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Season 4 Race 7 Silverstone - Div 2 spesific

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hello guys!

    This thread will be our tool to construct the new and safe Division 2! There will be several changes in front of the Silverstone race, and all of them will be addressed here!

    Most importantly we need to identify who will still be in the league! I got a list of about 20 names or so at home (I'm at work now), but this is how it will work:

    Those who are to continue in the league need to

    a) Be active on the Practice Server. As Joe has mentioned, this can easily be monitored by looking at the times on PrestoGP.com (without proper practice and preparations one cannot be expected to be safe)

    b) Be active in the forum, and in this thread in particular. This can be monitored through everyone giving a "thank you" to this post (without well working communication one cannot expect to learn from mistakes that have happened)

    c) Hand in your race report for the Barcelona race. (shows that you review your own incidents and it helps the stewards greatly in their work)

    Later tonight I will add the list of drivers eligeble with a corresponding "check-list" including the three points just mentioned.

    We will have a lot of focus on race starts in the time comming. Chances are though that we will do a "safety-car" start at Silverstone to ensure that everybody gets a fair chance of actually completing lap 1 :)

    A - B Anthony Moufarrege -100%
    A - B - C - Bob Laube - 83,33%
    A - B - C - Coen Mulder - 100%
    A - B - Cor van der Burg - 50%*
    A - B - C Eliezer Bartik -50%*
    A - B - C - Jakob de Boer - 100%
    A - B - C - Joe Isaac - 100%
    A - B - C Kimmo Kokkonen - 80%
    A - B - C - Kurt Kjellin - 100%
    A - B - C - Mattia Gottardi - 100%
    A - B - Maxim Pautov - 100%
    A - B - C - Nicolas Rouge - 83,33%
    A - B - Richard Emery - 100%
    A - B - Robin Östlund
    A - B - C Stefan Van Schoonhoven - 100%
    A - B - Stuart Hendry - 50%
    A - B - Tom Watts - 100%
    A - B - C - Valerio Vinassa - 100%
    A - B - Wayne Reed - 100%
    A - B - C - Werner van Aswegen - 100%

    A=online lap time B=forum activity C=handed in race report %=Attendance
  2. Hi all,

    I have no problem with solutions a + b + c, it was the way to communicate, but a safety-car start???
    I am getting the feeling that i am racing a junior leaugue... If u cant start a F1 car, why are u driving one??

    U just need practice, if u arent fast enough in practice, u may not compete in race. Thats a better solution i think.
    If we are do a safetycar start, why fight for a pole position?

    At work now, but will get be to this..

    Greetz Coen
  3. I agree with Coen in that I don't really want to see a rolling start although I do appreciate the reason for it.

    It's a difficult one though since telling people to take it easy into T1 is not fool proof.
  4. Rolling Start information from Enduro race:


    Manual Rolling Start Procedure

    Please read closely:
    - Every driver places himself on the grid as usual and waits for the red starting lights to go on and off.
    - When the lights go off the formation lap starts; not the race!
    - The leader starts the formation lap first and then every car simply follows him one by one.
    - The formation lap is driven in a single line.
    - The leader will keep the formation lap at around ~100km/h.
    - The race starts when the leader enters the final turn.
    - No passing is allowed before the start/finish line!!
    - If you spin or go off track, you wait for the whole field to pass and rejoin at the back of the line.
    - Sudden stops, brake tests and excessive swaying are forbidden during the formation lap.

    Tried Rolling starts twice and both times it works very nicely. I believe you also will like it.

    Thanks Nicolai, very good move. So if I still can join so I will be there (don't no if there's some terrible penaltys coming as I'm always complain so much but I cant help myself :redface:).
  5. Ok, but we still need te rely on the mentality of the other drivers....

    If its too hard for some guys to start at normal pace, i quess that driving a consistent speed, angle and the right timing will cause more problems than it will solve.

    I really think that not forfilling the A B C checklist and bad behavoir/result must be the factor that will desicde the outcome.
    And not changing the start regulation in the middle of the season wich the outcome is not sure.

    It wont effect my driving i think, but when changing this rule, it feels like pampering the bad guys and frustrating the good and real drivers.
    Thats mine only bad feeling about this! Its got to be the another way around!

    Sorry for my stubborn opinion, but this will change the league to much for a no good reason.

    No hard feelings for the discision that going to be made, but hope for a consitent and smart solution! :)

    Greetz Coen
  6. I agree with Coen , the good drivers should not be affected by bad behavoir from bad driver
    so i dont think Safty car is going to work, i think there will be even more chance of hitting each other, even the good guys,
    tires temps will drop. I think ABC rule is the best way. it shows your in the game , and want to improve.
    I also vote for harder punishment.exclude from next race. or even league.
  7. After reading Kimmo's post I think that we should at least give this a chance and work our way back to standing start. It would be great to start a race without having to didge a bunch of cars and damage your suspension if not worse.

    Yes there is a mentality that needs changing too but this may make that easier. Sort of meeting each other halfway.

    +1 from me.
  8. I see I scored a B-C :) True. I'd like to practice more but the reality is that currently my work life is demanding a lot more time so I simply can't get onto the servers.

    To make up for it I don't hot lap. I do a series of runs with what race fuel etc and learn the circuit this way. It's one of the reasons I like the practice races. To learn.
  9. Please do not focus too much on the safety car start. It has nothing to do with the process we are going into.

    The process is to change the division to become a fixed set of drivers that show up for the races, communicate with each other and learn to race safely and respectfully together.

    [FONT=&quot]Bottom line is however that whatever we do, come Silverstone in 9 days time, the first time that you all are on the track together again, will we all feel certain that it will be a clean 1st lap? Because if it isn't, it might very well mean the beginning of the end for div 2. I don't think it will survive another blow.Therefore a safety car start could be a life saving "quick fix".
  10. :frown: I am unable to meet criteria C as i was not present at the Barcalona race :frown:

    I have in previous races sent my race reports to the RD as per the norm now, but in this case i have nothing to report :damnit:
  11. hi Fellas

    i have no problem with the safety car start if it makes us all get through lap 1 safely & have an enjoyable race then im all for it , afterall this is what we are all here for.
  12. After last nights disasterous practise race (I can't seem to do consistant laps - keep loosing the car) I have decided to pull out of the Silverstone race.

    It's not just about last nights poor performance but also that I have a serious amount of work to get done along with being away for the weekend so I won't have the time to parctise and improve.

    I'm not sure when my work load will diminish. We have the world's most impossible deadline and I keep being interrupted with other problems. What all that means is that I might have to pull out of a few of the upcoming races alltogether :(

    PS: Jakob, I'll still get your skin out before the race but after that I am taking a sabatical.
  13. hi guys

    after lap one safety lab what's to say t1 is not going to be a problem still!!!

    t1 is never a problem for me as i always start from the back of the pack, but you can almost garauntee moving up a few spots in the grid as many drivers have no courtesy at all and try to win the race on the first lap!

    i have prity much finished each race this season, no podiums but still enjoyable as i am still learning! i always try to give way to the faster drivers and just concentrate on getting to the end.

    sorry if i have ruined anyones's race but i don't think i have

    remember although it is a competition we are trying to have fun with this as a hobby!!!

    see you all at the british gp!!!
  14. Same go for a few others. When you have acheived A (as you already have B), then you'll turn bold :rolleyes: so to speak, just like Cor and Robin.
  15. A - B - C Kimmo Kokkonen - 80%

    So still missing 20%, so cool. I did my best but it seems that it's not enough this time so no can do :wink:. Hope I have better luck with Istanbul then :redface:.
  16. You know the % is attendance, right? 4 out of 5 races, I think it was the Melbourne race you missed. But 80% is very good as well :D
  17. Ok :)
  18. Sad to hear Werner, you are one of the core members with a 100% attendance, always write race reports and are active on the forum. On the other hand, when real life demands your time then there is little more to do than respect your decition. It is better to do it this way I think than to say nothing, show up for the race unprepared and whatever might follow that. I do hope that your work will demand less in the future and that we'll see you on the track soon again Werner. You are very imortant to the group as you always have some funny comments in the forum and are always nice and curtious to others!
  19. Okay, so I have an impossible deadline and I really should have been working late tonight BUT... well... My name is Werner and I am a drive-a-holic :f1:

    Did a few laps around Silverstone and though I spun a few times I managed some good long runs with race fuel and a competitive quali lap. And not even once did I flip the car over :)

    I feel confident enough that, if I am able and there is still space left, I might join in tomorrow evening.

  20. ?? tomorrow ??