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Misc Scuderia Ferrari closer steering wheel [not 100%] 2014-10-17


  1. -Clarity- submitted a new resource:

    Scuderia Ferrari closer steering wheel [not 100%] - Ferrari

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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    A picture would help here for sure :)
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  3. Not good!?
    Installation? (interiors)
  4. an sreenshot would be nice to see :)
  5. I am waiting to see if I could make it a little better, because I would buy it to do it. I just tried the fe2_int file it in 2013, and from the RPE, there's a knob that seems to get in the way of a prancing-horse image over a yellow background. :(
  6. In 2013, the file gives me this (the center knob blocks the yellow background of the p-h logo) :cry:
    If only I could get rid of that knob... I may buy the game and work on the OLED's fonts (if possible).
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  7. Are CM fools or just bored to death? Because without a "close-enough" Ferrari wheel, they are losing sales... (took me 5 minutes to make this one and played it in F1 2013):
  8. They were thinking something :D
    This reminds me of F1 2010, every car in that game has the same steering wheel, just different buttons
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  9. These fools don't want my money... That's for certain, and maybe thousands of other Ferrari fans who bought the previous versions will not spend a penny on that one, just like me.
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  10. Yeah, they are making this game worse
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  11. Anyway, let's talk in the conversation
  12. Anyway, I have to leave, but I will try to make the buttons look as close as I can, then I'll try to get rid of that middle knob over the prancing horse logo and see how it looks, but testing in 2013 is not well...
  13. Great, hope i will be the first one to see it :)