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Season 4 Race 9 Division 2 - Nurburgring Post Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jakob de Boer, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. That was a short race.
    I didnt like this race.
    The more a practise the slower i get :(

    Q p5, not getting even near my best time. :(


    Had a nice fight with mattia for a couple of laps.
    Then Eliezer braked way too late and hit me in the back , causing me to hit barriers, losing both front wheels.

    Oh well ,
    Grats to top3 in champ.

    I had fun with you guys.

    Cya around.
  2. race report

    It was a short race.


    Race lasted 4 laps, then everybody vanished and I was alone??

    Don´t know what happend, I was still on track but all alone.

    After 20 laps i gave up. Grats to all that finished.

    Thx for great racing c u soon.:D

    A massive 'thank you' to all makes this possible! Nico, Rune, but also those who works more behind the scenes. And to my fellow racers of course. :thumb:
  3. So sorry M8 for ruin your race
    Couldnt keep going after this :frown:
  4. Congrats Kurt, you suffered a lost connection. It happens now and then. Not nice. My condolences.
  5. I had a great race tonight. I don't particlarly like this track but in the end I had my best result here :)

    Qualified 4th with a lap that was .2 seconds slower than PB so not too bad. I then managed to get 3rd from Mattia in the first few corners and was running 3rd well past my pit stop on lap 20.

    Unfortunately the second set of tyres I had were useless. No grip so I lost a healthy lead after a few mistakes due to the tyres. I couldn't even catch back up to Mattia :(

    So I finished 4th which is not 3rd for sure but my best finish this season.

    Another bonus is that I have no incidents to report :) I'm getting better at this.

    All that remains to be said is thank you to Race Admin (Both Presto and RaceDepartment). It has been an educational first season behinf the wheel of the F1 cars.

    Thank you also to all of the Div2 regulars. You all have made this past season a pleasure. We might have had some bad moments but there were far more good moments whether it was during practise or in the races.

    Hope to see you next season :woot:
  6. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulation to Podium

    Qualified in last place not much feeling with this track this evening. slower of my time ~1 sec.

    Race good start for me gained think 2 or3 position in 2 laps but after 5 laps no more feeling with my car look my XD "tyres excessive consumption" ,In lap 3 back me Bob,
    I try to defend me but in curve 6 (think) less grip brake long so Bob passed me.With bit of difficulty drive my car at limit of consumption in lap 13 try to go in pit but in NGK-chicane Bob hit me , no damage for my car( think Im 15/20Km less of Bob,sorry Mate) ,go in pit ( no more tyres only a valve :)) ,its very hard drive for many laps with "supersoft compound ".In lap 21 go in pit for planned pit, after jump on track and push because front me Richard at 17 sec, push to get it,
    I could not,tyres and some fail brake do the remnant.Finish race 7th or 8th.

    big THANKS to PrestroGP and RD for organization

    congratulations to all participants at Season FPES Div.2

    C U on SUMMER EVENTS :good:
  7. Very good final race finished 5th my best league result not bad way to finalize long season...thanks to all for this race and for the whole season, was a great time for me and I will continue here next season so see you then (hope the race could be sunday not wednesday).

    Race report

    Q: 7th grid, not bad. Very good lap but not even close to my PB. Still qualifications seems quite difficult for me because I always do some setup changes while warmupping just before the quali. Hope I have some time to learn all setup tricks before next season so this could be more easier then.

    Race: as mentioned finished 5th so cool! everything works fine but first lap incident made my race little bit harder as I was last one when only two turns was behind (somebody hit my car from behind (red car so maybe Ferrari) and I spun). I will check replay tonight and report will sent to Admin!!!!
    More information after the replay watched tonight...

    [EDIT] Replay checked...I spun on turn 3 and after that Eliezer hit my car so it wasnt his fault but my own mistake, sorry...no incident report needed this time.

    Thanks Nicolai thanks RD thanks all drivers this is still so fun.

    See you next season, thanks.
  8. Sorry, cant be there last night , i forgot the race...:poke:
  9. Hi all,

    Q: Was olmost perfect lap, not a PB but enough for a great pole. Nice time Maxim!

    R: I wasnt racing for the win, knew my race setup wasn't great so did a surviving race.
    But Maxim was very fast so i thought, damm, ok, its racing time..
    We had a great first stint, but my setup had trouble with my race pace :)

    I made a mistake in pitlane so there goes the win.

    Maxim, great job man! u deserved it!

    And many many thanx to RD and everybody who worked hard to make this season a great season!
    Much different rule settings and a lot of discussion, but a nice outcome!

    See ya all next season!
    When do we get more info?

    No further race indicidents to report.

  10. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Grats to all on this last race of the season....
  11. Sorry, no time-watch for replay yet :-(

    However, once big sorry to richard emery!
    but you were very slow in the last curve and
    I waited and was glad that it goes for you
    I hope no damage

    Grats all finishers

    Thanks Nicolai thanks RD thanks all drivers this is still so fun!!

    See you next season, thanks!
  12. hi all
    sorry i couldn't make the final race of the season, my wife was giving birth to our 2nd baby whilst you were racing!
    thankyou for everyone who made this season possible, it was most enjoyable and a great experience and i was happy
    with my overall performance for my first season.
    congrats to top three for the season and hope to see all you guys on the server some time!!!!!!!!!

  13. was a nice race and had a lot of fun!!!!

    did few training because in this weeks i'm not much at home (summer time fun for me :D) btw i was really happy to be there with you all!!! I must also say thx to Joe Isaac for his help!!! ;)

    Qualy: P3
    was really surprised.....until that night i was able to run only around the low 1.29, but in the real qualy i was able to put out a nice 1.28.3xx so i was really happy!!! :D

    Race: P3
    Werner started well and he had the inside so i lost a position, i tried to stay behind him, but his pace was a bit more fast.....behind me there was Jackob...i think that he was studyng me for some laps before try an overtake, but Eliazer, that was a lot fast and was gaining on us, hit his back, and so after that i had a good gap behind me.... in front of me the guys (Coen Maxim and Werner) were more fast......before pitstop i did also some errors and so i lost again some seconds......another error was that i forgot to watch the pit entry. that one was really a big error, because i was forced to join the pit very slow and so i lost again some seconds.
    After the pit stop i was at ~20 seconds from Werner, but i started to keep a good pace.....in the while Werner had some troubles with tyres, he spun in T1 also and so i pass him.
    In front of me there was Kimmo that was driving at the same pace like me, but he was a lap down, but i didn't force the lapping move because we were at few laps to the end.
    In the last lap i found in front of me Valerio and behind me Bob and they were fighting for the 8th and 7th place.....i was like in a sandwitch, but the race was over!!!!

    thank you all again for the nice championship!!! thank you all the admins of prestogp, racedepartment and thank you mak corp for the mod!!!

    and congratz to Coen, our champion leader and Maxim for the 3rd spot!!! congratz also eliazer and jackob because they were really fast, and congratz to all the guys that race with us in this season!!! cu in the next season!!!! :D
  14. Congratulations with the baby T-man :D Was it a boy or a girl?
  15. Thanks for that, nice move. You didnt loose any places while staying behind, right. I saw blue flag only one's when someone were several laps behind me and then whoever he was I let him lapping me (maybe it was Werner but not sure). If you wanna lapping someone so I've noticed that you must go enough close to car ahead that the blue flag sweep, you should know that.
  16. Thank you all again for the best championship [​IMG] !!!Thank you all the admins of Prestogp, racedepartment[​IMG] Thank you mak corp for the mod(the best mod for all Race Series)[​IMG] [​IMG]

    and congratz to Coen, our champion leader and Mattia for the 2rd spot(you super stable driver [​IMG] )!!!
    Thank you all guys for this championship
    Jakob de Boer
    Nicolas Rouge
    Valerio Vinassa
    Richard Emery
    Werner Van Aswegen
    Olli Hirvonen
    Kurt Kjellin
    Eliezer Bartik
    Alessio Lucchesi
    Joe Isaac
    Anthony Moufarrege
    Kimmo Kokkonen
    Tom Watts
    Cor van der Burg
    Bob Laube
    Wayne Reed
    Chirlie Williams
    Stuart Hendry
    Robert Adair
    Alfonso Clarke
    Paul Crawford
    Philipp Krause
    Romain Gouzon

    P.S I would be happy to once again play with you!
  17. I do hope that the majority of you (ultimatly all of you) will be with us for next season. We hope to learn from this season and make the next one much better in most or all aspects. :)
  18. Congratulations

    FPES Div 2.jpg

  19. Can't wait :)
  20. it was a boy!!! - Jorge