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scratch built track problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by James Capper, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. i've recently started the task of scratch building the scgt tracks and i'm currently having a conflict in track times...when i drive round the original track (northpoint), in a porche it clocks a lap of 1:01 yet same car, same game, my track, it's 1:09 the track lenth is if you go by the original game screens is 1.897 miles = 3.052 kilometers my track tells me the original is shorter ....... who's the right lenth. that track or the my btb track...or does it realy matter?:confused:
  2. Check the road surface value in the tdf?
  3. Yeh it's mine that's the right lenth....for some reason who ever did the original conversion must have miss calculated or purposely made it shorter.
    Their Length = 1.485 m./2.391 km.
    Mine Lenth = 1.897 m./3.052
    refer to original game track map below .... so I'll stick with my lenth.
    Strange I've only come across this with the scgt tracks:redface:

    Thanx mianiak for the tip:wink:

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