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Season 12 Race 2 Melbourne Setup Thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Time to start this thread. Haven't yet made a single lap (game is on, going to do some spins right away..) but if i recall right, even with the long straights higher wings than you might think were better. After my run i'll do quick track inspection, again from memory, there weren't anything unusual about the track, just one road material used everywhere and no odd bumbs.
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  2. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    heres a start, its from last time, im manageing to get very close to the same times with the same setup, ill start making changes soon and post them when i do :thumbsup:

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  3. Medium downforce, i think. Fast rebound rear shocks need to be lower than usual, there is a LOT of curb hopping, you need those rear tires to lower back to ground as fast as possible..

    Nothing more to report, surface is smooth, No extra materials, just road and rumble, both at default grip (1.00). Wet grip at 0.75, attrition 15.. All default values, except wet grip which is lower than usual (that bit of info is for Daniel ; )

    Any metric unit drivers out there? It's a bit hard to follow MPH when you have never in your life used them...
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  4. 100% metric here too :)

    This isn't an entirely metric country I live in. But when I'm modding cars in rF2/R07, that's all in metric units. Length in meters, temperatures in celsius/kelvin, speed in m/s, mass in kg, inertia in kg·m2, etc.

    I also use km/h in game, because it's an easy conversion. 3.6km/h to 1m/s

    Anyway, thanks for the info on the track, it's good to know these things :D
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  5. Yup, gMotor2 is entirely metric.. Except.. Track length has to be expressed in miles for Race07, for some odd reason.. It's only the length showing on track selection menu, but it is an oddity..
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Nelson Ullinskey

    Nelson Ullinskey
    Premium Member

    As an American, I actually find our system quite weird. In Race 07, I always use the metric system but because I was raised on the US system, I usually use that in life... Curse my childhood teachings :p
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  8. It's also freaking easy to use in heated arguments.. As an Internet citizen, it is quite absurd that those same units of measurement are in most videos, movies and articles so rest of the world has no idea what is going on sometimes... Pisses me off and i start trolling cause it just don't make any sense not to change. And i know that there are plenty of Americans that are ready to change, people that don't see it as english crown suppressing something. But yeah, going to politics and that's a big no no here, sorry.. See, i got heated writing few sentences :confused:
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  9. After a few test tonight, here is the best reslut i got. At first i was using 22/23 wings, which is low compare to David's 24/27 (who can go 1:36:8, and even lower i'm pretty sure). So i tried raising wings but was not able to improve my old PB, 1:37:6xx. Then i try opposite way, lowering to 20/21 and got that as result: 1:37:184. I'm very close to a cut at the 5th gear left hander corner, entering S3, but wheels are still ON the white line. :O_o:

    Still a few small mistakes where i can gain some hundrenth, but i doubt i will ever beat that.:(

    Anyway, here is my setup for those who are curious about a different setup approach. :thumbsup::)



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  10. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    just noticed guus has topped the time sheets for melbourne, nice one guus :thumbsup:

    try post up a setup and video if possible, helps if a few of us do it, instead of just always one or two, everybodys setup will be diffrent and it will help alot of people if they have more to choose from ;)
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  11. Peter Windsor and Rob Wilson, T1-4:

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  12. setup was yours, only changed steering lock. Very nice setup:thumbsup: There are some more tenths to be gained
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  13. Qualy is going to somewhere around 1:39 for me, as usual, stupidly slow, race about 1 sec slower, that's the goal at least... Davids setup with minor modifications. Caster seemed to be the key issue for me, i was getting "one leg in the air" feeling after apex that tended to escalate with rather low diff lock, i lowered caster with one full step (8 to 7, i think), one click stiffer power diff and it settled a bit better without any need to touch balance further. Small problem and small solution, took me a while to see what i can do. Setup was otherwise very good, suits me well with high front arb. It's a bit sad that there really is very little one can do to these cars, just drop everything softer and that's almost it. Would like to have much more control but grip is too precious, chassis is sooo slow settling down..

    Left with positive feeling, which seem to affect my pace more than any setup or laps.. Better to enjoy practice than frustrating before the race. When it's race time, memories of poor practice sessions tend to come alive pushing all the good ones out: frustration before the race is a game breaker..
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  14. (Sorry to go off topic and for British citizens, please understand I really am just kidding :) )

    ROTFL as a scientist I totally agree with the logic of the metric system and use it daily in my professional work. The metric system was made legal in the US, but not mandatory in 1896. While not defending the "unique" US system of standard measures, take quick look at the some of the intuitive measures in the British Imperial System of standard measures.

    For example:

    chain "The distance between the two wickets on a cricket pitch" = 22 yards huh???
    link "1/100 of a chain"
    rod The rod is also called pole and equal to 5.5 yards
    perch 1 rod × 1 rod
    rood 1 furlong × 1 rod = The rood is 1,210 square yards. (however it is not square since a furlong is 220 yards) I think it's the only non symmetric standard unit of area measure in the universe :)
    gill (gi) = 142.0653125 ml
    fluid scruple = 1.18387760416 ml
    fluid drachm = 3 fluid scruples 3.5516328125 ml
    drachm (dr) = 1.7718451953125 gm
    stone (st) 14 pounds
    hundredweight (cwt) = 8 stone

    Makes the American system seem downright simple :) While further investigation is necessary, I'm pretty sure the American Revolution was not really caused by the objection to taxation without representation, but because no one wanted to divide the country into 220 yard x 5.5 yard segments....
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  15. ok heres a video of my quickest so far, a 1:36.6. Still davids setup

    I lost the rear a bit under braking for the tight corner before the back straight, which made me cut it. I probably gained some time there but not sure because I went on the throttle late. Second to last corner I kind of screwed up. Still some time to be gained but its very hard to string it together around this track
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  16. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    i think it probably did make you quite a bit of time guus, when the cut happens onto a straight that time is carried for quite a distance too, but... im not complaining about it, its a good lap and we all got away with small cuts and wides at imola so well done. i aim to beat it soon :D (if i dont that last sentence might mysteriously be edited)
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  17. I am not complaining either, but strictly speaking the lap should be deleted. Or even better, aborted in the first place so that I don't have to go through the troubble :)

    The general rule is that drivers are themselves responsible for their p.b. being according to rules. If by accident the best thing is to try to beat it with a legal lap, if not let me know and I'll delete it.

    I hope everybody who are in the same situation will let me know :thumbsup:
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  18. Can't go any faster with David's setup (1:40.070) am I missing something cause my steering wheel is acting strange :p
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  19. Compared to default SimBin setup, it feels a bit different. All open wheelers so far have been fastest with the softest setup possible, for ex SimBin default has 25 as rebound values.. We are using 10. It's not huge but it's a bit softer around the middle of steering, you need to load tires more to get the same response and the response is not as "peaky" but "round", if that helps (note, speculation, not a proven fact..)
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  20. Yes found some changes, pb already beaten ;) tnx!
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