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Season 7 round 1 Spa

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Andy Paries, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I can't believe this ! (at my favourite track ! )
    Just can't get in the game, keep losing conection while loading the players.
    First race and actualy feel like quiting this season already.
    Was looking forward to a nice race this evening but instead i realy got depressed.:mad:
    Very sorry guys for this big delay, and thx for waiting so long.
    gonna decide later if i want to continue this season.
    If i can't get in a crowded game, i don't have many options i guess.


  2. Missed you Andy,

    Congratulations Reik, Tim and Vince!

    Q 17. Slow and steady I guess :)

    R 7. A solid start to the season; as judged by me:) I had many laps mostly following the car ahead. Christian pulled a “daring” and safe pass into the bus stop chicane on the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] last [lap] for us. :) Nice clean move. :) and fun...

    Thank you all! CU at Monza. :cool:

    And thank you Nico for the extended admin duties :); it always goes smooth...
  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :frown: ANDY

    not much to say only 10 laps, after a lagging start:wink: im behind Peter but in lap 4 or 5 spin in Fagnes had a little suspension damage but not hard decide to continue race until pit for replace suspension, lost a bit of time and train with Peter:) so Valter ovetook me push hard and put pressure at Valter but spin again ,same place,maybe Im stupid man? :) but dont lost my pleasure to run so push again but in Blanchimont run wide and I had a incident with Eliezer ( write in incident report) .Im a luky man because after 2 or 3 turn in a middle of the track I gain the right street just near entry pit the car seems ok so just past entry car is indrivable always so:mad: I think try to do a lap for pit but in Kemmel touch barriers and BANG lost front wheels,was incredible in which mode.



    C U on next track guys

    Thanks PrestoGp for event
  4. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I'm feeling very sorry for you Andy! Hope you stay with us. I understand your feeling...

    report later...
  5. ya my race report...

    Qualy omfg a dissaster.. but thats the funny thing on superpole :) spin @ turn 4 the hairpin .. lost 3 or 4 seconds ... that was a perfect way 4 my race ...

    race. starting dont now after eau rauge i was on p 22 ...
    but i never give up and goin my way .. little incident with anthony m in lap 3 ...
    pitting in lap 14 and after this i was 13 behind anthony ishak .. i think was faster @ this time but i cant overtake.. so i make a mistake in pouhon lap 19 ... so i going all risk .. i was in range to p 4,5 and 6 . take hard tyres and complete fuel @ lap 20 ... dont know why i take it in the beginning.. i was very fast on hard .. so i overtake anthony after his pitstop. my my tyres was to old to hold him .. after his overtake i pitting again only 4 supersoft to safe my sixt place. need to overtake sean, peter and alex .. i did it and going on p6 .. im happy with this result.

    gratz to reik and podium

    see u in monza
  6. Q 12 or 13 Was slow this time, I could do better on this track.

    R 10
    I started carefully and well, and began the fight with other pilots. Had an incident with Eliezer (see my report) but had good fun battle with Valter and Vale in my first stint.
    I stopped a first time in lap 14 when I was gaining on Anthony. When I exited the pits I was chased by Dave who was in fact one lap down but faster, and by Christian. I decided to keep Dave behind me, so he could maybe slow down a little Christian, but Christian got me shortly after I braked too late at the chicane on lap 17. After that I made some mistakes, especially in lap 19 when I spun at full speed before the chicane braking under Dave's nose. I got suspension damage but never repaired. My car was a little slower after that, and I had some vibration in the straights, but I never repaired this damage and continued my race.
    I pitted in lap 28 and shortly after, I was chasing Valter the whole stint until the end of the race. He was something like 8 seconds in front of me and I managed to reduced this gap to less than 2 seconds, but I spun nearly the end of the race, my tires being too weak after this long chase.

    Congratulation to the podium and to Nicolai for organization. CU on track.
  7. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I'm gutted for Andy not being able to race, I wonder if it's to do with the amount of custom skins we have now???


    I found this line in the .plr file

    Net Join Timeout="150.00000" // How long to wait (without a response) before a game join will be considered a failure

    And this line

    Max MP Players="26"

    Whats yours set at Andy?

    My race, P4 :)

    Report to follow, too tired right now

  8. here is the Video of my Race.

  9. Yikes! That came out of nowhere. Did you laugh, curse or a combination of both?

    BTW, it was good to be back in the seat. I did two pit-stops with mediums.
  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Nice vid! (Not the part where you overtake me) :)

    What a shame Nicolai:( Where did that car come from? I was behind you and almost hit the gearbox of it.
  11. Grats podium! And sorry for Andy....

    Q 3
    My standard lap time 1:43.0xx was enough to catch up so high :)

    R DNF (disconnect)
    After my 1st pit-stop I was holding perfect 3rd position (despite I lost some places during first few laps) and suddenly lost my car in Le Combes (lap 23)... Aero and susp damaged, it was required to pit because of absolutely undrivebale car, I put mediums till finish. After that my car was 2-3 seconds slower than on softs, and I would be satisfied with any top-10 finish, but on lap 41 my interner lost connection (I was on P9 at that moment). Bad start of the season. See you all at fantastic Monza!

    P.S. Christian Ramlow was invisible to me! I just saw the tag when he was ahead, and did not see him when he was behind. Maybe we all should switch to standard in-game skins to avoid such graphic issues?
  12. That's odd as Christian was using the in-game Honda skin I think.

    However, I am wondering about the non-public League Edition Vs the public release. I am still using the build that has the Peugeot Jordan and Brawn cars in it we used in season 4. I know that when I drove the “Buzzing Hornets” Peugeot Jordan the public release users saw my car as a reasonably priced Lacetti safety car; the Jordan is not part of the public release.

    Perhaps I/ we should all switch to the Public release? A thought...

    Nice video Christian.:cool:
  13. It was a big blow for me as I had put a lot of time down for this event. I was very happy with my race at that point and was greatly looking forward for my second pit stop to see how it all would pan out. Also, I immediatly got the feeling that the incident was uneccessary. So bottom line, I wasn't even close to laughing. I guess the surrounding situations (like Andy's problem and the big delay and several cars out of the race before me) didn't improve the situation.

    I started to follow the race through the garage, but soon realised that I needed some distance, so I left my computer for an hour or so to "cool off".
  14. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    My race

    Q, P8 long way off PB but not to bad

    R, Started ok, got passed into les Combes as I was being very cautious, I then settled into a gap between Alex and Vinnie for the whole first stint, pitted end of lap 14, overshot the box somewhat, slide sideways on full oppo, nearly hit the garage wall! had to do some shunting back n forth to find my box, most embarrassing.

    In the second stint I had to pass Valter who I think may have been on a different strategy, I picked up a few more places without actually passing anyone and pitted again on lap 28, came out into net P4 and set about chasing Vinnie who was 13 secs up the road, with 3-4 laps to go I had got to 1 sec behind, I was pushing quite hard at this point as I sensed a podium was possible, then I put a rear wheel on the dirt at Pouhon and spun, that was the end of the chase, I just cruised home to P4 after that.

    My strategy was, 2 stop, Softs/Softs/Softs pit L14 & 28 and take on way too much fuel (50ltrs left in the tank at the end!)

    I’m happy with the new format as it does for the first time give us 2 realistic options on strategy, did some people do a 1 stopper??

    It was a real shame about Andy, thanks to all the guys for being so patient whilst we tried to fix it. Andy, don’t give up m8, we’ll work out a solution, we need you back on track with us

    Grats to Reik, Tim and Vinnie

    Thanks to Nico as always, Presto is a nice place to be right now


    PS what's happened to the line spacing on the forum, all my pargraphs are gone? Edit: browser, compatibility view! omg, my post takes up nearly the whole page!
  15. q ended with me 14th :frown: but to make things worse, with all the waiting and messing aboot i ended up q15 wooo moved down a place for the sake of it, so starting the race i wasnt in best of moods n that showd by me only lasting few laps
  16. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q 2nd time wasnt to good lucky to get 2nd. Abit of long wait for andy etc must have affected everyones q.

    Race i went 2 stopper softs all way , good start and running 2nd for couple laps then good little battle with tim who was jst faster than me at that time. lap 14 hit dave russell when lapping supsension damage so decided to pit fix, tires and fuel making it my 1st stop.
    worked out ok still 3rd after others stops i made a mistake about lap 26 losing f wing and suspension damage again lol so decided to pit fix and mediums to go to finish making a early 2nd pit, Struggling near end made another few small mistakes costing me but still manage to get to finish in top 10.

    Lots of good little battles with alex(on and off through race lol) tim jim im sure there was more cyas monza guys!!

    Grats reik n podium n presto!

    On another note are we going to try and get everyone for next practise race ? to try full number of racers etc with andys problem last night to see if anyway of fixing etc ?
    Maybe then we have a good idea before trying to correct come race day again. And no rejoins etc after q as it dropped a couple drivers down grid.

    I really like the longer race does give you a chance to change stratagys and then if mistakes and damage etc like me it allows you to fix and try and get back into the race.
  17. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying 4th

    happy with that, superpole makes me so nervous i litteraly get shakey legs and make mistakes id never otherwise do.

    race DNF

    started decent, exchanged a few positions early but kept my 4th for much of the first stint, pitted on lap 14 for softs and fuel as i was going for a 2 stopper, came out mid pack and battled back upto 5th, jim and sean were in sight and i was catching them every lap, car felt great at all times, lap 23-24 eau rouge decided my race was too smooth and brought me crashing back down to earth, lost real wheel, race over, gutted as couldve had a podium here my pace was quite good.

    cant wait for monza

    good race guys.
  18. @ alex i heared of this problem - when u have this again press +- iver never had this but i heared that works.

    @ david t :) i have the same problem i need to buy valerian ( hope its the right word ) or a bit vaalium
  19. I am fine with that if the race director takes this decision but it could be you next time you hit with the bad luck and the game kicks you out , are you sure you want to stay out?

    Thanks guys for letting me in and saving my day with some fun racing with you, that is the main reason for us to be here and i wished Andy could join to save his day as well, i am sorry for taking your spot on the grid , i had in mind i was going to start from the back...