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Season 10 - Test drivers

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Now that i'm forced to skip this season (maybe it's for the best to get my priorities straight) i can provide test data. Is some races are better with 2x tire wear, what does those multipliers really mean? I can not forget that it was team Finland (there's no quarrel who's the #1 driver there.. ;) ) who suggested F3000 too late without enough data toback us up. What we suggested was based on feelings, not anything factual. I'm really glad that it worked out with default settings..(was about 80% sure that it will, sorry, I knew for a fact that it wouldn't be a complete fiasco but a respected season but it has worked so far better than expected. Just check my Kimi video on general thread...).

    But. We are lacking data. So instead of me participating as a driver, maybe i can be of use as a test driver? I certainly have enough experience to judge things from technical point of view, so use me (not like that, you dirty old bastard). Weather testing, checking tracks, gathering data. If i'm honest, i have never had a real place among you as a competitive driver (remember my entrance?). I'm a De La Rosa, not Hamilton. But De La Rosas of the world has made the champions.
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  2. Why don't you ally yourself with Steeve? Testing is always easier if one are more than one (more accurate data), and it would be very interesting to see how such a test team would play into the Presto World :thumbsup:
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  3. Good idea!
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  4. I would love accurate data in the areas I have been searching myself, such as:
    -Time cost formula for pit stop
    -fuel weight impact on lap time
    -tyre wear/lap time curve (should be easier when fuel weight impact is determind)

    These are only some humble suggestions, you are ofcourse free to do the testing you desire. Maybe there are other suggestions to inspire Kennett and possibly Steeve :)

    (Sorry Kennett for becoming too eager, I'll quite down now, this is "your show" :) )
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  5. Sure i can do some testing... i just need to know HOW to do them :)
    Example: Nico, i don't know how you can evaluate fuel weight impact on lap times?? Nor tyre wear/lap??

    Kennett is a really "theoric/technical" guy. I'm a noob in many ways in this game :) So if i get CLEAR explanations (as clear as the most stupid man in the world will understand them), i'm in :)

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  6. Prolog - Practice enough to be consistant. The more consistant you are, the fewer step 1 and 2 are needed.
    step 1 - Do 10 laps with 72 liters and log the lap times
    step 2 - Do 10 laps with 52 liters and log the lap times
    Repeat step 1 and 2 several times, the less consistant you are, the more repititions needed.

    step 3 - Find the best lap times for each of the 10 laps done with 72 liters
    step 4 - Find the best lap times for each of the 10 laps done with 52 liters
    This should give you two theoretical 10-lappers, one with 72 and one with 52 liters. If done well enough there should be no spikes but rather a smooth development in lap times (except lap 1 ofcourse where you start from a stand still :))

    step 5 - Subtract your finding from step 4 with your findings from step 3 lap by lap. This should give you 10 numbers that should be relatively alike. The average of this number is how much 20 liters adds on the lap time.

    let's pretend you find that 20 liters = 0,4 sec and that you burn 5 liters (0,1 sec) a lap
    step 6 - take your findings from step 3 and 4 and add 0,1 sec to lap 2 time, 0,2 sec to lap 3 time and so on. (what we are doing is removing the effect of fuel weight from the lap times). The lap times we are left with should show us the impact of tyre wear lap by lap.
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  7. In french please!!!! ;) Joke!

    Well that is a good explanation. Does anyone have spread sheet already built where i can enter the data??. Or i will have to create one.

    I'll try to work on that tonight maybe.

    Yesterday i try 100L of fuel with x2 tire wear a few times. Best i made was 1'49'8 on lap 4. After 12-13 laps, the car was tough to handle cos tires were slipping and i was doing many oversteering mistakes. So tire wear x2 would be tricky to find whats best between 1 or 2 pit stops for 67 minutes race. But its clear that with normal wear, 1 stop is the best.
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  8. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    This is probably a good idea to get ruff idea where everything stands, i see Steeve kind of coming to same conclusion about x1 x2 as i and a few did before istanbul, but i think everyone couldnt take all data gathered as being exact for there own. I think wear has alot more to do with individual driving style with braking locks ups and wheel spin out of turns being crucial for rears and possibly distance travel and time to get there making up rest of wear parameters.
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  9. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Great explanation,:thumbsup:
    I see that you work a bit around track:D

    words of wisdom :thumbsup:
    never forget. I have write on mine dashboard:)
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  10. If you want some weather I can help you produce it or supply it to you. But that's maybe for later testing.
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  11. Correct me if im wrong but, if you stick with normal tire wear, there isn't much need to know the time cost per lap for tire wear, as its clear that 1 pit stop is the only "good strategy". But its totally different if you use wear x2. As this exercise requires a lot of time, i won't start doing "unefficient" tests.

    So i need to know if you (Season 10 participants) wish to stay with 1x wear or go with 2x.

    I will try to collect some pit stops data for now.

    Edit: Here are resluts:
    100L 4 tires = 39.4 sec pit stop
    67L 4 tires = 32.8
    100L only = 29.9
    67L only = 23.3
    4 tires only = 16.7
    So its 0.2sec/L of fuel added
    You save 9.5 sec. if you dont change your tires while fueling (might be a possibility for 2 stops strategy)

    Kennett, i'd like to get in private contact with you for more planifications of tests. Will be sad if we lose time by doing both the same tests. :)

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  12. I just did a 33 minutes race on the server and i run out of fuel on last lap. i had 95L at the start. Overall race was pretty constant except lap 13 big mistake (13 seconds) and a small one on lap 16 i think (2sec.). I was about to complete lap 19 when out of fuel. Didnt notice much tire grip lost, made my best lap (1'47'9) on lap 18.

    Edit: Ooops, this maybe the wrong place for this comment..... sorry

    I will try a 22 minutes race and see how lap times go down.
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  13. I export the data from real time telemetry to a csv file and clean it up in excel.

    That's not clear to me, I wrote a post arguing that case.
    I found 0,24 sec/l when fueling, but I trust your number more as mine was calculated by lap time and thus can include some other variables :) However, your numbers I believe do not cover the time lost when driving through pit lane and stopping and starting up again (total time lost), but only the time standing still in pit?.

    I'll upload my spreadsheet from Istanbul to mydrive :thumbsup:
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  14. Cool!!
  15. I have a program called real time telemetry running in the background. After a stint it is filled with lap times. I click on export->CSV file.

    My numbers are from Istanbul, not Silverstone, also they are not as accurate as yours in finding the time-to-add-fuel-formula :thumbsup:
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  16. I have more than enough on my plate for sometime, i can barely have some casual gaming sessions, purely for just quick fun. So a long test sessions for the next few weeks is off my schedule. Sorry, real life first.
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  17. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    If I do one GP2 style, only rear tire change + fuel. And one "full service" stop. Steeve's calculation of time for tire change will give me an extra 4.75 seconds. Is that correct?

    I'm not taking eventual time loss caused by worn front tires into this theory.
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  19. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :) ooohh sure all is clear after these calculations mmmmm... if rain what's happen?:D
    Jokes aside thank you for all these calculations:thumbsup:
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  20. I just did the test and what i find is unreal... so i try at least 3 times to confirm that "weird" thing but it is as follow:

    Pit stop 67L and 4 tires = 32,4 sec.
    67L and 2 rear tires = 23,7 sec.
    67L no tires = 21,3 sec.
    These times varies +/- 0.3 seconds from time to time.... i guess its random according to simbin...

    But this show you gain a lot by changing only rear tires compare to all 4's.

    Now what will happen to front tires if you run them for lets say... 25 laps?? i dont know!!

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