every time I load up Sepang it crashes. Doesn;t do it when I enter other tracks?? Already redownloaded from NoGrip, and no luck........ Never had a problem with this track before. Might just delete everything and start over......

    BTW when it finally works watch out, my sponsors have spared no expense....i7-2600K under the hood OCed to 4.8 gHz 2000 mHz memory, SSD drive, Oced HD6970. It's bound to make me faster........well they were out of the "Talent Powerup Card" so maybe not.......:D
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  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    From now on you will be called "The Green Monster" :)
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  11. Did you get it to work Bob?

    What about you Jonas, you have not done any online practice yet, are you prepared?

    Helder I assume is out of the league, while Vincenzo I am hoping is back, as he has done a great pb a few days ago.
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  12. Finally got Sepang not to crash last night. FFB and wheel still feels weird but I hope to get that sorted out tonight. Expect "The Green Monster" to be on the grid. However, the "Talent Power Up" card is still backordered so I plan on a slow but safe race strategy.
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  13. Hello mates, :)

    I am returning from holidays and the same time to much work backlog :confused: , I make some practice laps two days ago and practice race tonight,, I hope that my job allows me to be in the race tomorrow at Seapang

    Have a Nice Race to All :D
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  14. Hope you can make it, at least to China then, where you gave me a big chase last year through the whole race. :)
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  15. yes,I never forget that,, this race coming soon ;)
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  16. Ive added Reiks very useful graph about when to use which tires to the information thread because Ive been checking it a lot,
    and that way it can be found easier
  18. Sorry Nico, Im ready and I have also driven Server Q hot laps up to 1:30.8 I think, but it seems they havent been recorded for some reason
  19. Seems like something have happened to the updater again, I'll check it out. But good to know you are well prepared :)

    That means we will hopefully be 21 drivers today :)