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Season 5 - Race 2 - Moza - Division 2

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Werner Van Aswegen, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Phew! What a long race for me!. Grats to Elizier, Valter and Peter for your posium places.

    I took it cery easy into T1 and lost a coulple of places but got them back and more in the end to finish 4th. The last 8 lasp or so were hard for me as I was tired and hot and a mistake in Lesmo 1 cost me my front wing. I would have lost a place if I pitted but could go fast enoug to stay in position so I kept going.

    Some handy points then :)

    My aplogies to Graham Healy. I rolled into the back of his car in T1 lap1. The touch was light enough that I don't think it caused any damage.

    My sincere apologies to Joe as well. I oversteered into the first lesmo. Correcting the car made it jump to the left where you werer now coming up fast. YOu had nowheer to go but left and that caused you to lose control and ultimately you left front wheel. Sorry matem, it was not my intention for that to happen.
  2. Monza race report

    Grats Eliezer and Valter.:trophy::trophy::trophy:

    Thank you all for the race.

    Q 3rd
    I ran a reasonable time which had me in 1st for much of the session. Brian and Eliezer then locked out the front row knocking me and Valter back to row 2.

    Race 3rd
    Lap 1:
    Brian reacted a little slow off the line and we were passed by Valter and Valerio going toward turn 1. Brian touched the grass on the outside allowing me to slip past with Bob in my mirrors.

    Valerio made the slightest of errors exiting the 2nd Lesmo and I capitalized on the opportunity down the back straight.

    Something happened on lap 2 and Patric's Ferrari was now behind me and closing fast. Again, something must have happened and Bob appeared behind me soon after. This was the beginning of my first great battle and challenge.

    I was carrying quite a lot of fuel, 135 L in total at the start. I thought I would be well placed should the rain gods shed a tear or two. But also planned on a short splash and dash and sprint home. Naturally, this made me quite slow compared to the front runners and many behind also.

    [Stuntman] Bob chased me down relentlessly. Lap after lap after lap his car was growing larger in my mirrors as he prepared for an attack. About 10 laps this went on for. I felt quite helpless , incapable of pulling away; “stay focused”; “don't make an error”...

    Eventually, Bob got a run out of Parabolica and down the main straight. I remember “playing chicken" into the braking zone; I went deep yielding the 1st apex and claimed the 2nd for myself. No contact, but sadly Bob disappeared soon after that.

    Thx Bob, it was a great stint and made the 1st half of my race most enjoyable. :)

    At the same time Eliezer was recovering from a spin and I attempted to close up, but the Ferrari's were way too quick today and he effortlessly pulled away.

    The front runners pitted laps 20/ 22 and I chose to run till lap 31. A quick pit stop where I exchanged what were now a set over-cooked “well dones” [started out as Mediums] for a nice new set of “juicy rares”.:cool:

    I came of the lane about 10 - 11 seconds behind Valter who was in 2nd and applied full throttle. Each lap I pulled back a half to a second out the gap. A quick encounter with Werner in Parabolica on lap 42 closed the gap down to nearly nothing as we crossed the line for the start of the final lap.

    Lap 42:
    What a lap! The last lap. A slight mistake by me in the 2nd Lesmo and Valter bolted securing 2nd place. Well earned sir.

    That was a race! Challenging, long and undecided up until the last lap.

    Once again, thanks to all. And also I handed out a few silent "Thank you" messages as I lapped a couple of drivers. :)

    See you for the night race... :)
  3. No problem Werner I did not have any damage. For once I made a fairly good start and came out of the chichane more or less where I qualified.

    My apologies to Anthony Moufarrege for contact after you span in Roggia chicane. I hope you did not get any damage. It seems not because we had a great race at the back!

    My thanks to Anthony Moufarrege and Frans Linden for the keeping the race exciting all the way to the finish! Great race guys. Even the snails can have a good race!
  4. grats to podium!!

    Q last
    R 7th

    was happy to finish the race, it was prity long!!

    sorry to frans linden i nudged you on t1 of lap one. it was not by intention for that to happen, so sorry mate!

    overall enjoyable race and congratulations to eliezer ! well done to all!!
  5. First of all, Grats to podium and all that finished ;)


    Yes i was hit in t 1 and got suspention damage. i kept driving till lap 22 for pit and fixed it, after that i had a good stint and could catch up with Anthony and Graham. but every time i was close i lost control over car................ maybe to eager.
    Had great fun though and now start practice for singapore,

    race you later all....
  6. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks mate, it was making me sweat:) Best battle of season so far:cool: Grats to a perfectly controlled attack, not easy to do. More report things later.
  7. Hey and thx to all
    q 2
    First win for me so I'm happy :)
    Good start then spin twice, change Break bias then was good till end
    With Antony help a bit :) I passed Valter ( thx u Antony good strategy ;-) )
    CU on Track
  8. Season 5 - Race 2 - Monza - Division 2

    Grats to Elizier, Valter and Peter for your podium places.

    a few small accidental cuts, but no self-made contact with other cars :)
    always up to my errors, I was able to reduce the distance from the front guy
    but I had to make two pit stops :-(

    Cya soon!
  9. What does this mean? Anything to do with the practice start we had today?
  10. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I think it's a typo, "no" perhaps should be "now"
  11. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Hi guys

    Q 6 ( first time that I do my PB in Qualifications :tongue: )
    R 10

    very nice start for me gained 3rd position a tried to conserve but slip too so in lap 3 Im in 6th when front me I see Patric that tried to realign the car mo chance for me so I hit him ( sry mate :frown: ) and damage my suspension gone to pit repair and continued my race but win a Stop and Go too speed in pit return in pit for S&G but push wrong button so switch S&G with change wheels,another lap and finally S&G in lap 20 regular pit ( my strategy was now going to take a ride to another place:D) and around lap 30 think ( was 10th and last ) decide to change wheels put Supersoft and finished the race, Im lucky other surprise for me this evening before that race finished Anthony spin in Parabolica and I see my race is finshed here but this time my line is good and Im pass in right side same thing in chicane with Frans :)hey guys I'm an old man I want to make me a heart attack?:D

    Congratulation all guys and sure GREAT PODIUM Elizier, Valter and Peter:doublethumb:
  12. hi graham

    no problem buddy, i had suspension problem but still managed to keep driving!

    it was still a good battle!
  13. Oops, you are right, once you point it out it is obvious :)
  14. i thought the race today will be....
  15. Lol Valerio, it is always fun reading your posts :)
  16. This was the 47th official PrestoGP round (Euro), and all 47 races have been at the same time, Wednesday at 8pm UK time. The count down clock in the garage should also tell you when the race is + the race calendar.
  17. yes sorry, slip of the finger, changed it in now...... ;)

    An NO it was good to have a pre start-practice before qualify, was usefull.......
  18. First race well done!!

    Q 1
    R 5

    Great race :)

    I started p1 on grid which i was pretty psyched about.. had a bad start and had contact with someone in T1, i will review it after work and appologise to the right person. After that, i raced with Werner and Laube with who i changed postions with some times.. You would have had me if u didnt have to pit twice Laube!! Besides that i had a race without to much traffic.. Made 4-5 mistakes which luckely for me didnt cause any mechanical damage..

    Big Congratz to the podium, you guys drive fast!!!

    Im off to Singapore, Cya on the flip side
  19. A pleasure. Best race we've had I'd say. :)

    I've done my race report...
  20. Okay now i have watched the review and sincierly appologies to valerio vanessa for the contact in t1 on round 2... Luckely you didnt spin and was able to hold your position...

    Was my first race so pleae be gentle on me ;P