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Season 8 Race 4 Montreal '79 - Drivers meeting

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jonas Lex, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Cant wait to drive again, as always new track but my first impressions of Montreal are very good, I think I will be putting down my first laps before Monday. :)
    Just a short question, I have followed the talk about doing long stints more than just improving the Q time in order to become more consistent, I think thats what I have to work on too.
    Is it possible to make a server with a 999 min long Q session, because Ive seen that at the Quali Event of the touring car series here on RD.
    Its not a big thing but I prefer to make long stint tests with better grip level which the practise session doesnt have.

    Hello Joakim
    Sure I will try my best...

    The whole discussion can be found in these two threads

    First of all the incident which started this argument:
    (Im the orange car, kimmo is the other one)

    and Kimmos 1st post after the race:

    I expected that he would apologize for the incident or at least mention it in any way so I wrote this

    That was the only post I addressed to Kimmo

    Kimmo saw the situation a bit different and then demanded a penalty for me which isnt possible at PrestoGP.

    Our leagueadmin Nicolai and several other drivers explained that they thought the incident was Kimmos fault so he reacted with this post which was the 1st post that I reported:

    After Nicolai summed up the situation to close this case Kimmo again had a different opinion and specified his 1st insult: (2nd post that I reported)

    I didnt answer this post

    Then Kimmo posted a race report were he again said that the incident and another incident before with Bob Laube werent his fault (I have not looked further into the other incident)

    So Bob Laubes response to that

    And Kimmos response to Bobs post

    From this point on I had the feeling that Kimmo was only interested in provoking league members so I posted this

    And then Kimmos last post (reported post No 3) which was the final reason to make the 3 post reports:

    Since I sent the reports fortunately noone responded to this post so there havent been any further arguments about any incidents.

    The reason for my report:
    Simply the language Kimmo used especially in the 3 reported posts.
    I respect his opinion if he thinks that the incident was my fault but the way he talks to every league member is in my opinion respectless.

    I hope this is summed up clearly enough, if not just ask :)
    Thx for your time looking into this
    Best regards
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  2. I can't resist to share 2 videos of this track on the wet. Enjoy :)

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  3. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Nice vids! I'll open a setup thread and post a good lap there :)
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  4. Definetely either 999min qualy or pracrice2, both have enough grip to practice fully online. I did only two online sessions last time because it's useless to do setups in practice1, both sessions just to get into PrestoGP.com laptime list..
  5. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Very nice videos :) . I think the grip is also different from q to race aswell i may be wrong but i think its better to do stint practise. I know sometimes not many will join and i usually wait 2 qs before doing a race on the 17lap/stint server and do a stint myself unless Nico pops up a message :) .We should maybe have everyone in steam friends to arrange stints with people etc and would also help if someone had issues race nights.
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  6. I like your thinking. I enjoy the long practice server sessions myself; it is a race session in itself where anyone can join mid-race so to speak.

    Often in the past I would find the solitary race server in constant race mode with 1 person on it. Tim? I don't like to interupt people when they in their race with steam message tho. I have very little time in reality to "have a run" so I think the same of others. Solitary practice sessions offline are just fine too.

    The less grip thing in practice means nothing to me. Add some rain and there is even less. I am not gonna be on the top of the Presto Time Sheets.:)
  7. quick question, where can i download the setup-editor ? i cant find the link Peter posted last year.. thx :)
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  8. I'm like Sean, I'll hang out in the q session of the stint server hoping for someone else to join, and if nobody does, I'll do a stint by myself that I do find entertaining because it is such a great challenge to do as even laps as possible.

    The problem with occupying the stint server can easily be solved through having 2 (like we do now).

    We also have a practice session server, to the likes of Peter, Valter etc. and this time it is session "Practice 2" as Kennett requested
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  9. Last race we missed a few guys so I thought I would be a bit more thourough this time.
    These guys are those who are currently members and expected to the race:

    Bob La
    Bob Lu
    David McC
    David T

    Those marked in yellow I feel I have less control over, Vince is usually very relieable, but he didn't show for the last race and I have not herd from him since.

    David and Gaetano did not show for last race and neither have started practicing for the next one.

    Helder have almost disappeared after a very promising start at PrestoGP.

    I would like to get these things sorted well in time before the race. If there are anyone who cannot make the race, please let us know (in the forum or with a email to RD).

    Also Marko Vuori is expected to join our league, but I have not seen any post from him yet,

    Kimmo I think also plan to join next race.
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  10. Yes please thank you...race stints already tested with soft and medium tyres so i'm totally ready.
  11. And for the rest of the season as well, or are you doing one race at a time?
  12. Rest of the season, please :)

    Should I create my own skin or can I use default one, if so no problem...
  13. I can share my skin, if that's ok? I'll just need new helmet and change the tv-camera color.
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  14. Everyone can use the skin they desire, custom made or default one. What we like are
    a) that one do not change skin too often (so we can learn to recognise each other by skin)
    b) that the various skins we use do not look to much like each other (so we can see the difference between drivers). No point having 7 Ferraris out there if you know what I mean.

    These are not stric rules, only guidelines to keep in the back of once heads when choosing skins :) No problem if Kennett and Kimmo use the same skin, then at least we know it is a Finn we see in our mirrors (or ahead on the road) :)
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  15. That's ok thanks Kennett :)
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  16. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I'll be on the stint server looking for a bit of "action" this afternoon, around 3:30 gmt if anyone's interested :)

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  17. I might be there :)
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  18. Loving the new look Jim :cool: It suits you :)
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  19. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Had some fun today :)

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