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Season 6 Race 5 Melbourne - Post race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. After 10 messages flying accross the screen that didn't tell me much more than that people was unhappy with something I decided to leave the race from 7th position.
  2. I kept silence after my retirement.
    Need to see the replay to understand what happened. I was 3rd or 4th after T1, but on the next straight someone touched me from left, I lost control, and there was total disaster.... Sorry if my 'dancing' car ruined someone's race.
  3. Disastrous race for me. I feel sorry for Joe Isaac : I had a nVidia freeze and it seems I reappeared in front of him. I leaved the race shortly after before making more damages.
  4. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    EDIT: said far too much with not enough thought....
  5. worst race ever .. me was agreed with restart but p1 dont go slow ... so i need to follow ...

    @ start anyone hit me from left side - i think david - cant do anything in this situation .. behind me are so many cars for a earlyer braking

    24 cars are too many ... fyling start was better here

    ... i need 1-2 day to thinking to continue this series ...
  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    sorry Christian but if you look at the replay i was airbound at that point due to Tim taking me right out of the game, nothing i couldve done and nothing you couldve done, i certainly wont give up on presto ive been here too long but i understand where your coming from with your last comment....
  7. its not my worst position in this series or something david ... in fpps 3 guys ask for restart .. p1 get slow .. and we do it.. here nothing ... 10 ppls ask no restart ... i was on p2 4 laps behind reik ... make a self mistake .. i dont need it ...

    7 guys crashing and no restart .. dont understand this ..

    im angry about myself :) thats the reason 4 this crap comment ..

    *edit* LOOOL @ the second straight so many guys are flying ... this is...XXXXXX. more then 7 guys out or big suspension ... we practice 2 weeks .. and its over in 20 seconds ... hard... but with no restart, thats racing? :-(

    cu in sepang
  8. The car is in front of me did not come from the spot, sorry for the touch, rear right
    Gaetano today shot very sharp!
    First he shoots the C di Filippo exactly in front of my car
    then he shoots me right in the injured men Nic Rouge and Joe Isaac
    Sorry guys, I could do nothing :-(

    Sorry about the chat (restart required) during the race :-(

    just saw the replay!
    The one who does not come from the spot is also Gaetano!
    Since which are indeed not in the grid!
    If something like this is possible, should not be used for the race track Race Online :-(
  9. I have seen the replay and my first impression is that Tim caused the first accident and Fabian the second.

    The first accident:
    Tim is carrying much more speed than David and is moving to the left to make a pass. While doing this he narrowly (10 cm?) miss Davids left rear. As we all know there is a small sync issue, in particular in regards to our friends down under. Anyways, all drivers should know about this issue and factor it in when making decitions on track. Therefore I would say that Tim carries the full responsibillity for the accident.

    However, David's tone and anger in the post is way over the line, but then again, we all know David and know that he acctually will cool off soon :)

    The second incident:
    This is in my view very poor driving of Fabian! Alex and Fabian go side by side in a fast left bending full throttle part of the track. Alex leaves plenty of room for Fabian on the inside. Then it looks like Fabian simply isn't able to control his car through keeping it controlled in the inside lane. Instead he starts to drift a bit uncontrolled to the right until he reaches Alex and gives him a little sideways punch that leads to the mass incident.

    The restart request:
    The only person that can make a restart happen is me. Unfortunatly I am racing as well. The only chance of restarting the race immediatly is through giving constructive messages through the chat and nothing else. A message like 10 cars involved in accident! in the first lap will probably be enough for me to break out of my racing focus and stop the race.

    Instead I only see wtf, this is stupid, this is unfair etc. etc. In the end Cristian Di Fillipo said something in the lines of "I think there was a big accident involving many cars". When I saw this message I left the race as I wasn't mentally able to keep on racing anymore. Several guys had already left the server and it was too late to call a restart.

    It is not impossible to red flag the race and do it next Wednesday instead, but that is something that would be left for the democracy to decide. No rush though, I am curious to see what other people write.
  10. Don't be. That is the kind of message that I would have liked to see. Unfortunatly I didn't notice that paricular message in the jungle of uninformative messages :(
  11. Congrats Reik, Tim and Fabian [from memory]

    Q 17th Started toward the rear...

    R 6th. I had many a nice set of laps sharing the track with many mates... :) Fantastic battle from around 1/2 way and up to the end chasing Vincenzo, but the Ferrari was too strong today. :)

    Thank you all!

    Edit - In-Game-chat: Apologies Nico and to all, but I generally try hard not read the messages. No offense intended here, but I am fully concentrated on the race especially when near other cars. As for restarts, I will happily comply anytime...
  12. a good chooise is - u say safty car and all guys doin pit limiter on ! so we can do a restart request .. we need some rules of this. when u dont see this
  13. Honestly, after looking at the replay, it's surprising to see so many drivers going almost full throttle into the pile up.
  14. Wise to do, but unfortunatly a luxury I do not have as I have to be the race director as well.

    I noticed as well. But the replay will take some studying before a detailed report can be made.
  15. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    your right, it was over the line, sorry to all, and its good to know that you realise what im like Nico, id probably be thrown out for stuff like that in any other league, hopefully all you guys know its just heat of the moment stuff, im scottish afterall lol

    ive calmed down since i posted it as usual i regret most of it, but hey ho at least you lot know how i feel, i dont hide it much......
  16. Driving a lap very slowly is even more dangerous because it causes tire temperatures to drop, therefore creating a situation where drivers are operating their vehicles under unpracticed conditions.
  17. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I thought I might wait to post til things were a little calmer. I wrote a few things and deleted them. I might write something in word then cut and paste after I've read it a couple of times...
  18. Peter is not alone, most drivers try to shut the chat out. I think (I might be wrong) the best way is to give all drivers the power to say RESTART (kind of like the emergency brake at a train). If I see the message I will quickly throw the server back to race start. The changes in the line up has to be treated as bad luck.

    If everybody agrees in what circumstances we want to have a restart, then everybody can have the power to call it (depending on who sees the situation best). If this power is miss-used we would give that person an appropriate slap :)

    As an example, perhaps we decide that a restart can only be called during the first two laps, and it has to be called by at least 3 different drivers.
  19. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    dont take anything i said to heart, you know what im like (weve been here before), im gonna leave it at that, and ask Nico or whoever to delete my report, ill do another calmer one over the weekend.

    edit:in fact im a tit, i can do it myself
  20. And I do not believe that the accident was ill intentioned or disrespectful, I can see the unforunate in the lag/sync issue and the problem it creates.

    I am only interested in looking at the incidents pragmatically and objectivly and ask myself; how can such an incident be avoided in the future (aka what went wrong).

    I wish I didn't have to mention names when I give my opinions on incidents, but I am afraid that without it it would be confusing and not very constructive. So I can only hope that everybody knows that I mean nothing personal in my posts, just trying to be pragmatic.