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Season 8 Race 5 MELBOURNE Race Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    thread open and ready;)
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  2. my steam account is broken, yesterday evening :(
    all settings are gone:(
    best to install everything new :mad:

    hope, all was fine for you guys!

    cya at next event
  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    so angry its unbelievable :mad:

    qualifying - 2nd

    race - DNF

    started slow and tim got past into turn 1, sat in 3rd place just cruising along, went for my first pit on lap 15, came out of the pit and was back upto 5th with others taking their stops, then all the cars dissappeared and i was driving about myself so i quit.

    p.s this track shouldnt be used again, nothing but problems with it for people everytime we use it.
  4. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Blue Screen. Feeling similarly to David. Was going to be a great race. I think this one is down to my PC again rather than the track.
  5. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    A race to forget for me:(

    Apart from my conection/lag issues:confused:

    I got hit at T1 and damaged, some cars spun infront of me, I came to a standstill just trying to stay out of the way, took a whack from behind

    I got going again and was running ok (ish) then at the end of lap 10 on the start/finish straight my car suddenly went into a massive wobble and straight into the wall, I hit esc straight away but it was not quick enough to vanish before Valter came past and I wiped him clean out:(

    Really sorry Valter, I don't know what happened or why, I'm wondering if my wheel failed completely and I lost steering, I don't remember feeling any feedback as I lost control into the wall, something must have gone wrong

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  6. Congratulations Reik, Nico [woohoo] and Marko.
    And to all :)

    Q 13th [provisional - my replay displays 10th:confused:] I went out on Softs instead of Super Softs - careless of me. :rolleyes:

    R 4th. The Start went well for me. I stayed far left on the turn in to Turn 1 and was probably a bit lucky to avoid an incident to my right.

    Ist stint was very tense. I was chasing Andy [once again] who was in a battle with Elizier [edit : Jonas :)]. This went on until the first pit stop where I followed Andy into the lane. Something went "right" with my pit stop and I left the lane well ahead of Andy; so no ding dong battle this week. :)

    I tried and tried and tried to close the gap to Nico ahead of me but it wasn't gonna happen. Grats Nico. BUT, I finished on the lead lap which is always nice.

    Thank you all. Commiserations to those with ill fortune.

    CU all in sunny, hehehe, ol' Malayasia. :)

    P.S. The practice stint weather was much more interesting than normal I thought.....
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  7. I was in a fight with Jonas there Peter. And it was pretty exiting too:)
    Similar to our usual battles i would say Mr Marchall. :cool:
    Next race we will continue our little "war":D
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  8. Good race, albeit a bit lonely but i actually wanted it to be so. Only real problem was my left hand, joints started to get "stuck", there is so many times one has to click from 7th to 1st/2nd gear fast and then squeezing the wheel in exits..

    Exciting practice ;)

    Messed the qualy in T1... Spun and got light damage.. I didn't switch to qualy setup, because of no dry run in practice i didn't have the confidence to drive with lower wing setup anyway... So somehow that mistake was good, now no one saw how slow i was :rolleyes:

    I managed to avoid the T1 traffic jam, looked at the replay and Eliezer had to suffer in my place. i did leave him space, there was a light touch but didn't even notice it in car. I ditched to grass as the road was blocked but he had nowhere to go ... Got to P14 after the 1st lap, then Eliezer caught me and i really didn't want to challenge him. I had some troubles of getting into rhythm, felt a bit "cold". So the Train was formed, sorry guys, i really was very careful in the first 3-4 laps. I had some troubles of keeping tiretemps optimal thru the race, specially in the middle stint so i had to do a bit of temp management where it was possible. Managed to keep others at bay to my surprise. I practiced so that i could use constant brake distances no matter what condition the tires were, i only pushed in the exits with good tires. It helped when the tires were getting old and there were no nasty surprises. Steady pitstrategy 3x16 laps, fuel consumption was way lower than what i got before so i finished with 6 laps of reserve. I did calculate it to fit for 45 laps, i just knew i was gonna be at least 2 laps behind the winner.

    No real mistakes, no spins and only a handful of too wide brakings. There were may DNFs and spins that helped me a lot, finished 8th. Pace was not a priority, tried only to survive. Very happy about the results, much better than what my level is. I tried my best not to cut T10, it happened a few times but i lifted on T11 if there was some time gained. Lost some pressure from the pedals at the end but luckily there was no one to challenge me at that point. I should remember to repressurize them before long races, it's a funny feeling when throttle is 1kg lighter... So much to remember...

    EDIT: I think i handled all lappings well, didn't lose too much time and didn't hold anyone back.
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  9. Ooops, I got the two orange cars confused, :confused: ....sorry :)
    And so we shall continue :)
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  10. Seems to be a recurring theme.

    1) :( Started out with really weird sync issues, game was resyncing every 30 seconds or so and lots of lagging cars. Rebooted and most of that disappeared with only the occasional lagging car.
    2) :( Had only 1 incident in any of the practice or real starts in the 4 other races(16 starts total), but I got whacked in all 4 starts today
    3) :( Qualified 3 seconds slower than I was running yesterday.
    4) :( Ended my streak of 4 incident free races at the start, the person in the grid spot ahead of me was slow off the start and I brushed him as I swerved to avoid him as I was going by. Sorry.
    5) :( Then I got hit in the back and knocked off into the grass after T1. Waited until rest of field passed before it was safe to reenter in dead last.
    6) :( Caught up to the field, passed one car and then my screen went blank and I had no steering response. The screen came back a few seconds later but I was already into the wall with race ending damage.

    All in all a race to forget.... but we proceed with optimism and perseverance.:)
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  11. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    bad race:( upgrade Steam just before race then frames in game really low with problem on steer and gears big delay. Usually i tests on server and at home with 24 cars on track and just at start have some little problem about frames, I tried go ahead ( for test) but same thing full grid or lonely always low frames I go on because from 18 drivers only 11 survive same problem low frames I was lonely no danger for anybody I could continue my tests until last pit :D Melbourne-pitstop.jpg

    is true that we are in Australia in other side of earth but maybe too other side in this case more correct inside earth:)

    Congratulations Winners and thanks PrestoGP for event

    PS another problem was put STEAM friend online stay always offline click on string dont goes
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  12. Oh yeah, i had a weird FFB issue in the second practice start.. It felt like i had only 50% strength and it gradually increased.. I did what i could to inspect the track but found no issues.
  13. yeah that was great fun and exciting too :)

    Alltogether it was a bit disappointing because I was driving the whole event knowing that I wouldnot be able to make it till the end because of my achilles issue.
    However it turned out to be more entertaining than expecting. Practise was fun because of nice rain test session, Q was fun because of a good 8th place and the first laps were great fun because of Andy and Peter.
    So would have loved to drive more than 15 laps but now Im looking forward to my favourite track of this season Sepang

    Of course grats to Reik, Nico and Marko!
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  14. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I think your right Davie, it's got more bugs than "I'm a celebrity" is there an Adelaide track we can use instead?
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  15. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik, Nicolai and Marko + all survivors.

    Thanks to the chasing Eliezer and Jim in front of me. You made the 12 or so laps very entertaining. Sorry your front suspension broke on start finish straight Jim, you couldn't have done anything to prevent it.

    Thanks Nicolai for hosting this excellent league and grats to the second place once again:)
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  16. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    your wish is my command......


    adelaide street circuit 2011

    id be willing to give this a go at some point just to get rid of melbourne from the calender, i love melbourne as a track and love practising on it, but the version we use has caused nothing but trouble everytime weve used it, time to move on i feel.

    EDIT: put the wrong link in first time, now fixed.
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  17. Qualifying: 4th (1:22.7xx)
    Race: 3rd

    In my qualifying lap I seemed not to hit any corner right, but managed to avoid big mistakes and got P4 for the race.

    The start saw me drop to 5th after Gaetano got beside me and finally got past at the braking for T3. After that I was trying to put pressure on Gaetano. On the other hand, I knew that my tyres were not going to last pushing hard all the way through the first stint, so I had to be gentle on the tyres at the same time. I got to P4 when Gaetano made a mistake at T5 on lap 13. After first pit stops people started to disappear from the game in front of me (Tim & David) and I found myself in P2. My second pit stop was not perfect and Nico managed to overtake me and disappeared from my sight. I finished 3rd, which is my first podium at Presto GP.

    Conclusion: Consistent (yet a little slow) race pace with improved pit stops compared to my last race were the recipe of success this time. At Montreal it was pretty close I ran out of fuel at some points of the race and I wanted to avoid this at Melbourne. I refuelled a little extra at both pit stops, which caused me having over 40 litres of fuel left when finishing on the same lap with the winner. That´s something I can improve for the next race. Looking forward to Malaysia as it should suit my driving style lot better than Melbourne.

    Grats Reik and Nico and all the finishers :) Thanks for Presto GP, Nico and all the participants!
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  18. Q7th--- I did everything right but came out over a second slower than my PB..!!
    R DNF

    i used Sean Q setup ( thx Sean:) ) with 6/36 wings, starting 70 liters fuel and SS front and Softs rear ( Nico idea :)) ..

    the start went well even though i was a bit nervous approaching T1 , but everything went well and i kept my position behind Nico whom on the same lap or a lap later "i cant remember" scrapped the wall on T5 so i passed him and from there on we had a very exciting battle until the moment i retired on lap 13 , we were very close and within a second for most of the time, Nico was in a good shape today and was putting some good pressure on me from behind trying to create an opportunity to pass ,my car felt good but it was really hard to stay focused taking every single turn perfectly without making any mistake at the same time trying to push to shake him of when he is within a 0.4 s in my mirrors for most of the turns .

    I was enjoying our battle and i said to myself finally i will have a race to remmebr when suddenly on lap 13 i crashed into Geatano ... no worries Geatano, this is Melbourne...

    I must say that Nico was really lucky to avoid both of us at the last moment.

    Well done Reik , Nico , Marko and Peter, and all survivors...

    thx Admin and Presto for the fun while it lasted...:)

    cu next race...
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  19. Q and first laps
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  20. Im reuploading the vid because the other one has an export error, the last scene is black.
    So now there is 20 seconds blackscreen in the end but you can at least see all the scenes
    Im getting there at some point :rolleyes: