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Skins Scuderia Ferrari SF 16 1.0

Ferrari SF16 Livery

  1. thrashersfreak submitted a new resource:

    Scuderia Ferrari SF 16 - Ferrari SF16 Livery

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  2. God damn Codemasters and their limitations on modding for this game, good job for what was possible anyway :)
  3. yes, I wish I could do more but no chance..
  4. Your mods are... fantastic. Thanks for doing this.
  5. good effort... i thought with the limitations it would look shitty...but you done a good job with that :thumbsup:
  6. Couldn't you make the front wing white, it suppose to be white, or is theor a mod ding limit on the front wing as well? Great mod by the way
  7. If I could I had done all cars 100% correctly but the front wing colour is correct, but in real life the sides of the front wing where the sponsor "Santander" is are white. But if I do them white, some other parts of the car are getting white too, because codemasters used the same graphic for different parts at the car.
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  8. hello can you change nose of red bull to ferrari will be look more realistic and red bull have more sponsors to can do this may be will work
  9. nicely done. thanks a lot.:cool:
  10. Very good job, but is possible to have the same colors on the Williams or RB model?
  11. Is it normal or not? Thanks:)[​IMG]
  12. yep it is it happens in the shade
  13. I really like this livery but everytime a ferrari is behind me [ which is not that often ;) ], the tires turn red in the mirrors...
    could you fix that?!
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