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Scott Redding SIlverstone (Now Redding Approved) 2014-08-31

Scott Redding's home gp special livery

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  1. nice man!
  2. Thank You and be sure to let me know if anything needs fixing and I'll update it!
  3. sure!
  4. rkh


    THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks a lot buddy! :)
  6. rkh


    No doubt. Are you interested in making other liveries? Just curious because this is outstanding work and I know how involving this gets, so if this was a one time thing for Scott, I still thank you for it. Looks fantastic!!
  7. Got some other smaller stuff up buddy but there are some big things coming, thinking maybe a special Yamaha Livery next and thank you for the words buddy! Means a lot! :)