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season 5 race 1@ spa- setup thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Anthony Ishak, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    There have been many talks about setups advice in the forum and all are great and well appreciated, so I thought to take things a step further and try something different for this year.

    The idea is to share with all my friends and racing colleagues my final qualy setup and race setup before each race. I am no expert in setup and I am not trying to preach anyone on how to do things, but I am trying to be purely open and post what I have in my hand that works for me that might works for you as well, and my setup could work for this track and won’t work for another but the idea is like an invitation for all of us in the league to be open and share what we have in the bag maybe this way we can have more fun by bringing the challenge more closer so we can have more excited season and we leave the talent of every one of us to decide the result ..Just think back the fun we use to have behind the wheel of an f3000 car...

    All members in the Aqua Vista Racing team will be sharing between each other all the information and setup advice for each track to get the best setup for that track, then it is up to each driver in the team to fine tune the setup to suit his driving style.

    While I have to respect my team members privacy, I can assure you that any setup I post here will be my personal final setup that i am going to race with , with no modification at all , as I believe there will be no point on giving something with a bit of twist to misguide anyone just to still keeping the advantage.

    So if you find the setup good for you then the credit will go for the whole Aqua Vista Racing team, as we are working as a team and my setup will have some spices from our talented drivers :).

    I would like to hear your opinion on the content of this thread :):)


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  2. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Tried the Q set, and I can say it is a very good setup:cool: much better than mine

    To help it suit my style a little better I increased the front arb and softened the rear springs slightly, I also moved the brake balance a little rear-wards then it was perfect:D

    Thanks for sharing Anthony:thumbup:

  3. Very good setup. Thanks for sharing ! I'm a lot faster with it.
    Seems like I still don't understand how the suspensions and tires works on these cars.
  4. This setup made me about 2 seconds faster! I've only collected 1,5 seconds so far, but I'm still adapting to the different feel the setup has, so I expect I'll get down to 1:42:000. Only modification I did was to soften the rear suspension with 20 to reduce the overstear that I struggled to handle.

    Everyone that have tried this setup so far are improving their lap times greatly, so far this includes Jim, Nicolas, myself, Per and Andy. I urge the rest of you to give it a try (unless you already are super-fast :)).

    Thanks a lot to Anthony and his super team for sharing this, It might have been a "small step" for Anthony to post it, but it is a "giant leap" for the quality of racing in our league I believe :)

  5. Thanks Antony fantastic stable setup
  6. Very good setup. Thanks for sharing !

  7. Seems that our driving style is pretty much the same Anthony, i didn't change a single thing on this setup and our laptimes are the same.
    I'm very bad with setups and i also don't have much time for it.
    Thx allot for sharing, really apreciate this.
  8. really thank you m8!!!! i think that this is a really really BIG BIG help to the drivers like me that aren't good in setup cars (i did the whole season 4 with almost the same setup XD), or to the drivers that due real life etc can't use too many times in settings cars and prefer doing laps for learn the track and not to be dangerouse instead tweak the set!!!!! and with your help i think that also the league level will increase a lot and in every division there will be more closing races for all with nice fights where the driving skill will be more importants (maybe) than the engineering skill!!!

    thank you again!!! :D
  9. I could have written the same post :) I to used pritty much the same setup in all races last season and I to believe it will make our racing so much better.
  10. woooow... that sounds great, thanks all of you, honestly i did not expect the setup would suit many of you as i have a bit weird driving style lol...i like the car to be neutral to slightly oversteer , that explain why i have a bit stiffer than normal rear susp, but you can twist it a bit the way you like it as Nicolai and Jim did to suit your style.

    If the idea of posting setup would contribute in increasing the level of the league as Mattia mentioned, then would be great to see more people posting their setup especially those fast guys with their sophisticated setup and that would be a great learning experience for all of us. .

    Just to let you know that our test driver " VODKAMAN " is already out at Monza doing some testing for the team , so hopefully he did not spend too much time in the pub and is sober enough to collect the right info :drink::D

  11. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    VODKAMAN has our complete trust, wether sober enough or not.
  12. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Lol, I still haven't done a sober lap with your setup, I tried it on Friday night and again last night after I had been out indulging in a spot of "binge drinking" (a very popular sport here in the UK):rolleyes:

    Maybe thats why my setups are sooo bad:redface:

  13. +1 :)
  14. Here is another setup done by a member of our team "Peter Marshall " , he likes to drive a slightly conservative , more forgiving setup, that could suit other drivers that would like to stay longer on track :)

    thank you Peter :)

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  15. Here's the setup I drove to fourth place in FPPS.

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  16. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks for sharing guys. My PB is more than one second faster now. I just moved the default brake balance a little to the front for more engine braking. I can adjust the balance while driving and that improves braking for bus stop chicane and combes.
  17. When I am sober, I very am afraid of speed. :)

  18. Just like Michael Schumacher :) You are a real pro Valter!

    Thanks for all your help Vodkaman!
  19. nice to hear that the setup could make your lap time faster, that shows once again that the driving skill is there but the right setup for the right track is missing, so I believe Valter message is another call for all league members to be more open and share their knowledge with each other to bring more fun to the game that we all love.

    Some of you might wonder why I have started this thread and why I keep encouraging people to share their knowledge on setup, the answer is very simple: I love sim racing and love to have wheel to wheel challenge on track, I had a very boring season last year and prefer not to repeat it again, and what happened last week at spa practice race did bring back the memory of it, I was racing my shadow when Reik was 35s ahead and Danny was over a minute behind me ,and only couple of people stayed on track and at that moment it was so boring that it came to my mind to press escape and end my race...

    I do not know about you guys but for me I am not afraid of sharing what I know and losing couple of spots on the grid in order to have proper fight with the drivers on track and end race my with that big smile and that high feeling “ wow , what a superb race, I had lots of fun today” .....

    And Valter thank you for sharing some of your advanced braking technique, would be great if you could explain in more details how you change the balance during braking and what is the advantage of changing the breaking balance for different turns so maybe we can go even faster :):)
  20. Aqua Vista Racing set up

    Hi guys
    It feels so good to hear positives feed back; here I got a Q & R set up. With the R set up I put high down force, so the car will have better grip & you will have more chance to finish the race. You need to adjust the set up to your driving skill. Try it and good luck.

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