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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    hope low level:)

    edit ops RACE 4
    you can fix David? Thanks
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  2. jego


    I cant recall anything big now from race one. I will watch the replay again tho.

    Race two was very short for me, I was little slow out of T1 but managed to close up to the pack in-front by the next chicane. In turn 9 tho, someone spun infront and it ended taking out quite a lot of cars. I think no one was to blame for it, however I have not seen the replay and just saw two cars slide into each other and start a big crash. I was flipped over, went to the pit to get it fixed... however it did not really fix it and I gave up as my top speed was not going over 170km and the car drove very unstable.
    David sorry for the bump we had after that, at the start straight. I wanted to go to the pit and you probably wanted to overtake me on the outside, however I though you are also heading for the pit so I was not paying attention to you. Sorry.
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  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    done :)
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  4. Cosimo


    Same here. I got collected in the same accident (lap 1 I believe), had light damage and flatspotted my tyres. Can't really blame anybody for it. Seemed a race accident, though it would be great to see much more caution on lap 1. During the practice starts I have been dive-bombed in T1 almost every time. Anyway, my strategy was zero pit stops, and I kept at it. Was tough, but made it to P8 in the end. Couldn't keep up with Steve, Ignazio, David and Kyran.
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  5. This time I was lucky (compared to Hockenheim..) and managed to zig-zag through the mayhem on lap 1, but I think we need to improve a lot on this! So many serious first lap-incidents are not ok.

    No incident reports for me this time :)
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  6. Kyran Parkin

    Kyran Parkin
    The Pitlane King

    Nothing to report from race one except exiting La Source. Heiko got loose and spun around and I couldn't avoid, a simple racing incident. It certainly made the race much more exciting for me having to fight back. :D

    Race two I had to avoid two spun cars before T1. Not too sure what happened there. Exiting Malmedy on the same lap I came across a multi-car incident. Looked like light contact which quickly turned into a chain reaction. I attempted to avoid but Anton had nowhere else to go and we made contact side on. I didn't lift expecting to slip past without trouble which unfortunately didn't work. I think we were all a bit unlucky with that one, though I will apologize to Anton since I was in the wrong there. Rest of the race went smoothly, a few light taps but that's racing. :p

    EDIT: ooh I forgot the contact in the Bus Stop with David. Seemed you locked a brake and veered left so I can't hold that against you, we were racing mightily hard. You even slowed down and let me past, true racing respect there so thank you! :D

    Enjoyed this one. Good to be back. :cool:
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  7. Race 1

    1) Okay, some of you guys seriously need to pick better places to rejoin the track after going off... There's a right hand kink approaching Eau Rouge where the normal racing line has cars moving to the right, creating a great opportunity to rejoin safely. But cutting over the exit curb, where others are... Well, exiting T1? Not a good idea. Johannes and Kyran had the right idea here. Had contact with Anton Valle when he rejoined while it wasn't clear, and Heiko Kolvenbach and @Juan Palacios both managed to criss-cross in front of Ruben Paez when they rejoined.

    Normally these incident reports are for our own personal incidents, but... I dunno, this bugged me. :p

    There was another later at Les Combes when @Steve Combey joined in front of Francisco Valle Gonzalles, who evaded straight into me and took all three of us off into the sand. And all because of one unsafe rejoin.

    2) A bump from behind by Ruben Paez approaching T1 on lap 1 propelled me forwards enough that I couldn't quite avoid tapping @Steve Combey's RR corner.

    Race 2

    1) @Juan Palacios spun right in front of me into the final chicane at the end of lap 1, had to evade and risk surprising everyone behind me. Easy mistake to make, especially when trying an overtake. Just bad timing, I guess.

    2) A bump from Anton Valle in Rivage on lap 7 put my two lefts on the grass. I thought I held my line around the outside well enough here?

    3) Got pushed from behind by @Blauweke into Pouhon om Lap 9, I think he got surprised by the difference between HDF and MDF at this corner. Gave the position back, so not too worried. :)

    4) My mistake here, I touched the apex curb and spun right in front of @David Turnbull and @Kyran Parkin. Probably a surprise you guys don't need after those early laps. :redface:

    5) Not a specific incident, but I think I saw some track limit issues with @Blauweke? Not sure if you gained any time from them, but I'm sure I recall watching you extend Pouhon in my mirrors a couple of times.

    Phew... This was an eventful one.
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  8. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Race 1 I dont remember incidents

    Race 2
    lap1 me and @Tom Lombaerts
    lap2 me and @Ignazio Pinella
    we can say that they are accidents of race, but a little more attention;)
    lap4 me and @Tom Lombaerts
    sorry Tom I thought you were more far
  9. Race 1
    Lap 1 : A lot of people at Les Combes. @Steve Combey took my left rear and made me spun. My track re-entry was not the best I made..

    Lap 4 : I had to slow at les Combes to avoid drivers that had slowed down because of @Blauweke spin. I touched @Juan Palacios a little but was hit hard from behind by Francisco Valle Gonzalles

    Race 2
    Lap 1 : mess at the bus stop, ran lightly into @Blauweke and @Artyom Aslamazyan was skilled enough to avoid me, passing me on the left
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  10. Blauweke


    I did extend quite a few times, but i don't think i gained any time? when you extend like that you're just travelling a larger distance, plus the rear tends to slie out a little bit.
  11. Blauweke


    First incident, i didn't see the spin ahead, so i didn't expect you to slow down at all.My fault.
    Second incident i slightly misjudged my braking point, i ment to take more of an inside line. Racing incident i suppose.
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  12. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    ill get my incidents out the way first before i get onto anyone else's later tonight.

    race 1, no incidents to report

    race 2, incidents with kyran

    bus stop, exactly as you describe, i braked very hard, the rear end started to go and i veered left into your path, very sorry about that, as you say we were fighting hard and with my hdf setup i had to try take the chances in the corners, this time i was much too late and caused the problem.

    second incident was at t1, cant remember what lap but i ran into your rear, again braking very hard i locked up and gave you a smack, my fault again but you kept the position and i half spun so all ended up fine.

    track extending at pouhon, i had a few when following kyran closely, anytime i made up ground on him by going wide i lifted well before les fanges to give the time back.

    this shows that if theres no time gain then no need for a lift, you can tell by the gap between me and kyran, second part shows i had a big time gain that couldve enabled me to attack into les fanges, so i lifted to give that time back.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2016
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  13. Blauweke


    This one definetely went alot better than last race, i only had minor incidents with other people that didnt even cause damage to their cars, so i'm happy
    Race 1
    Lap 3: was on the inside of Pinella, but ran wide and made slight contact twice. I spun, he had slight trouble keeping his car under control but it seemed to work out for him.
    Race 2
    Lap 1: I was slipstreaming off' parkin's car and when we arrived in the braking zone, i was confident i could move to the left to get on the racing line, but turns out i hadn't fully passed @Anton Valle Gonzalez yet, so i pushed him into the grass, wich caused lots of position loss for him. sorry!

    Lap 10: Pretty much the same thing as the race 1 indicident, went on parkin's inside, went wide and made contact, i spun, he was fine.
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  14. :)
    I think you are wrong, it happened with Francisco Valle Gonzalez (there are two Valle gonzalez in race so is an easy mistake). I advise you that you should not be confident when you try to overtake him...;):D

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  15. Yes, sorry about that Nicolas, it was horrible. I was trying my best to get un-snagged but it made no difference in the end. Sorry mate.

    Aside from that, I got roughed up quite a bit myself. I am not aware of any more incidents that I was at fault in.

    The most serious was lap 2 R1 I think, I played russian roulette with a flying car and I got the bullet! Ruben Paez. Not much you can do once your in the sky but I think the reason that car went in the sky to begin with - on a straight - was a little unnecessary and easily avoided. That screwed my race anyway.

    I'm a big fan of Mika Hakkinen, I did a practice race on the night before the race we're going down the straight after Eau Rouge and to my indescribable joy I see a carbon copy RF2 simulation unfolding of this! 2 MDF cars and Zonta with the HDF, and I am playing the role of Hakkinen!

    It was an amazing co-incidence, and I'm thinking well it's only a practice race, I will permit myself on this occasion to try a bit too hard on the brakes and make sure I make this move stick and show Schumacher how it is is done! This will be a replay to keep forever! So I braked so damn late that schumacher was cooked, and then I found out I do not have the skill of Hakkinen as I wiped out into Schumacher like the rank amatuer that I am and created messy accident! :redface:

    So I admit with a famous schumacher-zonta-hakkinen replay in mind I did it myself, I flipped the hero/zero card it hit a zero! And it was a mess. But I have the sense not to do that normally and especially in league races, because I like to finish races!

    I am very much enjoying the season, and I do not think I am 100% innocent myself but overwhelmingly I am finding a lot of incoming fire coming in and I am getting raw end of the deal, not just at Spa but ongoing now and in practice races too, a lot of silly things happening often with same drivers with disastrous consequences that are really easy to avoid. :)

    See you at Monza :cool:
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  16. No problem mate.
    when i saw spun cars ahead and yellow flags I lift throttle pedal. when I had to change my direction to avoid the collision i knew that you were very close to me, but i hoped not at my side.
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  17. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Incident 1 - Tom goes in too hot but I think also Vale slows as he sees an incident up ahead, Tom should wait and return the place back to Vale. Racing Incident
    Incident 2 - There is a lot of movement from all cars except Vales coming upto bus stop, Juan obviously thinks Vale is further behind than he actually is. Rfactor2 mirrors sometimes make these things slightly awkward, if in doubt leave extra space.
    Incident 3 - Tom goes massively wide at Pouhon enabling him to be so close into Les Fanges chicane, I dont see much Vale can do differently there was space on the inside. Racing Incident.

    Incident 1 - All is good on the straight but into Les Combes there is an ever decreasing gap for Steve due to circumstances ahead Nicolas has to slow and go wider than he wouldve liked, this effectively closes the door on Steve. The next part is the worst for me, once contact is made with Nicolas rear wheel Steve needs to back out, but carries on the pass off track and spins Nic around. The best course of action here for Steve is to wait for Nicolas to rejoin and give the place back, at no time was the move on legally in my view.
    Incident 2 - The first part of this incident is unavoidable, the circumstances ahead happen too quick to react to, Francisco has the best view and couldve maybe taken avoiding action but things all happened quick at a fast corner so a normal Racing Incident
    Incident 3 - Again an unavoidable series of events caused by an incident mentioned in Vales report, Racing Incident.

    Incident 1 - With 3 a breast on Kemmel straight you should pick your lane and stay in it until braking is over, I see this as you fighting with the car on the left you made 1 move to steal a tow from Kyran and then 1 move to cover the car on the left, our rules and real life rules are the same in that you can only change lane once to defend a position.
    Incident 2 - Tom should try slot in behind Kyran as Les Combes is a fast (ish) corner trying to outbrake someone from so far back is very difficult as seen in the video, Racing Incident as you seemed to cause your own problem here.

    Incident - Very unfortunate series of events, the crash ahead happened quickly and you took the best avoiding action you could, unfortunatly the other car was there. Racing Incident


    The main thing I will try to get across to everyone is the need to learn from mistakes and to give the places back if you cause an incident, if after a period of time the other guy hasnt passed then carry on your race and deal with it later here but the most important thing is you try to at least give the place back to the person you disadvantage, this is only fair and its what we expect everyone to do in PrestoGP this then hopefully gets us in a position where we dont need to apply penalties to anyone.

    I've only dealt with the videos in this thread, if theres any more that are needing looked at then let me know.
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