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WIP Sears Point Raceway (Infineon Raceway) Sonoma

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by mianiak, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. I haven't actually used BTB to build this, I have done it all in 3dmax, but since this is my track building community I will share it here :)

    This is scratch built, the other Sears Point tracks for rfactor are conversions and are also quite old, the track image has changed a lot since then.

  2. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    That looks good mate, I loved racing Sears Point in the old Nascar Racing 2002/03 days, it's a track I have really missed driving on to be honest and would love to do a club race round there here at RD.
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  3. Is it maybe possible that you make the track available for other games, e.g. GTR Evo, too?
    Because everytime when I see Sears Point I remember the good old times... but it seems that there is no Sears Point for other games - only for rFactor... that makes me really sad!

    thanks & keep on your great work!!!
  4. Great looking project!
  5. Looking good, though I have to laugh at the green grass tones... usually it's golden brown dead grass. I'd never even seen pictures with green grass there until the Chumpcar race back in January 2010 -- green enough there were sheep grazing! I think it's only green from December to February.
  6. Thanks for the kind comments.

    This is a very early wip, I still haven't finished the terrain. When I first started it, the grass from google maps was green, so I just presumed that the pics with brown was dirt left over from the construction projects that have been going on there. I have since learned that its a seasonal thing and that depending on the event, sometimes its green sometimes its brown, I still have a bit more research to do on the events. I know the Nascar cup the grass is brown, I think the Indy it's brown too. But there are some other events there where the grass is green, which is why I left green grass in it :)

    One of the main reasons I posted such an early wip was hopefully to get some feedback exactly as you have done Emery. :)


    And yeah, lol @ the sheep :D

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  7. Here you go Emery, this should suit the scene a bit better :D


  8. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    That looks awesome mianiak, would love to get my hands on this track for rF. Finally a scratch build version :thumb:
  9. Thanks! It's still a while off yet though, its a learning project for me, but once I get all the trackside objects together I will put up a beta version to see if I can get some feedback from others and if anything needs sorting out.

  10. mianiak it seems no matter where I go on the net, I find some awesome work and stuff you're putting up. Love it mate!
  11. Could we please have a WIP test :D

    Also, this track is desperately needed in GTREvo. I don't suppose a conversion would be possible would it :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Just realised, POST #300!!! :D

    Still a while to go before I level with Bram though :p
  12. Hey Mianiak! Has there been any progress on your version of Sears Point Raceway? I have been watching this thread with great interest because the only way that I can drive an accurately simulated "Full" course (no Turn 4a, 7a, 9a or 11a) is with iRacing. I also own GTL, GTR2, rFactor and GTR-Evo and an update to any version currently ported to those sims is sorely needed. Although I own copies of BTB, 3DSimED and Z-Modeller it has become painfully obvious to me that I lack the necessary skills / dedication to improve this track myself.
  13. I have had it almost finished, then I pulled it apart and restarted it again, this project is basically a learning project for max and at times I get stuck I have to put it down and go do some more research then come back to it.
    I have been busy for a while working on a car project, but it's almost finished. I have been getting back into this lately, one thing I'm stuck with is the textures, I just can't seem to get it right, or maybe I'm just being too anal about it. So much interest has been shown for the track that I want to get it as correct as possible. I am happy with the track elevations, I'm happy with the terrain shaping. Just the textures and the texture mapping is what's holding me back atm.

    I plan put up a private beta then a public beta before I make an official release. I appreciate those who show interest and I will definitely include you in this.

    I made a quick video the other day, I'll upload it later tonight cause my net is capped to 56k during peak atm :/
  14. Thanks for your reply Mianiak. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated!
  15. Here you go, this is a really rough video, there are some things not turned on and a few things out of place. It's just a quick demo of where it is at.
    You will need to think out of the box to appreciate it :D

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  16. Looks nice. I guess the track edges still look a bit too "clean-cut" for a track like this, but it sure looks promising.
  17. +1 :doublethumb:

    This appears to be the "Long" version plus Turn 7A. Are you planning to include more than one layout?

    Thanks again Mianiak! :pray:
  18. Thanks guys!

    Got a few different layouts.

    Long but using 7a
    NASCAR Cup
    old IRL (going left from drag strip)

    1/4 mile Drag
  19. "All Inclusive", eh?

  20. Get this to race 07! :D