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Scripted convertiable roofs?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. is it possiable yet?
  2. if we could do bones into car .dof's and make a script to play the animation with some key from keyboard ... LOL.
  3. If you promise to build a convertible, i will free up some time this weekend to build it in ;)
  4. Cool Mitch !
    Hope to see the same with the driver hands which gets dynamically aligned with the steering wheel.
  5. that has been a feature for quite some time now:

    But i don't believe we have any documentation .. hmm
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    And I've commented on it, I don't even remember seeing it!

    The hands aren't great, it stops after a certain degree.. it needs to be more like LFS (I think that's what game I'm thinking of.. who knows?!) :)
  7. Yep, LFS had good hand animation and crossing over when it first appeared many years ago.

    We could do with a generic one for Racer really... I'm sure GT5 for instance, must use a generic setup that is just aligned for each car.

    Hmmmm... just making one is the difficulty.
    Documentation would be handy if someone else can then model/texture/skin one really nicely.

    Then eventually it could be just a generic model use on all content unless another one is provided by car authors.

  8. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yeah, that'd be a lot simpler for the more... err.. simpler people like myself. :)
  9. The problem I see with that is the driver is then placed in the correct position for only one car. i.e. steering wheel position changes from car to car.
    I have no clue how it'd work if we were to try out some targeting system...I'm not that clever.
    Anyway, I have a somewhat nice driver model setup now...it's just a matter of skinning him nicely and texturing.
    And if you guys REALLY want a convertible I guess I could work something out...or Whippy - do you have something in the works already perhaps? :)
  10. Do you mind about conversions mitch ? LOL , i have a MR-S , this can't be released but can be a good model to use this ^^ . But I think just with bones in generic models could solve the problems. Like Lambo flaps . We could detach that part and add some bones , with script , add the key to make the animation starts and other to finish. =D Open and Close.
    Like windows , hoods ... etc lol.

    Racer 0.9 is going to be a graphic update ? In my opinion this is a good update. Like a showcase , interaction with models. =D
  11. You don't need bones for things like the lambo vents. As long as they're generic models centered properly then they just need to rotate.
    I should really release the MP4-12C so you guys can take a look at the rear wing. It's scripted so that when you brake it pops up and when you release the brake it slowly returns to its original position. Looks pretty cool :)

    I believe you can set a function to run on keypress so it's just figuring out the right key to use (I think it's 0-255 based. Not "a" or "b")
  12. hm , but wipers are with the same case and they dont look good. Imagine Veyron spoiler.
  13. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Bah.. yet again, you've missed out the word "here"...
  14. Great Mitch !
    Was thinking yesterday, the same could be done with rsx/rex scripts, where we would load the animation sequence once the steering wheel moves.

    In your movie, there's still one little issue, the steering wheel rotates too much relative to the driver hands. I guess, it's just a car.ini steer tweak to adjust.
    Anyway, this is awesome...The driver now needs only some more polys to get that real look ! :)

    I hope to see more docs on this theme.

    Wow, I would love to see it...
    Could you show us the rsx script you've written ?
    I think it's best without keypress, still for opening windows for example, that could be the best way...

    The scripts we compile in Racer unleashes all the power & gives us the opportunity to materialize ideas into the engine/scene.
  15. The animation of the driver is what is going wrong ..
    i'm a programmer not an animator, so that was the best i could do !

    Normally you should be able to have the full range of steering animation blended with sequential shift animations.. (H-shifting is not implemented yet, but let's start at the beginning ... )

    All we need is an animated driver :)
  16. what about a default driver? So we can leave the car interior empty like GTA, and the driver can fit inside in all cars.. will be easy for everybody.
  17. You know having it possible to have a roof that goes up and down on a convertible makes for some crazy ideas with cars we already have lol. (and could be fuel for the next concept car competition)
  18. Can someone tell me what is needed to achieve a driver with hands moving ?

    I have something's ready, controlled with IK handles approx 47 bones, UV mapped & ready to be integrated into Racer.

  19. He's ready to go into Racer? where's his head? is he going to be the headless driver lol
  20. YES! you DO! hehe.

    You're right on the keypress...

    is key (int) pressed will return 0-255

    Alex Forbin