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Season 6 Race 10 Monaco - Setup thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Peter Marshall, May 27, 2011.

  1. This is the Q setup I used last season.

    I couldn't resist a run with Steve and Christian R the night before [8hrs b4] Barcelona. The car felt fine and the track rocks! :D Fairly certain Steve had a bit to do with my car setup back then; thx m8

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  2. Thx Peter :)
  3. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    View attachment MonacoQ sean2.svm

    Cheers peter tried to drive my 2010 setup lol undrivable :D, yours really solid setup , i modded slightly if you guys want to try .
    I got a 11.6 and could have been a little faster.
  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks guys:)
  5. I have done a 1:12:254 with this so far, but am able to see the 1:11:9xx very soon (I hope) :)
    The setup is very soft, 8/39 in wings and easy (I think) to drive.

    View attachment s6q2.svm
  6. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Hy Racers!

    After two test sessions this year I have improved to a 1:10:975. :redface:

    The setup is an improved setup from last year, which was originally created by Anthony Ishak, so thx to him, again!

    I'd like to upload the replay, but it's 266 kb and the forum doesn't let me to do so. :frown:

    If some one knows a trick, just let me know...

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  7. Reik, maybe can you compress your replay to a .zip format?
  8. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    I tryed it Fabrice, but the size doesn't realy go down, so it also didn't let me put it in here as a zip file. :(

    I'll send you the file via e-mail. If anybody else likes to see, just send me your E-Mail via pm. Don't type it in here. :)
  9. Thank you Reik, because seeing videos gives a lot of help.

    The .zip solution seemed to easy...:tongue:
  10. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    yeah, watching other fast drivers had the biggest impact on my improvements, too! And still has of course...
  11. Thx guys for the setups,

    I do not have time to do my own one, I tried so far Peter's , Sean's and Nico's , they are all good and I got the exact result with all of them "112-3" not faster than that... Nico's setup feels very grippy but lacks a bit of front quick respond for my style, I was much faster in one sector but then slower in another, i thought to adjust couple of things to my liking but I stuffed up the whole balance of the car, so frustrating, it seems this setup somehow works exactly as it was created..Do not touch me body I am GOOD AS I AM !!! lol..:tongue:

    I will try your setup now Reik and see how I go, I remember last year I raced with a setup that was done by you..

  12. Thank you for feedback on my setup Anthony, always interesting to hear what other people think :)

    Slow respons is probably the weakness of my setup(s). I sacrifise the aggressiveness to obtain stabillity, so that I (as a driver) can push harder instead. I think my setup(s) can never do the very fastets times :)

    My approach is that I use more or less the same setup for all races and qualify (adjusting downforce and gear ratios of course). The idea is that I want the car to feel more or less the same all the time so that I can focus on my self (my driving) and become more and more "as one" with my car.

    I am thinking that if I always stay with the same general setup (as opposed to having drifferent setups in different races and in race and qual) I will become more stable and make less mistakes. I usually am able to save the car if I am about to spin or make contact with somebody, because I am used to how the car reacts.

    So my point is that my setup for Monaco is not 100% devoted to be as quick as possible around the track, it is also devoted to have the same feel/balance as I always have :)

    For the race setup I am quite certain i will end up using soft front and medium rear as this track generates more rear wear relative to front wear. This allows me to have a more balanced car throughout a stint.
  13. Nico, your reflexion about the continuity of yours differents setup is real. I feel approximately the same think, some values of my setup are often very near races after races. It's compatible with my driving style, but clearly not very fast in all place. However, some times my setup style is realy appropriated at the race of the moment. And when it is, i can ( or must if possible) be efficient.

    That being said, it's always interresting to try setups of others racers and trying to understand influence of this or that particular choice, and perhaps adopted some of them.
  14. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Hey Thony, if I remember right you were the man who offered the great basis last year and then we shared the setup several times with slight adjustments until everyone found his best one. But the basis came from you, so it must be good for you this time, too. :)

    Nico, I saw your wing is 2 clicks lower in the front compared to my setup and many clicks lower in the rear. It's interesting to hear that it's still stable this way. If I have the time I'll test it.

    Maybe it could result in better lap times for you, if you try it with more wing. Maybe you can push even harder without loosing stability and much speed on the short straights(?). But it's just a maybe... :redface:
  15. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Has anyone tried taking the front wing over 10? I tried it last night and even with the rear wing on 100 I had big issues under braking

    I think what I'm tring to say is, with the ratio of front to rear clicks as we understand it to be around 1/4 when we're in the normal range, I wonder if that ratio increases as you go upwards with the front, if you have the front at say 12? there is not enough rear ajustment to balance it?

  16. I think I did my best time last year with 12/65 wings, any more front and back seemed to just make the car uncontrollable for me.

    I never bought into the "wing ratio" theory, because I see people use 1/15 for a place like Monza and 3/18 for Suzuka, etc.
  17. the wing ratio is just a very rough rule of thumb that's really only useful as a starting point. In practice the ratio seems to increase at opposite sides of the spectrum. Something you have to keep in mind is that the downforce increase you experience with each additional click is not linear it's parabolic. I'm thinking I'll probably make a graph of this for my setup thread in order to better illustrate. Also what you do to the wings is only half of the equation that determines the downforce you generate. This is because although the cars can't technically be considered ground effect cars they do generate downforce by running close to the ground and so part of what determines downforce levels and aero balance is what your ride height is and especially what the difference between your front ride height and rear ride height are.

  18. I totally agree with you Nico and i believe it is the right thing to do to become one with the car, if you find the right setup that suite you best then you need to stick to it and get used to it to become more competitive therefore our setup thread is so unique that we can find different setup flavours thatsuite the taste of most of us :)..

    when last time I tried yours, Peters and Sean setup they all provided fastlap time but something was still missing for my driving, i normally drive the setup as it is for 10 laps before I start twisting it, and what brought to my attention with your setup was that i was up around -0.6 to -0.8 s in the middle sector alone compared to the other 2 , then i lost all that time plus a bit more in the last sector so with a perfect lap i believe a time of 111:4 is achievable..,the setup provided lots of rear grip in the middle sector but struggled to provide the proper response to clear the last tight turns at sector 3 where i lost everything, and that what was frustrating. i believe i need to take a relaxing pill to be able to drive smoothly there :)..

    and yesterday night i tried Rieks setup and as soon i did one lap i felt the setup was made for me, then with some more laps i was able to do the same PB as last year , the setup was very responsive but lacked a bit of rear grip which is expected to be :), and oh yes thx for reminding me Reik, i do remember now that we did share some technical data last year and that explains why i was comfortable driving it ,and that supports as well Nico's theory in regards to keep the same setup style in order to be competitive..

    one more thing, with Reik’s setup, I tried to increase the caster to 5.5plus I used Peters " unique " rear camber of -4.5 and I was able to do a new PB of 111:9 ------ worth giving it a try.. .. but I believe the Presto time sheet is not updated yet?

    Thx M8ts :)

    Edit: thx Brendan, it is always a pleasure reading your posts :)..
  19. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Good setup reik slight more pointy than my one, mine abit understeery got new pb 11.1 with yours only change was brake bias slightly more to rear , with a couple small errors of racing line so small improvement possible.
  20. Hi guys, I know i'm not part of this devision(even though i know most of you:)),however ive been dropping by lately and reading what you guys've been up to,since it seems to be all but dead on the Pacific front:mad:...anyway enough on the icebreaking:)...i have been looking and trying some of the set ups posted on here (mostly as a reference point, i thinl everyone's set up is only as good as the type of car and style they use,so using others set ups need to be redone most of the time) and its only fair that i share mine as well....I did a 1 11 057 with this set up ,but i honestly think i can go well into the 1 10's with it..at least thats what the sectors are suggesting

    Note: my gears are set up in such a way that u must use 1gear in all slow corners.. Masenet is taken in 2nd middway and Casino in 1st,you can of course alter this to ur liking..1st is pretty high so its got good traction

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