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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    brake, fuel, tires, all OK? we can start. oops I forget water, mandatory in the desert:D
    good race all guys
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  2. Mediocre and short race. Qualy went OKis, didn't do PB. On light fuel it felt restless, i need to do some qualy runs in the future to get some confidence.

    Race: :( Start was ok and had very VERY tight fighting with Valerio. I have to look at the replay, there were so much going on everywhere. Hanged on in defensive role around P15 to P17. Good battles, very close. Then had two longer than expected brakes with Alberto ahead. Third one was too much: just barely missed grip limits and went in to huge lockup. Lost all concentration so embarrassed. Had to do some brake tests to get confidence back. I had noticed all around that i most likely brake too light and then when going gets tough and you go by instinct, pedal goes deeper and deeper until lockup. Need to concentrate on braking, at Suzuka i had very comfortable brakes.. Could be that it suits light braking a lot more. A look at MoTec data is a must, i need to see if i press at 100% and how long (don't worry David, not gonna use magnifying glass, just a general look over the race.)

    Lap by lap started to increase pace, rear tires were a bit warm and rear slided a bit. Not too much, it was ok to drive still... Then had Donald Trump HUGE freeze. Black screen for eternity, my finger on ESC.. Fortunately i was last at that point but that kind of freeze is critical.

    Most likely it's time to take graphics card out and blow out the dust from it. I'll add a fan controller tweak to make it rev up a bit more, the fan is still in good shape.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2013
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  3. Half and half race for me. First half, awesome. Very close racing with Kennett, Valerio, Bob... Had an incident with Kennett but no big damage, and I was still near other cars.

    Then I requested pits (1 stopper), and I must have done it too close so the crew was not ready, because the tyre change took FOREVER. Came out about 10 s behind the last car (well, no, the last was me), and a real pity because I had a very similar pace and without the pit problem I would have for sure fought some more.

    Regardless of the kind of boring last half, this was my first race where I truly raced for many laps. Already impatient for the next one :thumbsup:
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  4. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Very bad race for me considering I had a good pace this time in practice.

    Q: Second lap was allright and p3 was a bit better than expected

    R: First couple of laps were really bad. Felt like very low grip also with very light forcefeedback for some reason. Even did a restart before the race to get the right feeling back in, but wasn't changing.
    On the second lap David touched my rear when we went side by side into the hairpin. According to the replay I left enough room, so not much more i can do there.
    But since he lets me back through no harm done, and tough luck for both of us.

    At some point the feeling was getting to the place it used to be with the car, but I had used my tyres more than intended already and the last couple of laps of the stint were bad as well, also with a too big gap to the top 4.

    Second stint started good until I reached Reik, then it was just the question when and if I could go past. This took quite a while since Reik tryed to brake on the latest moments, but atleast I made it past at some point. Still also reached Guus at the end, but race was already over :(

    -> q: 3rd / r: 4th

    Very dissappointed, as this could have been very good with a free track.
    I hope this doesn't end the same way every race now after having that much luck at Spa in the beginning.

    Good job on the lapping manouvers again today; this is really working good this season :)

    see you guys next time
    I hope I get somewhat enough practice in, this will be a tight schedule for me the next 2 weeks :confused:
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  5. I try! Thank you.
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  6. This all went better than expected :) I did not have a lot of practice and judging by the laptimes on the website I figured I would be quite a bit off the pace of the quickest guys. In qualy I had a decent lap, first time this season and on the track I would least expect it since more than half of my laps in practice had been very rough. It put me on 2nd place behind Sean. Because I expected the front runners to be quicker than me, I decided to go with low wings with the idea the hold them up as long as I could.
    My start was worse than expected, I usually get great starts but this one sucked. Then I had a very bad 1st sector which allowed sean to get out of reach. To my suprise my pace was very similar to what the others were doing. Up until the pitstops I was running a few seconds behind Sean. I pitted later than Reik and David behind me and I was very slow going into the pits, this caused me to end up right behind Reik and David who were battling. After a few attempts I managed to get past Reik when he made a little mistake on the exit of the 1st chicane. I stayed in 3rd for the rest of the race, in the end when my tyres were going I had Dino knocking at my door but my lower wings made sure he couldnt get past

    very happy with 3rd, did not expect it from practice and I had a great race with very little mistakes :D I would probably have finished 2nd If I hadnt screwed up my pitstop so thats my only complaint

    Grats Sean and David and thanks all for racing, see you next time:thumbsup:
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  7. Uploading now :thumbsup:
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  8. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q more than1sec from my pb:redface:
    R very nice and fun battles with Alberto and Kennett in first laps great guys,now front me Valter between 3 and 5sec always same gap until mine pit a bit of solitary laps and after second pit I was behind Bob Laube so is started a nice great fight until Bob spin I tried to avoid him but we had a little contact but no damage gained a position but Eliezer was too far and few laps to go, however, it was fun.

    Congratulations Sean David Guus and all guys:thumbsup:

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  9. Would it be useful if we name the next "setup" thread as "setup and training".. It could be more oriented towards practice but still server as the main setup thread.
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  10. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 4th

    wasnt pleased at the time at all with bob, his smoking car pretty much ruined my attempt in the first 2 sectors, id waited till the last minute to leave the pits for 1 run, managed to find a gap that was more than sufficient or so i thought, couldnt believe it when i started seeing smoke at turn 3, my concentration was gone, managed to still get to 4th on the grid and i knew i could pass here so my mood changed for the better back in chat, bob apologised and alls good, its a lesson for us though, 1 hotlap with radiator 1 :)

    race - 2nd

    started well enough, held position and followed dino, had an attempt he defended well then we had our incident on lap 2, i was back in 6th after this with loosing a couple of positions letting dino back past, managed to pull these back again though with some good racing and passing, thoroughly nerve wracking first stint because i felt i was well out of position, after the pit and the pass on reik i felt more comfortable and could try catch sean, he obviously took it easy the last few laps and he had a decent lead, still feel i missed a win here with the qual problems and the incident with dino but to go into the half way point leading the championship is beyond anything i imagined, time to get the head down and practise hard for part 2 :) grats sean on your 3rd win of the season, grats guus for a good performance and to everyone else for the great racing.

    cya all at watkins glen :)

    anyone brave enough to try 1/1 wing? :roflmao:
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  11. David, on Lap16 it was not a 'lapped' car, it was me at the end of my 1st stint on worn tyres. :ninja: There was no sense to defend my position, because I was going to the pits in the end of Lap16 and you guys were really much faster.
    Nice race report, it was interesting to watch it! :thumbsup:
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  12. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    sorry alex :thumbsup:

    thanks :)
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  13. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats podium and all finishers!

    Q 15. Glad to have the car still in one piece.

    R 13
    One stop, 90/85 liters. Home brew setup.

    Kurt and I began driving parallell slalom. Most fun in a long time. Then Kurt had a bit of bad luck and he lost me. It could have gone on for the whole evening if it had not been for that unfortunate spin. After that Valerio followed me like a hound for a very long time. Thx mate, you kept it alive. A few solitary laps after pitstop. Then Nicolas came in sight in my mirrors. For many laps I could keep him behind. But in the end he proved to be the better man, and he passed me some laps before finish. This was a top race for a driver of my capability. I din't have to see the blue flags :).

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, RD and all you drivers for a nice race.
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  14. I promise it will not happen again, David

    Q: im was the smoker :(

    R:it was a beautiful race with two magnificent fight
    e.g. with Vale and Nicolai.
    Unfortunately, I have again a spin at the circuit,
    had shortly after the last curve and
    thus Bob Miley brought to its finish.:(
    I'm very sorry Bob Miley

    Congratulations Sean David Guus and all guys:thumbsup:

    CYA at next Event
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  15. BTW, i left pits 30 seconds after green flag and managed to do 1 outlap, one attempt that i ditched and one hotlap. Just about had enough time to do a second attempt, there were not many seconds left. It was very easy to find space just by leaving pits late even when i had to let David past. I monitored the trackmap and i could see that there were gonna get problems with traffic amongst the early ones and trying to get enough space happened very very late.

    I was the last (i think) of 2 hotlappers that crossed the line.

    On tracks where expected qualy times are 10 seconds slower, in 1:40 ranges, time to leave pits is 1 minute after green. On tracks that are close to 2 minutes, you can possibly make two attempts but you have to leave early. Just thought to share that tidbit, maybe it helps on timing the pit exit right. If your gonna try one attempt, leave after this time limit. That should give 30 seconds worth of track to get clear space..
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  16. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Such is the standard these days it's amazing how fast you have to drive to finish 10th:rolleyes:

    I won't bore you all with the details of my race but I must give a big shout out to... Alex:thumbsup:, Anthony:D, Vincenzo:) and Nicolai:inlove: for making it intense great fun:cool:

    See you at Watkins (love that place)

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  17. No problem Bob, my reactions are pathetic and I hit you just as I realised you were there. I would of carried on but damage not repairable came over the airwaves.
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  18. Q 11th
    R 12th

    94 / 90 1-stopper with a lot of wings (24/30)
    Made some mistakes in the first stint that gave me almost the last place and that I tried to fix as best as I could. A big thanks to Valter for the fight. He made no mistakes so I had to drive very hard a long time to finally pass him in the straights (and that was hard since I had more wings, and no KERS/DRS). The level you have to drive this season is incredible!

    CU at Watkins
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