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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)


Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    have a good fun :)
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  2. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Today i learned my comeback pace is ok but conistancy is terrible gotta work on driving with worn tires for next race but it was fun experience racing with you guys the parts i stayed on the road
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  3. Blauweke


    a 1:35:223 i'm pretty sure it was, that time was my first real hotlap, i got another decent chance at the end but i spun it. disappointing.
    Race 1:
    i started P14, but by the end of lap 1 i had already gona down to last, cause i lost it and damaged my riht rear suspension. from there on my rar was really unstable, i would make up some groud but the my rear end didn't quite agree and threw me off the track.
    Then there was also the incident wen david tried to lap me. can't believe that happened.

    Race 2:
    I got to start p4, so i didn't wanna bottle it in the first lap, but i was being way to careful. i was p7 out of turn 1 and p15 by lap 2. then again went off and all my suspensions apart from my front right, wich caused lots of instability and a slow car, so i decided to retire

    Well, i guess that's what you get when you do 250 laps of full throttle laps, and don 't worry about race pace. now i have to figure out how singapore works. oh dear.

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  4. Kyran Parkin

    Kyran Parkin
    The Pitlane King

    I'll do a proper fancy report tomorrow since I'm a mess after that. :x3: I don't think I've had to push that hard in a race before. Absolutely soaked, that was incredible! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  5. Cosimo


    This is what I had signed up for. Thanks PrestoGP!

    R1: What a mess I made
    R2: What a fantastic race! Strategy coming alive! Finished in P5, but could have been better if I hadn't been pushed off the track at least once.

    Longer report coming when I get a chance to take a look at the replay.
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  6. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Quali: 10th but my best time

    Race1:Monza is not my prefferred race instead it's been a nice run and I had a fun:) there was always a racer to reach or run away from another ,a few meetings there was from start to the end Johannes, Anton, Francisco and other so with this guys fights every place here is good for an attempt so mandatory I push for my best and no mistake some light slip maybe so Im happy for mine race.

    Race2: pulled down the visor and at start great confidence resulting from race1 a bit of laps and Im in 4th place someone spin front me lift feet and avoid but back me Artyom we were just after Lesmo2 at Serraglio him pass me after Ascari Im back him at middle Parabolica I can use DRS my tyres are close close to white stripe usually left a bit bit a feet lost some thenth and stay on track this time me no feet at floor so sand and then barriers result damage left suspension and I did all the race with 15degrees on left that is nice for turn at left but no good for right turn:D at pit lost time for repair the paint:D( I think) but not the suspensions:mad: so again on track with wheel at 15degrees but was fun anyhow meet Johannes with a long pressure and some fight until race end.

    Congratulations to the winners and all us:thumbsup:
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  7. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Qualifying - 1st :)

    what a time to set a PB, very happy with the lap.

    Race 1 - 3rd :(

    Lost a place to Kyran at the start but could stay with him easy enough and just had to wait for a mistake, it ended up coming very early and I was into the lead and built a big gap for it all to be ruined by the incident with Tom at turn 1, was absolutley gutted this happened, a clear win taken away from me so close to the end. I got the head down and managed to pull a place back to end up on the podium but it wasnt much consolation I'm afraid :(

    Race 2 - 3rd :(

    Started well and kept out of peoples way until the first Lesmo when I was knocked off track into the gravel, took ages to recover and was back where I started in last place :( some good passes and others misfortune and I was back up challenging for the win with Martin Bulgin, Cosimo Streppone and April Dillon in front, I felt I had a great chance to win race 2 as well, I was coming up fast on Martin for 3rd place and felt with DRS I had managed to get by him into Ascari, I left loads of room just incase but he bumped me off track and into a spin, again I was gutted, all the places and passes I'd made gone in a second and I was now in 8th miles behind the leaders. The rest of the race was damage limitation for me, I clawed my way back to 3rd place in the end but again it wasnt much consolation when I couldve been looking at 2 race wins and back at the top of the championship :(

    These things happen and unfortunatly I was on the receiving end of some bad luck tonight, Hopefully that changes for the next races, I wont hold anything against anyone as mistakes happen, just lets try be a bit more carefull next time, Incidents are never good but their even worse when they cost someone a race win from such a commanding position while lapping.

    Grats to all finishers and podium places, see you all at Singapore which should be alot easier.......bah who am I kidding :D
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  8. Kyran Parkin

    Kyran Parkin
    The Pitlane King

    Screw it, I'm doing this now!

    Qualifying: 2nd.
    I was very pleased with this one! Had time for another lap but I fell off exiting the first Lesmo, was about 0.2s up through sector 1. A case of what could have been.

    Sprint: 2nd. :unsure:
    I slightly screwed that one up... Got a great initial launch, managed to edge ahead of David and lead into turn one. Tried to hold him off but the MDF package with DRS enabled was extremely strong. Eventually I tried a bit too hard into della Roggia and locked the rear axle. Frantically recovered into fourth and set my sights on catching Nicolas.

    After Martin dropped a wheel in the gravel it allowed us both by, with David running away it turned into a three-way duel for second. I got close several times but quickly discovered my car was not handling the turbulent air very well. I made a similar error to Martin at the same area of the circuit which allowed him past. It didn't take too long for Martin to slip by Nicolas, and shortly after he then went wide through the Lesmos allowing me to take third.

    Managed to stay close to Martin and was surprised to see David in a barrier at turn one. This was now for the victory! I did my best to keep up but Martin had just enough to keep me at bay. Close!

    Feature: 2nd. :confused::confused::confused::confused:
    Started fifteenth, very quickly got shuffled to last. Decided to be super conservative and boy did it pay off. I ended lap one in ninth place after plenty of people lost their bottle or got bottled. The LDF package allowed me to slice my way through the field effectively. Got up to third and readied my attack on Sami and April, only for them to both make mistakes and clear the path for me. How nice of them! :p

    Started gapping April, to a point. I was pleasantly surprised to see the gap stabilize for several laps. I was extremely lucky after I dropped a wheel on the grass in the Parabolica, managed to Tokyo Drift myself into a lateral impact and avoid any damage. Looking back at it, it cost me about six seconds. (Somebody got lucky... ;):D)

    This little off also allowed April back past. Knowing she was running the LDF package as well meant I had a reduced advantage on the straights. I got really close several times but eventually stuck one up the inside into della Roggia and retook the lead. A short yet sweet tussle.

    Pitted at the end of lap 17, rejoined just ahead of April who pitted before me. No undercut for you! Realized that those ahead of me were going to the end which meant I'd really need to push if I wanted to even get a podium...


    ...and push I absolutely did. I reeled in the no-stoppers and took their positions without second thought! Once I'd gotten back into second the gap to Artyom was about thirteen seconds. By the end of the race it was just over a second. I can honestly say I gave it my absolute all. I probably lost weight from all the perspiration. In hindsight that little excursion at Parabolica probably cost me a victory, but hey-ho that's racing! He drove exceptionally well on those tyres to maintain a strong enough pace and his victory is well deserved! :)

    I'm used to finishing third all the time, finishing second all the time is a nice change... :x3:

    See you all at Singapore. :cool: (Oh god why pls no)
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2016
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  9. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Also complete noob question.
    But i just reinstalled rfactor 2, and it seems to be different than it used to be so I have no clue how to acces my race replay so i can relive the thrilling crashes and also it helps me quite abit to see where i do make mistakes in driving.
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  10. Replays moved to a tab in options when you start the single player mode. It's a weird place for them, I know... :p
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  11. jego


    Q: this went as expected, had not had much time to practice this track.

    I will write up the report later, what I can say now already tho is that I'm glad this track has so few turns, my concentration was so bad on any other track I wold have crashed out hard....
    My mind kept on wondering of, I had to turn off all HUD as I kept looking at it. Also at around half way through the second race I kept on thinking that my left foot was on the clutch not the break :)
    Very strange
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  12. I made the intelligent decision to change my setup an hour before qualifying to one provided by @Kyran Parkin. I knew it was better immediately, but I think I suffered for that in race 1... Oops. It only really became beneficial in race 2, after I'd actually gotten used to it properly.

    I guess I'm lucky I was somewhat on my own for the end of race 2. I used the brake duct I picked for an MDF kit on an LDF setup. But of course, what happens when you have lower minimum corner speeds and higher straight line speeds? The brakes do more decelerating. Especially because it has to pick up the slack from reduced drag (the only time drag is ever good!). My FL brake failed entering T1 on the final lap. Oops. :D

    Had a great battle with the new kid on the block @Sami Pesari, however. Absolutely the highlight of the evening for me!

    His lunge on me into chicane #2
    My lunge on him into Parabolica

    Can't wait to do it all again. :D
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  13. Because I never ever was fast in Monza I was very happy with P3 in Q :D
    David was unbeatable anyway ... who scared me with his speed :thumbsup:

    In R1 I had great moments with Kyran, but P1 results only of the bad luck of David.

    R2 started good and I was able to reach P6 in the first some laps, closed up to the top group.
    But then I got pushed and end up in the gravel.
    At the end I had some good race moments with Francisco :thumbsup:
    So finally P7 ...
    Grats to podiums :thumbsup:
    Thx to organizers :thumbsup:
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