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Season 8 Race 10 Monaco Setup

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Peter Marshall, May 20, 2012.

  1. Another first draft...
    9 / 49 wings - a PB 1'11.9** :) happy with that

    P.S. thank you for the run tonight gents:thumbsup:

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  2. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    my Monaco thought based on old Reik :)setup.There is a large use of 1st gear from hairpin to tunnel this season for me here. It's incredible how change the driving style from season to season,When I'm thinking I'm arrived at the limit it's gone ahead every season some tenth is gained is a never ended story. When I stopped my run-up?:D

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  3. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Good choice Vale! :) I had my first test tomight and agree that the old setup is still the best one. It seems to have most grip compared with my new tries. So I upload the unchanged old setup again.

    I'm happy to be down to 1:11:2xx after one test.

    Here's the vid. Until reaching the tunnel it was only average, missing apexes here and there. From there until finish line it was good. :)


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  4. I have to state even now that those 1:13s will NOT be on my schedule. I'll be going at MAX 1:15. I refuse to go any faster.
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  5. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    We will be close on the grid then :)
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  6. I guess so ;) I feel that anything under 1:17 in race is going to be very risky, i'd rather finish the race than take a russian roulette on every corner.

    BTW, i tweaked my controller.. I forgot that you should never decrease the FFB/steering force ingame, it should be done in the windows controller settings...
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  7. Managed to drop a second off from racepace to 1:15-16 range, 1½s from qualy (1:14.0 ATM, lost half a sec on the hairpin...), i'll expect to hit that 1:13 soon . Controller tweak works beautifully. 100% ingame rates, 80% windows FFB settings. Takes a toll on the wrists but i can't afford to miss any detail in this track. Had to boost pedal pressures too, they are at the limit of what my cylinders and hoses/connections can take..
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  8. So close.. It's looking like 1:13.6 for qualy.. Keep just messing the hotlap up so no improvement today. We had a lot of guests today, even one returning "customer" :) And like clockwork, they drop 2 secs with good setup. They did something 3 times and spoiled my hotlap.. Not a biggie, that's what you expect. Once i was 5 tenths down on the first sector, i just managed to pass the guy in the tunnel without losing time, then i did the best braking so far in to the chicane, good exit and the guy somersaulted in front of me, completely missing up the chicane.. public servers have their problems but if we get even one multiseason member, it's still worth it.
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  9. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I managed a 11.1 with your old setup Reik and 53 rear wing i think only change still cant get to old pb that i did with a setup i find impossible to drive now lol :) Its really difficult to get perfect lap on this track but trying is great fun :D
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  10. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Managed to get a new pb :D heres video and setup slightly edited Reiks thanks Reik :thumbsup:

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  11. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    You're always welcome. :) Very good lap mate. I'm not able to get under 1:11 this year I think.
  12. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks Reik im sure you will manage a pb it was only my 3rd time on practicing :thumbsup: im hoping for a slightly better lap :)
  13. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Oh, I'm not sure. :) Some best lap times where set in a time, I did hot lapping excessivly. :)

    Well on the other hand driving style, feeling, accuracy and smoothness has improved over time. But in the last test it didn't feel like I could improve my PB here. So good luck to get it mate! :)
  14. Thanks Reik! You're The Man! Good job with the setups thread too, it must be incredibly encouraging to people out there who may have been previously put off this great mod, possibly down to not knowing what the car can do and, if they're the sort of person that wants the champions benchmark!?!? ;) lol For me it's a no brainer using your setups... the way I see it is, with enough practise you can achieve anything! Plus, I love that feeling when on the limit and can have faith that the car will stick! (because I've seen you do it! lol)
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  15. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    Thanks Dave, good to hear. :)

    I hope those guys out there who try this mod and like to get more out of find us here. I bet that many (even league experienced) drivers wouldn't expect to find a high quality league where drivers share every knowledge (including setups) so there don't remain any demotivating mysteries. Hopefully many sim racers get notice of it. I like the initiative we're having now. :) thx to all guys involved!
  16. Got the car just the way i want it, setup is attached.Tell me what you think. Personally i'll probably increase engine mapping, i want more torque at lo revs now. New controller settings made some difference on how tyhe car feels, it's more sensitive now to back end grip loss.

    I had to make a lot of changes to FFB settings, i want to get all the info i can get thru the wheel. Increased grip weight and sensitivity, setting grip factor (front/rear feedback) to 50/50 and increasing FFB strength from windows panel to 83%. I got it pretty good, for those Momo Force drivers who wan't to check it, i'll include the FFB section from my controlset file. Make a copy of your current controlset, open it and edit the name. Then replace the FFB section from the start up to the vibration setting. This needs to be done off game, it loads up the controlsets at the beginning of the game launch (just about when the FFB lights flash off/on..). Monaco is such an exception that it needs totally new approach. I'll need to try this out with some conventional track too to get more info of high speed behaviour (pulling some good lateral Gs..), i'll do that in the public server ;) In Monaco it's not pulling so much on the slow turns, it's also lighter at the center now when going steady but it bites really well when there's good grip. So basically it's increasing the over all strength but using a more logarithmic curve. I'm pretty sure it's not clipping at all now, previous settings were clipping purposefully to get more feeling at the center, good for China or Monza.

    Clipping = using so much FFB that the motors can't handle that much so you get more force at the lo range but getting constant pull at the high range. Also can be done when the game reaches mathematical limit, it can only output some max number, different settings around the controlset and windows control panel "Game Controller" settings can get there pretty fast. You can also clip AND limit the force, using in game FFB settings just scale the overall FFB. Good example would be 75% ingame and 125% windows settings. Check this thread for more info and visualization of clipping.

    FFB Rumble Pad="0" // Type of FFB controller:  0=wheel, joystick etc with force feedback, 1 = pad with rumble motor
    FFB Effects Level="2" // Number of FFB effects to use: 0=No Effects, 1=Low, 2=Medium, 3=High, 4=Full, 5=Custom.
    FFB Gain="1.00000" // Strength of Force Feedback effects.  Range 0.0 to 1.0.
    FFB Throttle FX on steer axis="1" // 0 = Throttle effects on throttle axis, 1 = throttle effects on steering axis.
    FFB Brake FX on steer axis="1" // 0 = Brake effects on brake axis, 1 = brake effects on steering axis.
    FFB steer vibe freq mult="0.07000" // Controls frequency of steering vibration. Recommended: 0.5 to 1.0, 0.0 disables steering vibration.
    FFB steer vibe zero magnitude="0.00000" // Magnitude of steering vibration at 0mph (reference point).
    FFB steer vibe slope="0.00000" // Slope of line defining magnitude as a function of frequency (used with FFB steer vibe zero magnitude).
    FFB steer vibe wave type="0" // Type of wave to use for vibe: 0=Sine, 1=Square, 2=Triangle, 3=Sawtooth up, 4=Sawtooth down.
    FFB steer force average weight="0.75000" // How much weight is given to new steering force calculations each frame (0.01 - 1.0). Lower values will smooth out the steering force, but will also add latency.
    FFB steer force exponent="1.75000" // Steering force output "sensitivity".  Range 0.0 to infinity.  0.0 to 1.0 = higher sensitivity, greater than 1.0 = lower sensitivity.
    FFB steer force input max="-11500.00000" // Recommended: 11500 (-11500 if controller pulls in the wrong direction).
    FFB steer force output max="1.00000" // Maximum force output of steering force, recommendation 0.8 to 2.0
    FFB steer force grip weight="0.75000" // Range 0.0 to 1.0, recommended: 0.4 to 0.9.  How much weight is given to tire grip when calculating steering force.
    FFB steer force grip factor="0.50000" // Range 0.0 to 1.0, recommended: 0.2 to 0.6.  How much of a factor the front wheel grip is on the steering weight.
    FFB steer update thresh="0.10000" // Amount of change required to update steer force/vibe (0.0 - 1.0). Lower values = steering force updated more frequently = lower frame rate.
    FFB steer friction coefficient="-0.20000" // Coefficient to use for steering friction.  Range: -1.0 to 1.0
    FFB steer friction saturation="1.00000" // Saturation value to use for steering friction.  Range: 0 - 1.0
    FFB steer damper coefficient="-0.05000" // Coefficient to use for steering damper.  Range: -1.0 to 1.0
    FFB steer damper saturation="1.00000" // Saturation value to use for steering damper.  Range: 0 - 1.0

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  17. Have just finalized my qualy setup, a bit stiffer than the rest but the car feels good and accurate.

    For race, i will use the same settings with :
    - More fuel
    - softs or mediums
    - Radiator open to 2 ... (the car will smoke if it was set to 1 ) .. Peter still coughing from last Sunday when he was behind me for few laps.:p .

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  18. Gave these a test (with a G27) and it feels awesome! It has to be purely psychological, but the rear feels more grippy.

    After a lot of practice I managed a 1.15.6, and several times 1.16.0. Still far from the average league level but 3 days ago 1.18.9 was a hard wall impossible to break and now that is a bad lap... so quite nice improvement.

    Now with the new FFB I have a slight regression until I get used to it.
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  19. Reik Major

    Reik Major
    Premium Member

    That's a very good improvement Alberto! Just keep on going, have a break and then do more laps again, and so on and so on. You'll improve again and again. And your fine tuning in giving the right inputs to the car will improve too.
  20. Read this: http://Cream.Galleria.fi/SRS/Misc/FFB guide v1_0 by juls.zip i've completed the procedure few times, it's very useful to know how to set the controller. I would like to do it even more based on the track configuration: different for Monza and Monaco, Spa and Suzuka... Maybe one for Barcelona, which would be the default one.. Hmm, i'll do that. After Monaco there's a break in the schedule while we wait for the Season 9..

    But.. G27 probably need finetuning, my FFB settings are made with Momo Force. There's five basic components that are the main focus:

    FFB Gain="1.00000" // Strength of Force Feedback effects. Range 0.0 to 1.0.
    FFB steer force output max="1.00000" // Maximum force output of steering force, recommendation 0.8 to 2.0
    FFB steer force grip weight="0.75000" // Range 0.0 to 1.0, recommended: 0.4 to 0.9. How much weight is given to tire grip when calculating steering force.
    FFB steer force grip factor="0.50000" // Range 0.0 to 1.0, recommended: 0.2 to 0.6. How much of a factor the front wheel grip is on the steering weight.
    FFB steer force exponent="1.75000" // Steering force output "sensitivity". Range 0.0 to infinity. 0.0 to 1.0 = higher sensitivity, greater than 1.0 = lower sensitivity.

    "FFB Gain" is the FFB strength, artificial effects.. If we were to do a real life simulation of steering column movement, this would be set to 0! But we can transmit all kinds of feedback too, like suspension movement or grip level, curb shake/pull etc.
    "FFB steer force output max" is the actual steering column movement.
    "FFB steer force grip weight" defines how much of the Force is used for grip and what amount is left for the body/suspension movement. As i understand, this includes BOTH steering force and FFB. In practice you can understand very well what the different forces are, it's very logical. I don't do often changes to this. It takes time to get use to new grip/body settings.I would make the bold claim that this settings is set by driver preferences, there's no real right or wrong here.
    FFB steer force grip factor defines the balance of feedback felt from the front tires and rear. Very important balance to finetune and car dependant. With FWDs i have this set to 0.7 or 70% front, RWDs are 50/50.

    The last one is a bit harder to explain but very very important parameter, specially the cheaper the wheel/poorer the motors, it's more important. With very expensive wheel and large motors it's more of the "Gain" and "Force" settings and windows game controller, ie windows driver settings. This due to the effect mentioned earlier, Spiking... Most wheels are set up so that they WILL spike, this is because when you first grab the wheel, brand new or in store demo, it should be set to max sensitivity and max force to really impress customers: "Wow, this wheel is awesome! So much force, i can feel every bumb! I can't hold on to it, i have to get it!" and then they dial it down whilst at home or burn the motors in six months.. Ok, rambling but here we go:

    FFB steer force exponent is the FFB curve. 1 is linear, below one translates smaller forces to make more effect on the wheel, stiffer in the center, logarithmic. Larger than one makes the smaller movements spread more, looser on the center. it has to be tried to understand, i don't really know how to explain it. There's one benefit to make it less senisitive: you can crack up the FFB levels without making your arms hurt like hell... When you really need the info, it's there, for ex in my setup, that 1.75 and 80% strength starts to really push when i'm in the tunnel kink at Monaco but allows me to turn Loews and Rascass with out much trouble. If you put this value in to 0.5 and crank up the forces, you'll spike very easily and early. If it's less sensitive, you are giving the motor a little bit more breathing space and if spiking does occur, it's in the hard edge where you are already tensing up the muscles enough to mask all smaller force changes. That's my theory anyway. it really doesn't matter if you lift up 10kg or 10,1kg but going from 100g to 200g is easily felt.

    EDIT: i would've made a FFB setup tool but since Race07 reads those controlset files in the initial loading phase, before the startup screen, they return to original when ever you select them ingame.. Tool could be made so that it does a new copy everytime but that would create a lot of trash and i don't like to do clean-ups... My Indian name officially is "Does Not Clean" so.. ;) It was given to me in a long smoky session 16 years ago..
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